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Teacher: Miss Sidney Pierce Goals:

Grade Level: 5th grade For the students to engage with a reader’s theater.
Date: Monday, April 8, 2019 For the students to work together in groups to
complete a task.
Topic: Reader’s Theater For the students to use text evidence and inferring
Unit of Study: Types of Literature skills to answer question about the reader’s theater.

Subject: Language Arts Standards:

Cross-Curricular Connection: Social Studies 5.RI.IKI.8 Explain how an author uses reasons and
evidence to support points in a text, identifying
which reasons and evidence support which points.
5.65 Analyze the key events and struggles during
Vocabulary: the Civil Rights Movement, including:
• Scene -Non-violent protest and the influence of the
• Script Highlander Folk School
• Epilogue
• Stage directions Higher-Order Thinking Questions:
• Dialogue Who do you think Ayanna is in the cover photo?
Why did you choose who you did to be Ayanna?
• Lunch counter What do you think Ayanna does in the story that
• Equality proves she is brave?
• Protest
• Nonviolence
• Manager
• Illegal
• Stand

• The teacher will hand out flip books for the students to write the drama vocabulary: scene, script,
epilogue, stage directions, and dialogue. The teacher will explain to the students how to fill in the
flip book: start by writing the vocabulary word on the outside flap and the definition on the inside
of the booklet. The teacher will show an example to the students for the students to use as a
• The teacher will explain to the students that there are several vocabulary words they need to know
before reading the story, such as: lunch counter, equality, protest, nonviolence, manager, illegal,
and stand. The teacher will call on students to read the vocabulary terms. The teacher will tell the
students to look for these vocabulary words in the text. When you see the vocabulary word, we are
all going to clap. The teacher will do a practice round with the students. The teacher will tell the
students that these terms will be in bold.
• The teacher will hand out the reader’s theater to each student. The teacher will give the students
2-3 minutes to look over their character’s reading parts to ask any questions about unknown
words or how to pronounce a specific word. The teacher will put a question on the board (what do
you think Ayanna does in the story that proves she is brave?) for students to think about, if they
finish reading their lines. The teacher will remind the student to be looking for the vocabulary
words and to be paying close attention because the students will be doing an activity afterwards.
• The students will take turn reading their character’s lines in the reader’s theater.
• Once done, the teacher will divide the class into four groups. The teacher will give each group
different questions. The teacher and the students will do one question together. After this, each
group is to complete their questions. The teacher will be monitoring each group. Each group will
then pick one of their questions to read aloud to the class and their answer. Each group will take
1-2 minutes telling the class about their question and answer. The teacher will collect each groups
worksheet once completed.
• If there is additional time, the teacher will have the students to get out their flip book again and
write a sentence (made up or from the text) using the vocabulary word correctly. The sentence will
go on the inside of the flap.

Materials: Assessment: Outcomes:

• Smartboard Group 1-4 worksheet would be The students will have a good
• Computer considered a formal assessment because understanding of the
• Reader’s theater for the teacher will be taking the worksheets vocabulary words that relate
each student up once completed for a grade. to reader’s theater.
• Highlighters The students will have
• Group 1-4 worksheet During the reader’s theater, the teacher completed questions relating
will informally assess the students by to the text in a group.
• Pencils
seeing which students are paying Each group will make a small
• Flip books for attention if they clap once when they presentation reading their
read over the vocabulary words in bold. question and response to the