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Forest everywhere

N a t i v e . W i l d . F o r e v e r

We create forests based on Dr. Akira

Miyawaki's methodology which results in
fast growing, self sustaining,
independent forests within 3
years. These are created with 100%
native species and 100% organic
biomass without the help of any
fertilizers, chemicals, and pesticides.
Our work

we have created 120 forest patches

across 38 locations, including forests
in the US, Netherlands, Singapore,
Iran, Pakistan and Nicaragua . We
have a diverse clientèle, ranging
from factories and corporates, to
resorts, real estate builders,
Educational institutions and not-for-
profit organizations
Our Clients
Karachi Grammar School
NED University
Izhar Munnoo Developers
Plasencia Cigars
Polaris Financial Technologies
Bangalore International Airport Limited
Tata Chemical
Mandai Rainforest Safari Parks, Singapore
IVN, Netherlands
Toyota… and more
30 X
10 x

Miyawaki forests 30 x
30 X
100 % x
Organic biodiverse
Retain Rain Water

Produce Native Fruits

These forests

Attract Birds &


Improve Air Quality

3 Years

A 250 tree, 900 Sq. Ft. Forest

A 300 tree 1,000 Sq. Ft. Forest
5 month old Forest, Gujarat
No to conventional
Yes to multilayer forests

1 Tree per 10 Sqmt 30 Trees per 10 Sqmt. (100 Sqft.)

Limited Varieties Minimum 30 different species.
Single layered greenery Multi layered green forest.
Extensive maintenance Maintenance free.
Susceptible to pests and 100% organic, ‘Zero’ pesticides used.

diseases Natural biodiversity.

6 step process

Native Prepare
Sapling Plantation Maintenance
Species Soil
Soil Preparation/ with and growth
and and
Survey Procurement community monitoring
biomass Mound
Water retainer: bagass
soil perforator: rice husk
Soil nutrition: cow manure
Biomass is thoroughly mixed
Biomass is thoroughly mixed in soil
Plantation done with the help
of community
Lets create Forests in the cites
Our children deserve a better future
A two year old forest