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Statement of Purpose

I am writing in support of my application to your distinguished Master’s in Geographic

information Systems at Technological University of Dublin as I want to devote my life to
mother planet Earth for better reshaping the geomorphology and human development,
searching for hydrocarbons and ore deposits on earth, so that they can be extracted in the
most environmentally responsible ways as possible. Earth is facing the hazards from the starts
we also have to face these hazards, but we can overcome them by proper monitoring through
spatial data analysis. Oil seepages in some cases can be interpreted by using satellite images
and Hydrocarbons are needed to help power our world and I want very much to become part
of this process because energy simply makes our life better in myriad ways. My long term
goal is to become a well-respected GIS Specialist to monitor the spatial data and resolve the
earthy problems that our environment is facing. It can only be possible in the years that
follow my completion of your distinguished Master’s Program at Technological University of

In September 2012, I was enrolled in the Department of Geology at University of Haripur to

study the Earth sciences and graduated on September 2016, with major of Geology and
specialization in Clastic sedimentology. Title of my research work was “Petrography and
Reservoir characterization of Datta Sand stone, Nammal Gorge, Salt Ranges, Pakistan”. This
research enables me to get more theoretical and practical knowledge about the Surface and
subsurface of earth. My understanding towards the geological research was strengthened by
the excursion to various areas of my country during my graduation which is almost half of the
total geomorphology of the Pakistan.

After graduation, I decided to take a break from my education and get some work experience.
For two years, I worked for different industries and departments as my CV indicates and
currently I am working with a Small Construction company as a Geologist, Even though I did
not deal with my field of interest completely, but I did get some experience with civil
engineering and town planning, flood plain management, hydrology and Field Geology. I
have also learned and use the different software’s which is mostly used by earth scientists
like Petrel 2009, Geographix, and ilwis 3.0 and arcGIS.

I want to pursue my Masters program in the Geographic information Systems at

Technological University of Dublin this is a natural progression for me because I already
possess a BS (hons) in Geology and also hands on the Geosciences software. Further
evidence of my consistent commitment to and expertise in my chosen field is my passion to
my research thesis. Now, after dedicating four years towards fulfilling my objective of
becoming a professional Geologist, I feel well prepared for a Master’s program.

Your particularly distinguished Master’s Program in Geographic information Systems is my

first choice for my graduation as you have well equipped labs and devoted Research faculty
and also your location. Most of all, however, I want very much to attend the Technological
University of Dublin, because when I starts searching about the degree in Ireland, I was
enormously impressed with your facilities, particularly the way in which students become
adept at the latest cutting-edge software currently being used in the industry. I also appreciate
the way in which your faculty closely guides the academic development of each student.

I shall be thankful to you for considering my application.

Azhar Khan