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Dear Ms. Figueroa:

Coming into Senior English was quit the struggle. I knew the
3RD PERIOD SENIOR writing criteria would be higher standard. English was never my
strong subject, it never called my attention, and therefore I didn’t

put my best efforts like I should have. My weaknesses were

TOLLESON UNION HIGH contractions and putting the right amount of evidence into my
work. Turning writing assignments in on time was also my

biggest weakness that was caused from procrastinating. I had

some grammar errors but almost never misspelled anything on

my work. Grammar like missing commas, misusing commas,

run-on sentences, or colon mistakes hurt my essays the most

because those errors can be easily fixed.

I’ve learned a lot my senior year. You’ve always took your time

to edit my writing and never just skimmed through. The

feedback has always been helpful and made my future work

stronger. The writing process was the most stressful to me. I

doubted myself a lot in my writing, I’ve learned to be confident

in my work and the outcome of my essays will be much better.

My goal was to receive at least 80 percent in my assignments,

not a score to high where I felt bad because I didn’t reach the

goal, but a goal I knew was exceptional. Reflecting on my work

also helped me realize my mistakes and what I should do next
3RD PERIOD SENIOR ENGLISH time. The revisions made me physically capable of going over

my work to revise and edit fixable mistakes. Besides that, I also

have my strengths.

Ever since I was younger, I’ve always been told I know how to

argue through an argument, or how to make someone agree with

me. I guess this plays a role in my writing although we didn’t do

much of argumentative or persuasive essays. This aspect did

contribute throughout my writing. I’m also working on extending

my vocabulary to make my work sound intelligent and much

stronger. Using weak words will not help me inform or persuade

anyone in the future. I’ve tried staying on my toes when it comes

to spelling and I’m doing well so far. When I was younger, I was

always in spelling bee’s which helped me on future vocabulary.

This portfolio has opened my eyes and prepared me for when I

attend college. I’ve realized a pattern in my work, sometimes I

don’t fix the mistakes I know are there, this is because I don’t

take the time to revise thoroughly. Now that I know this, in the

future I can do differently and earn higher scores that will help

me on future writing goals. If I plan on being a therapist after

college, I need to acknowledge not only my writing but others,

some patients prefer to write why they’re there instead of

speaking. This gives the patient a chance to be comfortable and

open up when they feel is best. My writing improvements will

also affect what I take note of during sessions. I don’t want to
3RD PERIOD SENIOR ENGLISH misspell anything or get the writing mistaken for something else.

This will also affect my speaking, strong use of words play a role

in communicating and confirming I know what I’m talking

about. Overall, I’ve had my ups and downs in English, but I

know overtime and reflecting more, will only make my writing

powerful. My future goal will be to revise, reflect, and be more

confident in my work than I was before.


Sophia Cabrera