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GOKARAJU RANGARAJU INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ( Autonomous) Department of Computer Science and Engineering



Department of Computer Science and Engineering Information Retrieval Systems (GR15A4095) IV Year – II Semester


1.Define IRS.Explain about the objectives of IRS. 2.Briefly explain about the functional overview of IRS with a neat sketch. 3.Explai about the search capabilities of IRS. 4.Discuss about Browse capabilities of IRS. 5.Explain the differences between DBMS and IRS. 6.What is the differences between the concept of a Digital library and an IRS. 7.What are the similarities and differences between use of fuzzy searches and term masking. 8.Explain about the Item(text) Normalisation process 9.What is the impact on Precision and Recall in the use of stop lists and stop algorithms.


1. Define Indexing. Explain about the objectives of Indexing.

2. Explain about the Automatic Indexing.

3.Define Stemming. Explain about the porter stemming algorithms. 4.Explain about the inverted file structure. 5.Explain about the N-Gram Data structure. 6.Discuss about the DAT Data structure. 7.Explain about the signature File structure. 8.Define hypertext structure. Explain about XML data structure. 9.Explain about Hidden Markov models 10.Briefly explain about the classes of Automatic Indexing. 11.With a neat diagram explain the dataflow in an information processing system

12.What are the problems with the vector models in Statistical indexing.


1. Define Clustering. Explain about the Hierarchy of Clusters and general guidelines of Clustering.

2. Explain about Item clustering.

3. Why are there three levels of binding in the creation of search?

4. Define Clustering. Explain cliques algorithm for making clustering process.

5. Explain the procedure for clustering process.


1. What is Relevance feedback? Explain with one problem.

2. Explain about Selective Dissemination of Information search techniques with example

3. Explain about the weighted searches of Boolean systems one problem

4. Explain about the Cognition and perception.


1. Explain about the software text search algorithms.-KMP, Boyer Moore

2. Explain about Hardware text search systems.

3. Explain about the measures used in system evaluation

4. Construct finite Automata for each of the following terms CAN, CARPLET, CASE, CASE

5. Explain in detail the text streaming architecture with a neat diagram

6. Briefly explain about the Data modelling

7. Explain about Digital libraries

8. Explain about online IR systems

9. Explain about the MULTOS

10. What is OPAC 11.How can you store and retrieve multimedia data.