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As part of its voter’s education program, Kontra Daya makes available this matrix as a guide to help voters choose their preferred party-list
group in the May 13, 2019 elections. The 134 party-list groups are arranged according to the order in which they appear on the ballot. Please
take note that a voter should choose only ONE (1) party-list group.

• First nominee is the incumbent representative of the
1. Carlos Isagani Zarate party-list; a pro bono human rights lawyer
2. Ferdinand Gaite • Second nominee is the national president of the
3. Eufemia Cullamat Confederation for Unity, Recognition and
1 BAYAN MUNA 4. Marites Pielago Advancement of Government Employees
5. Maria Cristina Yambot (COURAGE)
6. Irma Espinosa • Third nominee is a Manobo tribal leader
7. Minerva Panopio • Fifth nominee is the Public Information Officer of the
National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers (NUPL)
• Salo is Kabayan’s founder and was elected as
representative in 2016
• Abaya was a respondent in a case filed at the
1. Ron P. Salo
Ombudsman re: Aug. 23, 1988 sale of 410,467
2. Peter Anthony A. Abaya
KABALIKAT NG square meters of reclaimed land to Manila Bay
2 KABAYAN 3. Paul P. Hernandez
MAMAMAYAN Development Corp. (MBDC) for more than P427
4. Noemie D. Bustamante
5. Jennis I. Nidea
• Paul P Hernandez replaced the late Ciriaco Calalang
as Kabayan Rep. (Calalang was Roque’s
1. Argel Joseph T. Cabatbat • First nominee is a lawyer who survived an ambush
MAGKAKASAMA SA 2. Soliman J. Villamin, Sr. in February 2018 in Quezon City but was charged
3 SAKAHAN, MAGSASAKA 3. Oliver L. Corbito with illegal possession of firearms and homicide by
KAUNLARAN 4. Joven F. Santos the PNP-QCPD.
5. Manolito M. Dacuycoy • There is insufficient information on other nominees
• First nominee Abante is the wife of former Manila
congressman Benny Abante. She is also the
directress of the Metropolitan Bible Baptist Ekklesia
PHILIPPINE 1. Marie Paz T. Abante
EDUCATORS 2. Zoilo A. Anat, Jr. • Second nominee Anat is the Philippine director for
4 ALLIANCE FOR PEACE 3. Enrico Aurelio L. Torres Awana, an “international evangelical Christian non-
COMMUNITY 4. Joy Ateneo M. Janobas profit organization”
EMPOWERMENT 5. Virlie E. Borreros
• Torres is a lecturer at the UST Graduate School, a
Marine reservist with the rank of Lt. Col., and
executive director for HMR Group of Companies
• Kontra BrownOut Party-list is a shared advocacy of
National Electricity Consumer for Reforms
(NASECORE). An advocacy group that claims to
promote and protect the best interests of the
NATIONAL 1. Petronilo L. Ilagan electricity consuming public.
ASSOCIATION FOR 2. Gertrudo A. De Leon
KONTRA • Ilagan was DOE Usec until August 2018. As USEC he
6 ELECTRICITY 3. Phillip C. Adviento
BROWNOUT was incharge of the affairs of the electric
CONSUMERS FOR 4. Nelia Villena Fuentebella
REFORMS, INC. 5. Amor V. Co cooperatives.
• De Leon was DBM Usec for Legal and Liaison Group.
He was fired by Duterte allegedly for corruption/
“influence peddling”
• Before it was elected as a party-list in 2013, the
OFW Family Club started out as an NGO founded in
1. Alberto D. Pacquiao 2001 by Amb. Roy Señeres.
2. Roy M. Señeres, Jr.
OFW FAMILY CLUB, • First nominee is a councilor in General Santos City
7 OFW FAMILY 3. Elizabeth B. Bagonoc
INC. and is the brother of Senator Manny Pacquiao.
4. Romeo Ernesto D. De Guzman
5. Gaffud A. Santiago • Second nominee is the son of the late Rep. Roy
Señeres who was also previously the representative
of the group at the time of his death.
8 1-UNITED 1-UTAK 1. Vigor Ma. D. Mendoza II • 1st nominee was a former LTFRB board member. He

TRANSPORT 2. Perfecto F. Itliong Jr. is a lawyer, and is also a board member of Hacienda
KOALISYON 3. Orlando T. Astilla Luisita’s Central Azucarera de Tarlac
4. Manuel T. Duran • 2nd nominee was the former head of Baguio City’s
5. Elizabeth J. Katalbas City Public Transport Office. He ran, but lost, as city
councilor in 2016.
• Kusug Tausug claims to focus on empowering the
people of Sulu to attain economic growth and
political stability.
1. Shernee A. Tan
2. Mohammad Salmann M. Sakili • First nominee is the incumbent representative of the
9 KUSUG TAUSUG 3. Sadjid J. Adil PL and the youngest daughter of former Sulu
4. Michael Dan A. Valdopiera governor Abdusakur M. Tan.
5. Abdurahman R. Samson • Second nominee is an assistant head secretariat of
Ulama Council of Zamboanga Peninsula

1. Ernie Lagman-Garon • Commissioner Garon is a Duterte appointee to the

2. Cicero M. Villanueva Philippine Commission on Women, as well as a
3. Gerald Y. Medina member of the “People’s National Movement for
4. Evangel Shalom S. Mangue Federalism”
5. Restituto S. Sibug • There is insufficient information on other nominees
6. Aldrin S. Cardenas
7. Alex Solidum A.
8. Jose Jouelito A. Sapio
9. Mindamor D. Samlamni
10. Roel M. Garcia
• Leah Primitiva G. Samaco-Paquiz – founder and
President of Ang NARS
1. Leah Primitiva G. Samaco-Paquiz
• Margarita Lourdes T. Molina - Center Manager of
2. Margarita Lourdes T. Molina
ANG NARS PARTY Fremarobi skills development center, Inc., a TESDA
12 3. Roderick M. Atienza
LIST accredited competency assessment center.
4. Samuel Titus S. Paquiz
5. Clarita Dieran Curato • Roderick M. Atienza – 3rd termer councilor;
Dasmarinas, Cavite

• Engineer Samuel D. Paquiz – husband of Leah
• Clarita Dieran Curato – works at Southeast Asian
• First nominee is the incumbent PL representative;
• Second nominee is the former PL representative;
1. Ariel B. Casilao
former Department of Agrarian Reform Secretary;
2. Rafael V. Mariano
Chairman Emeritus of Kilusang Magbubukid ng
3. Catarina E. Estavillo
14 ANAKPAWIS 4. John Milton M. Lozande
• Third nominee is the spokesperson of Bantay Bigas
5. Jose T. Canlas
• Fourth nominee is the secretary-general of Unyon
6. Cristina G. Luza
ng Mangggawa sa Agrikultura (UMA) and National
7. Isabelo C. Adviento
Federation of Sugar Workers (NFSW)

• First nominee Momo was a former Undersecretary of

the DPWH. Plunder raps were filed against him and
several DPWH officials for the alleged anomalous
rehabilitation of a road in Masbate.
• Second nominee Gardiola is the founder and
president of a Batangas construction firm Lourel
1. Romeo S. Momo Sr.
Development Corporation.
CONSTRUCTION 2. Earel Benedicto L. Gardiola
16 WORKERS’ CWS 3. Dionisio V. Toreja • Dionisio Toreja is from the Toreja Construction
SOLIDARITY 4. Crispin A. Soriano Jr. Corporation.
5. Tirso Edwin L. Gardiola
• Fifth nominee Gardiola figured in the news for tax
• Construction firms linked to the Gardiola clan from
Batangas have figured in several controversies
involving anomalous government projects according
to the PCIJ.
PARENTS TEACHERS 1. Emilio Jose B. Abelita • Parents Teachers Alliance (PTA) is an organization
17 PTA
ALLIANCE 2. Jorge Jose P. Vargas whose avowed principal advocacy pertains to the
3. Armando C. Velasco special interests and concerns of like minded
4. Jessie D. Apostol parents, teachers and non-teaching personnel and
5. Maximo R. Bales, Jr. advocates of educational reforms.
6. Arthur P. Serrano
• The third nominee is a former COMELEC
1. Aloysia Tiongson Lim • The 1st nominee is the wife of current MMDA
REBOLUSYONARYONG 2. Melvin Larraga Contapay chairman Danny Lim
18 ALYANSANG RAM 3. Proceso Maligalig • There is insufficient information on other nominees
MAKABANSA INC. 4. Teodoro Navato Camacho IV
5. Sonny Bombita Angeles
• Claims to represent public transport drivers and
• Bautista is the daughter of the incumbent Davao
Occidental governor and is the owner of an MPBL
1. Claudine Diana D. Bautista
basketball team
DRIVERS UNITED FOR 2. Zenaida J. De Castro
20 MASS PROGRESS AND DUMPER PTDA 3. Fermin E. Octobre • De Castro is a former representative of 1-UTAK
EQUAL RIGHTS 4. Arnold Wayne B. Jacinto party-list (2012); FEJODAP President
5. Michaela Rennie R. Sebastian
• Octobre is chairman of Dumper Transport
Cooperative, a taxi operator in Metro Manila
• Jacinto is driver and communities head for Grab
• First nominee worked as the chief of the news day
desk of Philippine Daily Inquirer, and a long time
reporter of the said newspaper
1. Michael L. Ubac
2. Ciara Anna G. Sotto • Second nominee is the daughter of current senate
21 LUNTIAN 3. Montserrat T. Romulo president Tito Sotto and actress Helen Gamboa; her
4. Sonia S. Mendoza siblings are Quezon City 3rd District Councilor Gian
5. Edemar A. Juab and 6th District Councilor Lala Sotto; she is also an
• Third nominee, a.k.a. “Mons”, is the grand daughter
of Carlos P. Romulo and the daughter of former
Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo; also, she’s
the sister of Tourism Secretary Bernadette Romulo
Puyat and former Pasig representative Roman
Romulo; she was once a columnist at the Lifestyle
section of Philippine Star; a consultant at the
Climate Change Commission
• Fourth nominee is the chairman of Mother Earth

• 1st nominee, Enriquez, is a former Navy admiral,

and the main respondent in the Marcos LNMB case
1. Ernesto C. Enriquez (as deputy chief of staff)
2. Rommel C. Gavieta • 2nd nominee, Gavieta, is a former DOTr Usec who
AKO BISDAK- AKO BISDAK / 3. Maria Katrina L. Enriquez resigned in 2017, allegedly due to conflict with then
BISAYANG DAKO AB-DB 4. Rebecca Ann E. Navarro Speaker Alvarez
5. Rico M. Daniel • 6th nominee, Lagnada, is a former Army colonel
6. Hilario Vicente C. Lagnada (56th IB) and Deputy of the AFP Civil Relations
• The 1st nominee is the author of taxation and
1. Winifred I. Ballada accountancy text books
2. Roberto D. Gonzales • The 3rd nominee is the Dean of the University of
23 ASEAN 3. Christopher Biuore Cebu’s College of Commerce and Accountancy
4. Leo S. Gellor • The 5th nominee is associate dean of Lyceum
5. Rey Fernan G. Refozar Batangas’ College of Business Ad
• Dagooc is the president of the Association of
1. Sergio C.Dagooc
Mindanao Rural Electric Cooperatives
2. Jeffrey Yu Tan-Endriga
24 3. Rodrigo B. Sacedor • Endrigan is chairman of the Palawan Electric
4. Karl Juanito M. Condes Cooperative
5. John Peter Z. Millan
• Sacedor is chairman of the Davao del Sur Electric
• Condes is a member of the Board of Directors of the
Negros Oriental II Electric Cooperative
• Millan is the chairman of the Negros Oriental Electric

• Nograles is the son of former speaker Prospero

1. Jericho Jonas B. Nograles Nograles and the brother of Davao City
2. Mark Aeron H. Sambar Congressman Karlo Nograles
26 3. Margarita lgnacia B. Nograles • Margarita Ignacia is sister of the first nominee
4. Ma. Teresa G. Esguerra • Sambar is a member of the board of directors of
5. Eduardo B. Lucas Gweilo Corp. which owns several Metro Manila

1. David S. Balamon • The 1st nominee is currently part of the Board of

ALLIED MOVEMENT Directors at the Industry Council of the Philippine.
2. David Kirkwood Esconili
FOR EMPLOYMENT From 2013- 2018, he was the Sales Director of
27 AMEPA OFW 3. Antonio Maralit
PROTECTION Smartmatic - Unified Security Platform (UPS).
4. Abel Balamon
ASSISTANCE • The 2nd nominee is the Director of Multisys
5. Enzo Balamon
Technologies Corporation
• Bainto-Aguinaldo is an undersecretary with the
1. Naella Rose M. Bainto-Aguinaldo
Office of the Deputy Executive Secretary, and the
BAHAY PARA SA 2. Procopio G. Lipana
wife of the current chairman of the Commission on
INC. 4. Naereeza Grace M. Bainto
5. Rafaelito M. Soliza • Lipana was a former police officer
1. Van D. Luspo • Luspo is a retired PNP superintendent who was
2. Virgilio R. Batalla convicted by the Sandiganbayan for ghost purchases
30 PRAI 3. Gaudencio M. Cordova Jr. but was later overturned by the SC.
4. Enrique R. Manalo
• There is insufficient information for other nominees
5. Allyn R. Evasco
• First nominee is the president and CEO of Llavecon
Builders and Development Corp.; a member of
Junior Chamber International; a reserved colonel of
Philippine Air Force
• Second nominee is the son of former Oriental
Mindoro governor and district representative Rodolfo
Valencia, who was convicted of graft in 2014 and co-
accused of Napoles in the 2016 pork barrel scam. He
served as his father’s chief-of-staff on the HOR; he
lost in the 2013 congressional elections. He is
1. Vicente L. Llave Jr. currently the executive vice president of his father’s
2. John Nico P. Valencia real estate center
31 JUAN MOVEMENT 3. Mark Roy L. Boado • Third nominee is the Vice President for Corporate
4. Alexander V. Lapore Affairs in Harbour Centre Port Terminal Inc., the
5. Ma. Rosella M. Tugade corporate secretary of R-II Builders Group of
Companies Inc., both owned by businessman Reghis
Romero II, father of Michael Romero of 1Pacman
Party-list; he also serves as chief-of staff of Reghis
Romero II
• Fourth nominee is the property manager of RII
Builders Inc.
• Fifth nominee is a member of Las Damas de Rizal-
Philippines, a women’s organization which was
formed in 2013 at the initiative of Reghis Romero II
• Advocates for the advancement of passenger,
1. Manuel M. Redota
veteran, seaman/seafarer, cooperatives, students,
PINAGBUKLOD NA 2. Alma Opeña-Aquino
BUKLOD and teachers welfare
32 FILIPINO PARA SA 3. Jezaneth B. Tagabuhin
BAYAN 4. Paul John Cabada Ramos • On their FB page, they are stating that their first
5. Edwin Abrogar Tabar, Jr. nominee is named Jose Elmer “Emoy” Francisco

• There is insufficient information for other nominees
• The first nominee is the founder of Jesus is Lord
(JIL) and father of Senator Joel Villanueva. He ran
for president in 2004 and 2010.
1. Eduardo C. Villanueva
2. Domingo C. Rivera • The 3rd nominee was a former Bacolod City
CIBAC 3. Lyndon P. Caña councilor.
CORRUPTION 4. Armi Jane R. Borje • The 4th nominee is a JIL pastor, lawyer and
5. Stanley Clyde C. Flores Treasurer in the Board of Trustees of CIOF
Foundation, Inc.
• Rivera and Flores are both JIL pastors.
• First nominee is a litigation lawyer and corporate
counsel; and is the legal adviser of Sen. Loren
1. Antonio L. Paredes, Jr. Legarda
2. Gerard C. Arances
• Second nominee is the national coordinator of the
35 MURANG KURYENTE 3. Glenn Ismael Ymata
Philippine Movement for Climate Justice, the
4. Arlen S. Gutierez
executive director of Center for Energy, Ecology and
5. Alan N. Tan
Development (CEED), and an executive committee
member at the Freedom from Debt Coalition
• First nominee is the incumbent representative;
founder of ANGKLA PL; a lawyer and son of a ship
1. Jesulito A. Manalo • Second nominee a member of the Board of Directors
ANGA PARTIDO NG 2. Ronaldo S. Enrile of Filipino Association for Mariners' Employment Inc.
36 MGA PILIPINONG ANGKLA 3. Augusto M. Perez Jr. (FAME), representing their company Phil.
MARINO, INC. 4. Petercon A. Lugue Transmarine Carriers, Inc.
5. Rogelio Benjamin J. Redoble
• Third nominee is the Government and Political
Affairs Department of the Manalo & Perez Firm, with
the first nominee as his founding partner

• Fifth nominee is a current chief of staff at one of
the offices in the House of Representatives
• First nominee is one of the two incumbent Gabriela
representative in HOR; she authored 385 bills and
1. Arlene B. Brosas co-authors 17 house bills
2. Bai Ali Indayla-Mallen
• Second nominee is a Moro woman from
3. Lucia F. Francisco
Maguindanao who is known to be an activist and
4. Leona M. Entena
GABRIELA WOMEN’S human rights defender; she is also the secretary-
37 GABRIELA 5. Leny G. Ocasiones
PARTY general of KAWAGIB – Alliance for the Advancement
6. Jenelyn N. Caballero
of Moro Human Rights
7. Marden M. Jalando-on
8. Marivic V. Gerodias • Sixth nominee is an assistant professor at the
9. Ruvie Ann M. Bautista University of San Carlos with research interests on
women and armed conflict, gender, domestic
• 1st nominee is the former vice-governor from
Northern Samar and a member of the Uy dynasty,
1. Ramp Nielsen S. Uy and now a board member of the Clark Development
2. Rodolfo T. Tuazon Corporation (a GOCC)
38 AKO AN BISAYA 3. Eduardo K. Veloso • 2nd nominee is a three-term district representative
4. Dahn Greigor S. Uy of Samar
5. Rodolfo R. Del Valle • Eduardo Veloso is a former Leyte congressman who
was indicted by the Ombudsman over the PDAF
1. Reynaldo C. Soriano • There is insufficient information for the PL and its
2. Victorino Banaag Anyayahan nominees
39 3. Al lgantius G. Lopez
4. Quintin C. Suelto
5. Virginia Theresa C. Soriano
1. Sarah Jane I. Elago • Kabataan is the sole youth representation in the
42 2. Erika Rae M. Cruz 17th congress
3. Vennel Francis D. Chenfoo
4. Ellice V. Balgos • First nominee is the incumbent representative of the
5. Florence L. Kang PL; listed as the poorest lawmaker in the 17th
6. Kristian Jacob A. Lora congress; former president of National Union of
Students of the Philippines
• Second nominee is a former SK Federation Chair of
Iligan City, Lanao del Norte; a youth activist and
journalist of TUDLA Productions and Manila Today
• Florencio Gabriel G. Noel – former representative of
An Waray (2004); His sister is the incumbent
representative of An Waray. His wife Jaye Lacson-
1. Florencio Gabriel G. Noel
Noel was a former district representative of Malabon
2. Marie Grace M. Evardone
43 3. Zenno O. Zuniga
4. Nicole Elena Ill D. Espina • Atty. Nicole Elena Ill D. Espina – Junior Associate at
5. Jose A. Loquinte Esguerra & Blanco Law Offices
• Jose A. Loquinte – independent candidate for
councilor (2013) at Anahawan, Leyte
• First nominee is an attorney that formerly worked as
spokesperson of former VP Binay and was part of
1. Rico Paolo R. Quicho the defense team of late CJ Renato Corona during
2. Mary Joycelynn L. Rodriguez his impeachment trial. He also co-founded the
44 SULONG DIGNIDAD 3. Benecer S. Lariosa Quicho & Angeles Law Firm that specializes in
4. Ireneo C. Aquino litigation
5. May Anne D. Umaly • Forth nominee is the president of the business
intelligence provider iExcelerate.
• Joseph Martin H. Borromeo - president of the
1. Arnold d. Naval Philippine Association of Fish Producers Inc. (Pafpi)
ALLIANCE OF 2. Joseph Martin H. Borromeo Ricardo C. Delos Reyes – Maynilad Chief Finance
46 PHILIPPINES FISHING ALL FISH 3. Charles C. Capricho Officer (CFO)
FEDERATIONS, INC. 4. Ricardo C. Delos Reyes • The 3rd nominee is the Region V Sectoral
5. Ruiz Leonardo A. Frias Representative of Pederasyon ng mga Maliliit na
Manigingisda ng San Miguel Bay, Inc. (PEMMA-SMB,
Inc.) - for the Fisherfolk Sector under the National
Anti-Poverty Commission
• Atty. Adorlito B. Ginete – former Sta. Teresita,
1. Adorlito B. Ginete Batangas Mayor; member of Tanggol Kalikasan, Inc.
2. Michael T. Defensor • Michael T. Defensor – was a former district
ANAKALUSUGA representative in Quezon City and former DENR
47 3. Emmanuel D. Andal
N Secretary under Gloria Arroyo.
4. Arnielyn M. Aguire
5. Arlene P. Dominguita • Dr. Arlene P. Dominguita – doctor at Klinika ng
Bayan Medical Clinic in Sto.Tomas, Batangas
• Tau Gamma Phi -based party-list
• First nominee is a former vice governor of
1. Jose J. Teves Jr. Catanduanes province, national chairman of
2. Roy A. Ordinario Triskelion Alumni Organization (TAO), and the CEO
48 TGP 3. Nerio L. Ronquillo of Carpel Environment Corporation, a recycling
4. Eriberto C. Cabilan Jr. company
5. Eden F. Yadao • Second nominee is one of the founders of Tau
Gamma Phi
• 1st nominee is the mayor of Angeles, Pampanga.
Coincidentally, his local political party is called
1. Edgardo Dizon Pamintuan “Partido Abe Kapampangan”
2. Jericho Genasky Aguas • 2nd nominee is a city councilor of Angeles
ABE KAPAMPANGAN • 3rd nominee is a former undersecretary of the Office
49 ABEKA 3. Danilo De Austria Consumido
INC. of External Affairs under GMA
4. Alberto D. Pamintuan III
5. Patrick R. Cura • 4th nominee is a lawyer
• 5th nominee is a current barangay chairman in
1. Hadjimar S. Matba • 1st nominee is the vice mayor of Languyan, Tawi-
AKSYON MAGSASAKA 2. Michael A. Kida tawi; the provincial governor of Tawi-tawi is also a
51 - PARTIDO TINIG NG 3. Ymil Rjiv DT Matba Matba, possibly related
MASA 4. Homer A. Mabale • 4th nominee is the President of IBP-Camiguin. In
5. Joy J. Ilagan 2011, he was the legal counsel of Bongao town

6. Apolinario S. Mayuga councilor (Tawi-tawi) Marvin Jaafar Aksan who was
7. Saturnino D. Simbajon nabbed for possessing alleged shabu and other drug
8. Datusalem A. Karon paraphernalia while inside the Zamboanga City
Airport. In 2013, he was injured while his staff were
killed during an ambush in Zamboanga.
• Garces was the 2nd nominee in 2016, while Lanting
1. Ulysses G. Garces
was the 3rd nominee.
2. Teresita L. Cabaccang
ARTS BUSINESS AND 3. Catalina O. Lanting • Their previous rep, Catalina Leonen-Pizarro, wife of
52 SCIENCE ABS 4. Rogelio C. Arroyo CA Justice Normandy Pizarro, is facing a case in the
PROFESSIONALS 5. Teresita F. Castillo Ombudsman
6. Teresita A. Lim
• There is insufficient information for other nominees

1. Bernadette C Herrera-Dy • Herrera-Dy is a former Q.C councilor

BAGONG 2. Marlon C. Manalang • Panghulan is VP for Admin of UNTV
53 HENERASYON BH 3. Gerardo A. Panghulan
PARTYLIST 4. Ramon M. Cruz • Manalang and Nazal are both members of the Rotary
5. Roberto Gerard L. Nazal Jr. Club
• Ronaldo S. Tuazon – PhilPost Board of Director
1. Alfred C. Delos Santos (2011); former Board member (1993) of Philippine
ALYANSA NG MGA 2. Ronnie L. Ong Postal Corporation Provident Fund Office
54 MAMAMAYANG 3. Edward C. Delos Santos
PROBINSYANO • The group has relied heavily on the endorsement of
PROBINSYANO 4. Ronaldo S. Tuazon
actors Coco Martin and Yassi Pressman of the Ang
5. Eubendino A. Bitor
Probinsyano TV Series.

1. Emmanuel M. Manato • Partido ng Manggagawa or Labor Party is a known

2. Reynaldo Q. Almendras political party in the Philippines established 2001.
55 PM 3. Medel D. Pulanco • The first nominee is a former member of the NAPC’s
4. Leonides E. Sequeña Urban Poor Council as a delegate of the “Santolan
5. Valeriano C. Estorosas, Sr. Riverside Neighborhood Federation”
ANG NATIONAL 1. Jose T. Panganiban Jr. • Jose T. Panganiban Jr. – incumbent ANAC-IP rep;
COALITION OF 2. Lourdes S. Panganiban
INDIGENOUS 3. Garry James G. Arenas former Vice-Mayor of Angandanan, Isabela
PEOPLES ACTION NA! 4. Nicole Pauline L. Dy
• Lourdes S. Panganiban – incumbent Mayor of
INC. 5. Rizalino G. Segundo
Angandanan, Isabela; wife of Jose T. Panganiban;
6. Emmanuel B. Bigornia
7. Reynaldo T. Panganiban Sr. • Garry James G. Arenas - President & CEO Spark
Global Tech System Inc.; from 2007-2010, he
worked at National Bureau of Investigation – Taft,
Manila, Philippines
• Nicole Pauline L. Dy - member of the GADDANG
tribe of the Province of Isabela and is currently the
Chairwoman of the Committee on Education, Youth,
Sports, and Cultural Affairs of ANAC-IP Party-list.
• Rizalino G. Segundo - member of the KALANGUYA-
IKALAHAN Tribe of Caraballo and Cordillera
Mountain Range and is currently the Chairman of
the Committee on Community Development and
Services of ANAC-IP Party-list; former NCIP
• Ran as a farmers’ group last congress, but now
1. Narciso D. Santiago III pushes for youth and women advocacies for this
2. Richard T. Perez 2019 party-list election
59 SINAG 3. Jamco C. Uy • First nominee is a former representative of Alliance
4. Jesus H. Soriano, Jr. of Rural Concerns (ARC) and son of the late Sen.
5. Teodoro A. Evangelista Miriam Defensor Santiago

• PATROL aims to transform communities into
peaceful, safe and progressive havens through the
vibrant partnership among stakeholders supported
by a revitalized public safety system.
1. Jorge Antonio P. Bustos
2. Jesus C. Dacpano • PSupt. Bustos is the president of the PNPA
60 PATROL PARTY LIST 3. Mary Rosaleen B. Agaton Alumni Association - Region 3. He is the brother of a
4. Leonardo F. Daracan former Masantol, Pampanga vice mayor.
5. Raymundo M. Turla
• Agaton is the Dean of Letran - Bataan campus

1. Chrissan D. Bravo • The group seeks to represent farmers, fisherfolk,

2. Nilda D. Dela Cruz workers, and persons with disabilities
63 KOOP KAMPI 3. Teodulfo Mendez Jutba Jr.
MAGSASAKA NG • There is insufficient information on other nominees
4. Nellene Grutas Discaya Bravo
5. Ma. Luisa Alona B. Olahay
1. Josef C. Maganduga • Second nominee is a former mayor of Botolan,
UNION OF 2. Rogelio B. Yap Zambales and the current general manager of Roma
NATIONALISTIC 3. Jose Bayani S. Laurel Jr. Construction and Development Corp., contractor of
65 DEMOCRATIC UNIDO 4. Jonathan C. Padua DPWH with at least 3 contract project signed this
FILIPINO 5. Georian R. Cea year
ORGANIZATION 6. Arturo A. Libera
• There is insufficient information on other nominees
7. Camille I. Laurel
1. Ranulfo Zabala Ludovica • Party-list of Quezon City end-termer councilors
2. Felicito A. Valmocina under Feliciano Belmonte’s QC political party
3. Vicente Eric D. Belmonte Jr. • First and third nominees are end-termer Quezon
67 SBP 4. Bart Christian D. Guzman City councilors
Corpus • Second nominee is a long-time barangay captain of
5. Eduardo Martin Ignatius T. Bgy. Holy Spirit, Quezon City
68 PILIPINAS PARA SA PPP 1. Paul Nicholas A. Magsaysay • Pernia is chairman of the Bohol Bio-energy and
PINOY 2. Paterno L. Esmaquel Social Development Consultancy
3. Antonieto I. Pernia
• Atty. Paterno L. Esmaquel is part of the Florentino &
4. Jesus A. Simora
Esmaquel Law Office; legal counsel of Liberty
5. Edina T. Almodal
• Almodal is the NCR coordinator for Kilusang
1. Maria Georgina P. De Venecia • De Venecia is a former Pangasinan congresswoman,
2. Maria Asuncion L. Yu the wife of former Speaker De Venecia who occupied
69 INANG MAHAL 3. Victoria F. Baustista the same seat, and the mother of the incumbent
4. Rosella P. Sotto
• There is insufficient information for other nominees
5. Teresita T. Gonzalez
• The 1st nominee is best known for the “climax”
question to Ronnie Dayan during a House probe; he
1. Salvador B. Belaro Jr. also ran for another group in 2010 but he lost
2. Edita S. Bunuan • 2nd nominee is the national president of “Council of
1-ANG 3. Angelita P. Ocampo Management Educators and Practitioners Phils.” and
71 UNA ANG EDUKASYON a professor at the FEU
EDUKASYON 4. Rey Sto. Domingo Jr.
5. Avelino S. De Chavez • 3rd nominee is a professor in the Dept. of Business
6. Bernard R. Macinas Administration in the San Pedro College in Laguna
• 5th nominee is a former commissioner of the KWF
under GMA
• First nominee is the president of Philippine Maize
Federation (PhilMaize), who also seats as a member
1. Roger V. Navarro of Corn Development Fund (CDF) under NFA;
2. Juanito T. Rama charged with civil case and been ordered for writ of
72 KAMAIS 3. Jose S. Benemerito replevin
4. Maria Concepcion R. Macasaddu
• Second nominee is an enterprising rice and corn
5. Julie Rocel E. Bongcales
farmer and the chairman of the San Manuel Tarlac
Farmers MPC.
73 ANG LABAN NG ALIF 1. Acmad M. Tomawis • Acmad M. Tomawis was the former ALIF

INDIGNONG FILIPINO 2. Lorenzo B. Rellosa representative.(2004-2007;2009-2010; 2010-2013)
3. Ismael T. Tomawis
• Lorenzo B. Rellosa – President of Telepreneur
4. Agakhan M. Tomawis
5. Bacolod Madki D. Maurac
• Agakhan Tomawis is the son of the 1st nominee.
• Tricia Nicole Q. Velasco-Catera – incumbent
representative of Ang Mata; daughter of former AMA
1. Tricia Nicole Q. Velasco-Catera party-list representative Lorna Velasco and Supreme
2. Pearl Grace F. Oaminal Court Justice Presbitero Velasco and brother to
74 ANG MATA’Y ALAGAAN MATA 3. Divina B. Pinlac Marinduque Representative Lord Allan Velasco. She
4. Jeffrey B. Solomon was exposed for undertaking gluta drip sessions at
5. Ryan P. Villafuerte her congressional office.
• There is insufficient information on other nominees

• The nominees are linked to political families in the

1. Rodolfo B. Albano North.
2. Allan U. Ty • Rodolfo B. Albano was a former Isabela
LPG MARKETERS representative
75 LPGMA 3. Mattheu Jericho A. Reyes
4. Miguel L. Ponce, Jr. • Second nominee is related to incumbent PL
5. Miguelito P. Bernal, Jr. representative Arnel Ty and was director of the
Cagayan Export Zone Authority (CEZA)
• Nominees come from political dynasties in La Union
and Pangasinan.
• The 1st nominee is a former congressman of
1. Conrado M. Estrella III Pangasinan, and is the brother of Robert Raymond
2. Vini Nola A. Ortega Estrella, the party-list representative from 2013 –
76 ABONO PARTY LIST 3. Clemente P. Arboleda Sr. 2016, their grandfather, Conrado Estrella III, served
4. Ronald Allan Q. So as Marcos’ agrarian reform minister
5. Oftociano M. Manalo Jr. • The 2nd nominee is the incumbent party-list
representative for ABONO, and the wife of La Union
governor Pacoy Ortega.
• The 3rd nominee is an incumbent Pangasinan 5th
district provincial board member
1. Rolan Asegurado Mendiola • Ma. Corazon Escueta Sarmiento – anchor of Anti-
2. Ma. Corazon Escueta Sarmiento drugs Ako ATBP - DWDD 1134 (AFP radio and virtual
78 3. Marvin Ang Tan tv)
4. Rodolfo Nacionales Caisip
• There is insufficient information on other nominees
5. Lawrence Joseph Binas Libo-on
• 1st nominee is the former congressman of Negros
1. George Arnaiz Oriental 2nd district. He said that Abante Pilipinas is
2. Kristine S. Felix a political party that can field candidates for district
79 ABANTE PILIPINAS 3. Alvin V. Patrimonio elections.
4. Charles C. Owen • 3rd nominee is a former basketball player of
5. Emmanuel C. Tapay Purefoods team in the PBA and currently the
Magnolia team manager.
• Marino party-list is organized by the DMMA College
of Southern Philippines or DCSP (formerly Davao
Merchant Marine Academy or DMMA). It is a sectoral
organization of seafarers, their families and
dependents, as well as stakeholders in the maritime
1. Carlo Lisandro L. Gonzales industry and maritime education industry.
2. Jose Antonio G. Lopez
MARINO SAMAHAN • Gonzales is the VP for Operations of Ulticon Builders,
80 MARINO 3. Carlo Pio T. Pacana
NG MGA SEAMAN INC. a Davao City-based infrastructure contractor which
4. lke D. Solis
5. Ian Rhey S. Tampipi was listed by PCIJ as having the 2nd most delayed
projects in the region
• Pacana is “HR Business Partner” for Sumifru, a
Davao-based company that exports bananas and is
locked in an ongoing labor dispute.
1. Farida A. Fajardo • A TAMBAY Party-list is its former acronym
2. Emolyn Caubang-Manalo • First nominee is daughter of DTI Asec. Ameenah-
82 TAO MUNA 3. Amieliza D. Sansait Abcede Fajardo (ROG) and Mohammad Omar Albano
4. Lanie R. Abcede Fajardo, Pres. Duterte’s appointee as Ambassador
5. Chester U. Gonzales Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Republic of
Iraq and former OFW Party-list representative and
former GMA appointee at Board of Directors of Al
Amanah Bank; the campaign manager of former A
TAMBAY Party-list, current VP of Marketing at NSS
Telecom, and VP of US-based companies namely
Cee and Gee Precision and Smart DNC, and lead
brand manager in US-based Chevron company
• Second nominee is a licensed customs broker and
independent business owner of CM Cargo Brokerage
• First nominee is an incumbent representative of the
PL, together with Rep. Antonio Tinio. She is a retired
public school Master Teacher II; former 4 term
president of Quezon City Public School Teachers
Association and awarded recently with Arthur
Svensson Award for Trade Union Rights Awardee
• Second nominee is a founding member of ACT
Philippines 1982; a retired public school teacher and
former president of Manila Public School Teachers
1. France L. Castro
ALLIANCE OF 2. Benjamin G. Valbuena
83 CONCERNED 3. Jeanette R. Cawiding • Third nominee is a long time teacher and guidance
TEACHERS 4. Fabian G. Hallig counselor in private schools. She is the ACT
5. David Michael M. San Juan coordinator in Cordillera Administrative Region;
rights advocate for women, indigenous people, and
• Fourth nominee is a founding officer of ACT
Philippines 1982 and founding president of Gregorio
Araneta University Foundation (GAUF) Employees
Union. He is legal officer of ACT Region III Union
• Fifth nominee is an associate professor at DLSU-
Manila; Public Information Officer of ACT Private

Schools; founding member of TANGGOL WIKA.
• Originally created as People’s Champ Movement in
2009. It was founded by Manny Pacquiao, the
current chair of the group with Jinkee Pacquiao as
1. Benito J. Brizuela its president
PEOPLE’S CHAMP 2. Nicolas C. Enciso VIII
PEOPLE’S • First nominee is an incumbent Lucena City Councilor
84 GUARDIAN PARTY- 3. Carlos D. Ambayac
CHAMP and the national executive vice president of the
LIST 4. Hermogenes Y. Teves
5. Aniceto S. Daruntay Philippine Councilors League.
• Fourth nominee is a lawyer and member of the
board of directors of the IBP-Samar
• Alay Buhay was previously linked to the Gatchalian
dynasty of Valenzuela. Its former representative
was Wes Gatchalian.
• Michael C. Fermin is a former Board Member (1st
District of Bulacan); current director of Poro Point
Management Corporation [operating and
implementing arm of Bases Conversion and
1. Michael C. Fermin Development Authority (BCDA) to manage the Poro
ALAY BUHAY 2. Felix V. Ople Point Freeport Zone (PPFZ)]
86 COMMUNITY ALAY BUHAY 3. Antonio L. Sayo • Felix V. Ople – Son of the late Senator Blas Ople and
DEVELOPMENT 4. Rodolfo C. Mallari is an incumbent Bulacan 1st District Board member
5. Filipinas N. Villasis • Antonio L. Sayo - Health Economist & consultant to
UNICEF & Department of Health Member - Tripartite
Industrial Peace Council Private Sector
Representative - NEDA 's National Land Use Council
Chairman- Corporate Social Responsibility
Committee, Employers Confederation of the
Philippines (ECOP). Trustee- Philippine Food
Developers & Exporters, inc. ( PHILFOODEX ).
87 BUHAY HAYAAN BUHAY 1. Jose L. Atienza, Jr. • Lito Atienza,former city mayor of Manila and former

YUMABONG 2. Rene M. Velarde secretary of the Department of Environment and
3. Melquiades A. Robles Natural Resources.
4. Francisco Xavier Xacinto S.
• Rene Velarde, Buhay representative linked to
anomalous PDAF scam that channeled funds to
5. Wilfrido B. Villarama
Pangkabuhayan Foundation, Inc.
• 2nd nominee was the NYC chairman under Pres.
1. Tomasito S. Villarin Noynoy Aquino and was also VP of SCAP
2. Gregorio Ramon A. Tingson • 3rd nominee is a former municipal councilor of
AKBAYAN CITIZENS 3. Doris Dinorog-Obena Catigban, Bohol and current president of Bohol
88 AKBAYAN Northwestern Colleges
ACTION PARTY 4. Angelina Ludovice-Katoh
5. Napoleon M. Merida Jr. • 4th nominee is a former commissioner of the PCUP
6. Cristina Caldito Organiza under Noynoy Aquino and replaced Walden Bello
after the latter’s resignation from Akbayan
• First nominee is the son of Energy Secretary
1. Francis S. Cusi Alfonso Cusi, one of the richest cabinet members of
2. Micah Abijah B. Valiente Pres. Duterte as of 2017
89 PARTIDO SANDUGO 3. Regino M. Quing, Jr.
4. John S. Go, Jr. • There is insufficient information on other nominees
5. John Dominic P. Censon

• A group seeking to represent Ilocanos in the House

of Representatives
1. Rudys Caesar G. Fariñas I • The first nominee is the Brgy. Captain of 55-A,
2. Lira R. Fuster Fariñas Laoag, Ilocos Norte and is the son of Ilocos
91 PROBINSYANO AKO 3. Charito T. Malicad congressman Rudy Farinas.
4. Teresita C. Rapatan
5. Genaro A. Turqueza • The second nominee is the wife of Laoag City
Administrator Jami Farinas, who is also related to
Congressman Farinas.
AKO BISAYA PARTY 1. Sonny L. Lagon • 2nd nominee is the director for campus security of
LIST 2. Jarvis S. Prochina the Matias H. Aznar Memorial College of Medicine, a

3. Lotis A. Pacaldo private school in Cebu City
4. Julieta G. Pelonio • 5th nominee is part of the administration of the
5. Paul Sherwind A. Belciña Southwestern University in Cebu City
1. Eulogio R. Magsaysay • Magsaysay’s father is a former Senator and the
ALLIANCE OF 2. Alicia M. Diel brother of the president of the same surname. He
93 VOLUNTEER AVE 3. Nicolas A. Braña was the HEA of Joey Lina when he was DILG
EDUCATORS 4. Elisa T. Monje Secretary.
5. Eden M. Coso
MOVEMENT FOR 1. Emelita A. Alvarez • Alvarez is the estranged wife of former Speaker
ECONOMIC 2. Val V. Lim Alvarez
94 TRANSFORMATION METRO 3. Ronnie M. Mendoza
• There is insufficient information for other nominees
AND RIGHTEOUS 4. Eduardo Carlo C. Claudio III
OPPORTUNITIES 5. Mark Anthony Pacheco
1. Isagani R. Nerez • 1st nominee is former Regional Director of PNP-
ATING AGAPAY 2. Fernando L. Lee Cordillera
95 SENTRONG SAMAHAN 3. Rolando I. Magno
PARTY LIST • Insufficient info available for other nominees
NG MGA OBRERO 4. Felix T. Cruz
5. Eladio V. Gatmaitan
• The party-list is linked to the Suarez family of
Quezon province. Its current representative is Anna
ALLIANCE OF 1. Eleanor V. Florido Villaraza-Suarez, who is the wife of Quezon
ORGANIZATIONS, 2. Maria Katrina S. Ruiz governor David Suarez.
96 NETWORKS AND ALONA 3. Karla Regina D. Valera-Chua • Atty. Monica Leonila B. Siron - currently with the
ASSOCIATIONS OF 4. Monical Leonila B. Siron Villaraza & Angangco Law firm's Litigation
THE PHILIPPINES 5. Liza M. Vida Department; AdMU Law graduate
• Atty. Karla Regina D. Valera-Chua is a Senior
Associate at Villaraza & Angangco Law firm

1. Ernanie M. Calica • Seeks to represent tribal communities

TRIBAL COMMUNITIES 2. Lamech A. Peralta • First nominee was the 2010 5th nominee of PBA
97 ASSOCIATION OF THE TRICAP 3. Jon Karl T. Sibug Party-list
PHILIPPINES 4. Joyce M. Morgia • Third nominee is a village chairman at Sudapin,
5. Saturnino D. Lavada Kidapawan City

• Wong is an incumbent provincial board member in
Catanduanes and is related to a former governor in
1. Joseph Al Randie B. Wong
the same province. He is also facing charges over a
2. Jillian T. Sze
BARANGAY NATIN shabu lab in his locale.
98 BANAT 3. Sannah B. Frivaldo
4. Marilou P. Pornillos • Frivaldo is the daughter of the governor of Sorsogon
5. Juliet G. Rosal from 1955 - 89. She is currently the owner of a
travel agency.
• First nominee is an incumbent Leyte 1st District
representative, a former beauty queen, and wife of
1. Yedda Marie K. Romualdez
Lakas CMD chair Ferdinand Martin Romualdez
2. Jude A. Acidre
• Second nominee is the political affairs officer of first
nominee, Romualdez; and is also the 2016 first
4. Alexis V. Yu
nominee of Tingog Sinirangan and 2013 second
5. Jenifer C. Padual
nominee of An-Waray Party-list who resigned
1. Virgilio S. Lacson • Lacson was a former Malabon City councilor who
2. Paul L. Sembrano was dismissed for being AWOL; also lands at the 6th
3. Gil T. Magbanua spot of the richest lawmakers of the 17th congress,
4. lsabelita M. Santos based on net worth
5. Ma. Victoria G. Suarez
6. Carmencita P. Lacson
7. Asuncion B. Howe
8. Mila C. Pilapil
9. Evelyn L. Dimagiba
10. Angelita L. Alfante
ANTI-CRIME AND • The 2nd nominee is the wife of broadcaster Raffy
1. Eric G. Yap
TERRORISM Tulfo and sister-in-law of newly-appointed Special
2. Jocelyn P. Tulfo
THROUGH ACT-CIS PARTY Envoy to China Mon Tulfo
101 3. Rowena Niña O. Taduran
COMMUNITY LIST • The 3rd nominee is Raffy Tulfo’s co-host in the
4. Edgar G. Yap
INVOLVEMENT AND Wanted radio show in 92.3 News FM
5. Jeffrey Soriano
103 APPEND 1. Eduardo C. Jimenez • Jimenez is the president of KMBI, a large

2. Peter M. Montalban microfinance institution, while Garcia is treasurer of
3. Narciso A. San Miguel the same
4. Virginia P. Juan
• Montalban is a trustee of another microfinance
5. Edgardo F. Garcia
institution, Taytay Sa Kauswagan Inc.
• Juan is the President of APPEND Network, an
alliance of microfinance institutions
• Collantes is from Batangas; son of 3rd district
representative Sonny Collantes; King George was
his father’s COS
1. King George Leandro Antonio V.
Collantes • Azansa is President and director of Shell Employees
CONSLA PARTY 2. Milagros C. Azanza Savings and Loan Association
LIST 3. Arthur Torda Senosa
ASSOCIATION • Senosa is connected with Composite Wing Saving
4. Ronald B. Dominguez
and Loan Assoc. (members are active and retired
5. Melchor S. Ramos
members of PAF)

• Kaisahan is one of the farmers’ group associated

with SENTRO.
1. Veronica S. Rellosa
KAISAHAN NG MGA 2. Lourdes A. Gula • Honorio Samaniego, a farmer, was named as
105 MALILIIT NA KMM 3. Trinidad M. Dorningo nominee in a news report by Rappler .
MAGSASAKA 4. Fermin U. Idea • Lourdes Gula is National President at Pambansang
5. Elena R. Sta. Ana Kalipunan ng mga Manggagawang Impormal
1. Jonathan A. Dela Cruz • The 1st nominee, who previously served as
2. Nonette O. Tiam ABAKADA rep, was removed in 2017 as GSIS board
3. Julian Rodrigo A. Dela Cruz member over corruption allegation. He was
108 ABAKADA 4. Samantha Pilar SJ. Magahum appointed bu Duterte after having served as
5. Josephine C. Reyes campaign manager of the Bongbong Marcos 2016
6. Ryan L. Tanjuico campaign.
• The 3rd nominee is Executive VP of PLT College in
Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya

• The group focuses on the youth, senior citizens and

poor families not just in the cities but also in the
1. Irene Gay F. Saulog provinces.
2. Lizziel F. Caponpon
109 KALINGA PARTY LIST 3. Gladys Claire V. Quillao • Current representative is Abigail Faye C. Ferriol-
4. Kirsten Michelle T. Ferriol Pascual
5. Arturo C. Ferriol, Jr. • This PL is run by the Ferriol family who also founded
the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ.
• The group seeks to represent architects, engineers
NOBLE 1. Armando R. Diaz
and skilled workers
ADVANCEMENT OF 2. William J. Juan
110 MARVELOUS PEOPLE 3. Alberto T. Cabael • Third nominee is the vice president on technical
OF THE PHILIPPINES, 4. Ricardo D. Taytay affairs of the Philippine Society of Plumbing
INC 5. Ariel D. Catignas Engineers
• The 1st nominee is the sister of Iloilo congressman
Richard Garin and Iloilo vice governor Christine
Garin, and sister-in-law of Aquino DOH secretary
Janette Garin. Most likely related to the 5th nominee
1. Sharon S. Garin • The 2nd nominee is a former Iloilo congressman, the
2. Hernan G. Biron, Jr. son of former Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo mayor Hernan
112 3. Evangeline N. Intal Biron Sr., and the father of current Barotac Nuevo
4. Felix L. Flores mayor BJ Biron; Most likely related to Ferjenel
5. Jimmy L. Garin Giron, a current Iloilo congressman
• Not coincidentally, the majority of its votes (77% of
its total, or 240k) came from the province of Iloilo
1. Meldin Alfonso G. Roy • First nominee is the Chief Financial Officer and
113 TINDERONG PINOY 2. Kelly S. Uy Executive Director of PT Capital, Philippine
3. Evelyn Catherine O. Silagon Transmarine Carriers, Inc and president of Udenna
4. Rey G. Roy Corporation, a multiple industry company that
5. Rodrigo A. Chavez, Jr. covers fuel (Phoenix), logistics (2Go, Chelsea),
infrastructure, education (Enderun), gaming/casino,
etc, and also a former Bayan Telecommunications
• Third nominee is a dismissed chair of Board of
Directors of Oroquieta City Water District (OCWD) in
2016 due to guilty verdict of grave misconduct
(illegal disbursement of gov’t funds), ordered by
Office of the Ombudsman-Mindanao
• 1st and 2nd nominee are incumbent representatives
1. Delphine G. Lee of AGRI.
2. Orestes T. Salon • In 2013, Atty. Bonaobra was supposed to replace
114 AGRI 3. Vicente S. Bonaobra II Mark Lapid as COO of (TIEZA) . He also served as
4. Daisy L. Gan legal officer of the Valenzuela City government from
5. Ricardo D. Gutierrez, Jr. 2004 to 2011 before returning to private law
• The 1st nominee is the general manager of Soro-
soro Ibaba Development Cooperative in Batangas
City. Its business activities include “contract-
1. Rico B. Geron growing, loans, cable television and Internet”. It
AGRICULTURAL 2. Kathleen C. Briones also has a feed mill which was subject to a strike in
115 SECTOR ALLIANCE OF AGAP 3. Victorino Michael I. Lescano 2016
THE PHILIPPINES 4. Edwin H. Macasaet • The 2nd nominee is a former provincial board
5. Cipriano Dennis I. Cocadiz member of Batangas
• The 3rd nominee is the chairman of the Batangas
Egg Producers’ Cooperative

ACTS-OVERSEAS 1. Aniceto S. Bertiz III • 1st nominee is a current owner of a recruitment

FILIPINO WORKERS 2. Venecio V. Legaspi agency who figured in an incident with an airport
116 ACTS-OFW 3. Francisco S. Aguilar Jr. security inspector. Bertiz was widely criticized for is
ORGANIZATIONS 4. Ernesto M. Maceda actions. His membership in the party was also put
5. Cecile G. Benitez under question.

6. Romeo E. Escober • 2nd nominee is the VP of “Al Jazira Bank”, a large
7. Noli N. Pacquiao Saudi Arabia bank
8. Wilma R. Abay • 3rd nominee is the president of a recruitment
agency, FMW Human Resources International

1. Feliciano O. Adorna, Jr. • 1st nominee is the actual chairman of ACTS-OFW

2. Julien A. Dancel
3. Ameer Salman S. Mahumanoy
4. Maria Gracita De Ramos Rivera
5. Vicente T. Feliciano, Jr.
• The group advocates for fast and affordable internet
connectivity for all Filipinos
• All nominees are board members of the FICTAP
Board of Directors
• First nominee is the national chair of FICTAP
1. Estrellita Juliano-Tamano • Second nominee is the Co-Chairperson of the
2. Cecilia La Madrid-Dy National Economic Development Authority-Regional
117 FICTAP 3. Antonio S. Silloriquez Development Council (RDC) Region 02 appointed by
4. Alvin O. Ty Pres. Duterte last 2018, to serve until 2019; She is
5. Ruben M. Cortez also the wife of former Isabela Governor and
Cauayan City Mayor Benjamin De Guzman Dy and
mother of the current Cauayan City Bernard
Faustino M. Dy;
• Fourth nominee ran for district representative in
Surigao but lost
• Fourth nominee is the legal owner of Solid Future,
1. Franz William Ernest G. Belgica
SANDIGAN NG MGA Inc. that was established by the first nominee with
2. Robert Roxas De Guzman
121 MANGAGAWA SA SAMAKO his wife that aims to help marginalized especially in
3. Rogelio Jose L Valle
KONSTRUKSIYON their hometown, Catanduanes (same office address
4. Melanie P. Frivaldo
with EOOAA)

• Romero is the son of construction magnate Reghis
Romero II, and CEO or Chairman of the following:
1. Michael L. Romero Harbor Centre Port Terminal, Mikro-tech Capital,
2. Enrico A. Pineda Manila North Harbor Port, Pacific Inc., and 168
122 1PACMAN 3. Marlon M. Bautista Ferrum Mining. He is the owner of a PBA team, and
4. Marvee M. Espejo is considered the richest lawmaker in the country
5. Edwin Joseph G. Galvez with a networth of P7 billion

• Mary Grace T. Rodriguez • 1st nominee is the spouse of CDO congressman

• Dionisio M. Caballero Maximo Rodriguez who was also the party-list
124 ABAMIN • Dr. Antonio B. Linog group’s 2013-2016 representative
• Erlinda E. Oras
• There is insufficient information on other nominees
• Luis E. Ostique
• PLM was formed by Teachers’ Dignity Coalition
1. Benjo G. Basas (TDC), PLM Political Party (PLM), Sanlakas, Bukluran
2. Cesar S. Melencio ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP), Kongreso sa
PARTIDO LAKAS NG Pagkakaisa ng Maralitang Lungsod (KPML)
126 PLM 3. Jose Aaron M. Pedrosa Jr.
MASA • Benjo G. Basas - national chairperson of Teachers’
4. Flora A. Santos
5. Portia M. Ariesgado Dignity Coalition
• Atty. Jose Aaron M. Pedrosa Jr. - environmental
lawyer; Sanlakas sec-gen
• Lopez is the incumbent National vice president of
1. Edgar C. Lopez Phil. Water Works Association while Agatep is the
AWARENESS OF 2. Eulogio F. Agatep II immediate past president for CY 2019.
AWAKE PARTY • Engr. Magtibay was the former Chairman of the
127 KEEPERS OF THE 3. Angelina C. Salas
LIST Board of Metro Roxas Water District from 2005-
ENVIRONMENT 4. Michael D. Molino
5. Antonio B. Magtibay 2013. He was also a former ambassador to
COALITION OF 1. Francisco G. Datol Jr. • The Coalition Of Associations Of Senior Citizens In
130 ASSOCIATIONS OF 2. Aurora R. Mojica-Garcia The Philippines, Inc. is the principal organization of
SENIOR CITIZEN IN 3. Erlinda A. Ordanes various associations of senior citizens in the

THE PHILIPPINES, INC 4. Rogelio M. Galman Philippines. Affiliates: 1) Ang Tinig ng Senior
5. Jaime L. Cruz Citizens ng Pilipinas, Inc.; 2.) Senior Citizens
Welfare Fund Foundation, Inc.
• It was registered with the SEC on November 6, 2003
and accredited by the COMELEC as a party-list with
acronym “SENIOR CITIZENS” on March 16, 2007.
• Datol is the incumbent representative of Senior
Citizen PL.
1. Milagros A. Magsaysay • Magsaysay is current representative of Senior
2. Romeo Q. Allam CItizen PL in Congress
3. Minandro T. Reyes
• Allam is National president of Federation of Senior
4. Albina P. Sarona
Citizens Associations of the Philippines
5. Rosita Y. Lacson
6. Romeo L. Serrano
7. Expedito B. Pilar
1. Godofredo Villar Aquiza • Aquiza was former representative of the PL, ran for
2. Rogelio Evasco senate in 2015
3. Restituto G. Olandria
• Evasco Senior Partner at Evasco Abinales Evasco
4. Remedios D. Arquiza
Law Office, from Northern Samar.
5. Sebastian S. Sajorda
ADVOCACY FOR • 1st nominee is a former head of the CEAP, former
TEACHER board member of a private university in Malolos,
1. Mariano U. Piamonte Jr.
EMPOWERMENT and has consistently spoken out against tuition
2. Ma. Victoria V. Umali
THROUGH ACTION, rollbacks in private universities
131 A TEACHERS 3. Elizabeth L. Saldivar
COOPERATION AND • 2nd nominee is the sister of Oriental Mindoro
4. Mary Grace P. Villanueva
HERMONY TOWARDS governor Alfonso V. Umali
5. Angelita B. Cunanan
1. Jose Gay. Padiernos • Padiernos is the incumbent vice governor of Nueva
GALING SA PUSO 2. Reynaldo O. Esmeralda Ecija
132 GP
PARTY 3. Antonio M. Bernardo
• Esmeralda is a former deputy director of the NBI
4. Jan Rurik D. Padiernos
5. Joy P. Carlos and one of the complainants in the “mother of all
drug lords” complaint vs.De Lima
• 1-APTO was among the 30 party-list groups
disqualified to join the 2013 National Election. Based
on their FB page, they are supporters of President

1. Ireneo C. Calicio, Jr. • The first and 2nd nominees are engineers
ALLIANCE OF PUBLIC 2. Rolando V. Pelinggon Jr. • The third nominee is a lawyer and incumbent UP
133 TRANSPORT 1-APTO 3. Virgilio S. Ferrer II Village Brgy. Captain. In 2014, Atty. Ferrer became
ORGANIZATIONS 4. Eliezer T. Brioso commanding officer of 1051st (QUEZON) Technical
5. Paulo S. Cempron & Administrative Services Unit, (one of two TAS
Forward Operating Base Units of the 105th Technical
and Administrative Services Group (Reserve) of the
AFP Reserve Command, and is based in Quezon

1. Oscar “Cary” V. Lazo • The group vows to push for more opportunities on
2. Francis E. Miranda work, business and education.
134 1-AHAPO 3. Wilgelmo P. Galura There is insufficient information on the nominees
4. Servillano C. Flores, Jr.
5. Manolo C. Nono
1. Dennis C. Laogan • Dennis C. Laogan – incumbent Rep. of Ang
2. Ma. Fee Kristine S. Hong-Cai Kabuhayan
136 3. Maribeth D. Aglibot
PARTY LIST • There is insufficient information for other nominees
4. Lilibeth I. Calatay
5. Eduardo J. Allosa
• First nominee was representative during the 14th
1. Carol Jane B. Lopez
and 15th congress
YOU AGAINST 2. Plaridel M. Abaya
YACAP • Second nominee is a PMA graduate, former Cavite
137 CORRUPTION AND 3. Benhur B. Lopez Jr.
PARTYLIST 1st District representative and the father of former
POVERTY 4. Annaliza Quia-Ot Navarra
DOTC Sec. Joseph Emilio Abaya
5. Jerlyn L. Baldicantos
• Third nominee is the incumbent representative of
YACAP PL and sibling of the first nominee
• Forth nominee is the Anti-crime & Monitoring Bureau
– Chief of Citizen’s Crime Watch SOCSARGEN Region
1. Manuel G. Cabochan • The group is composed of military personnel, either
2. Eugene Louie P. Gonzalez past or presently in service.
138 MAGDALO 3. Elmer D. Cruz
PILIPINO • All nominees, except the third, were involved in
4. Ian Luis D. Badecao III
rebellion cases with Sen. Antonio Trillanes
5. Jeveehboy N. Macarubbo
1. Liborio P. Gonzales, Jr. • ANUPA, while introducing itself as a national group,
NATIONAL URBAN 2. Sergio S. Ocaña only has an actual presence in Cebu City
139 POOR ORGANIZATION ANUPA 3. Rey Noel T. Amante • Gerundio is its Coordinator of Mindanao
ASSEMBLY 4. Rocelyn D. Dela Peña
5. Ma. Luz A. Gerundio • There is insufficient information on other nominees
• 1st nominee is the incumbent representative of 1-
Care in the 17th congress. He’s a junior partner at
Pajarillo Uybarreta & Uybarreta Law Firm
• 2nd nominee is a Sultan and a member of the Board
1. Carlos Roman L. Uybarreta of Directors of PNOC Renewables Corporation,
2. Ashary P. Maongco current general manager of Maguindanao Electric
140 1-CARE 3. Veronica T. Briones Cooperative, Inc. (MAGELCO) AND Lanao Sur
4. Romeo N. Cuasay Electric Cooperative, Inc. (LASURECO)
5. Roman Araño • 3rd nominee is a lawyer and the General Manager of
• 4th nominee is the General Manager of ORIENTAL
1. Alferdo A. Garbin, Jr. • The party-list group is allegedly backed by the
2. Justin Caesar Anthony D. family of Elizaldy Co, a rich and influential family in
141 AKO BICOL Batocabe Albay, with interests in construction, real estate,
3. Ronald S. Ang malls, resorts, energy, mining, and aviation.
4. Aderma Angelie D. Alcazar • The 2nd nominee is the son slain Ako Bicol

5. Raul Angelo D. Bongalom Representative Rodel Batocabe
• The 3rd nominee replaced the slain Ako Bicol Rep.
Rodel Batocabe. He was the 4th nominee during the
2016 national election. Before taking office as PL
rep, he worked as Sunwest Group Holding Co. , Inc.
1. Sabiniano S. Canama • The Cooperative NATCCO Party is a party-list in the
2. Reynaldo A. Gandionco Philippines which serves as the electoral wing of the
COOPERATIVE 3. Divina C. Quemi National Confederation of Cooperatives
NATIONAL 4. Antonio C. Aranas
142 CONFEDERATION OF COOP-NATCCO • Canama is current the rep; worked before at
5. Manuel S. Mabini
COOPERATIVES Lorenzo Tan Multi-Purpose Cooperative (LTMPC).
6. Erwin M. Verenacion
NETWORK PARTY 7. Rosalino D. Surnile • Gandioco was Chairman of NATCCO and Chair of the
8. Arnulfo T. Magcope Fairchild Cebu Community Credit Cooperative.
• Former Senior Supt. Cezar Mancao II, one of the
accused in the kidnap-slay of PR man Salvador
"Bubby" Dacer and his driver Manuel Corbito.

1. Cezar O. Mancao II • Mancao said that concern over the alleged “Red
2. Dindo F. Domantay October” plot to overthrow the government is one of
KILUSANG MAY the reasons that pushed him to file his nomination
143 MAYPAGASA 3. Ronald A. Galicia
4. Cezar Carmel P. Tamba
5. Aldrin R. Baldonado • GALICIA is Mayor of Rapu-Rapu, Albay. Under his
leadership, the Rapu-Rapu Municipal Police Station
was adjudged no.1 in the implementation of the
Duterte administration’s flagship anti-illegal drug
program, “Double Barrel.”
1. Marjorie Ann A. Teodoro • 1st nominee is the wife of Marikina mayor Marcy
2. Roberto C. Mascariña Teodoro
3. Antonio Manuel A. Alcantara • 2nd nominee is the director of Barangka Credit
4. Elpidio D. Abela Cooperative
5. Loreto L. Ramiro
• 5th nominee is the director of North Luzon
6. Jessie E. Tioaquen
Federation of Cooperative Education and
Development Center’
• Yumul was the 3rd nominee of another PL named
1. Maria Divina Gracia M. “Association of Laborers and Employees” (ALE) in
Mangudadatu 2016.. ALE’s 1st nominee in 2013 was also the
2. Jasmin B. Yumul richest party-list representative at the time, and a
3. Maria Cristina C. Turgano former provincial board member of Pampanga.
4. Janette M. Domingo • The 1st nominee is the sister-in-law of incumbent
5. Alieya Rainne B. Soto Governor Esmael Mangudadatu.
• 1st nominee, incumbent Aangat Tayo
Representative Harlin Abayon III is the son of
1. Harlin Neil J. Abayon III former Samar 1st distrct representative and
2. Mary Rose M. Ong governor Harlin Jr and Aangat Tayo former
AANGAT TAYO PARTY- representative Daryl Grace Abayon.
148 3. Gizelle Lou M. Cabahug-Fugoso
LIST • Milliscent Abayon is the wife of Harlin Neil Abayon
4. Milliscent Ann M. Abayon
5. Ronelle B. Chia III, incumbent Aangat Tayo representative.
• Previous representatives were also from the Abayon
1. Donato B. Lising • Lising is an assignee of Rivsons Trading, Inc.,
KABALIKAT NG 2. Mary Jane R. Tan President, HP Builders Inc.
149 NAGKAKAISANG KABALIKAT 3. Romeo P. Achacoso, Sr.
• Insufficient info on other nominees
MANILENO 4. John John D. Ignacio
5. Henry L. Acebuche
1. Angelica Natasha A. Co • Atty. Rodenas is legal officer for a real estate
2. Jason G. Rodenas company in Legazpi. He is also a member of the
150 BHW 3. Ana-Lyn C. Sian Board of Directors of IBP - Albay.
4. Charlton M. Duran
• Insufficient info on other nominees
5. Alvin Balbago Carandang
RURAL ELECTRIC 1. Godofredo N. Guya • First nominee is an engineer and the general
COOPERATIVE BOARD 2. Zenaida N. Embobo manager of Davao del Sur Electric Cooperative, Inc.
OF DIRECTORS 3. Josie C. Calonsag (DASURECO), and president of Marbel School of
ASSOCIATION 4. Al D. Castillon Science and Technology
• Third nominee is the secretary of the South
5. Danilo G. Villamar
Cotabato I Electric Cooperative (SOCOTECO) – 2018
Board of Directors
• Forth nominee is a board member at DASURECO
and Digos North
• Adriano A. Ebcas - Camiguin Electric Cooperative,
Inc. (CAMELCO) General Manager facing
administrative case in connection with allegations of
1. Adriano A. Ebcas overcontracted power supply agreements
2. Reynaldo C. Sindo • Reynaldo C. Sindo – Board President of SURIGAO
4. Albert F. Bacus
5. Juancho T. Chiong • Juancho T. Chiong – Executive Officer of BUKIDNON
Operations Management Services Department
Manager for Branch Manolo Fortich
1. Amihilda J. Sangcopan • Amihilda J. Sangcopan – incumbent AMIN rep
2. Cesar Q. Ylanan
• Insufficient info on other nominees
153 ANAK MINDANAO AMIN 3. Abdul Aziz T. Silatan
4. Rolando E. Peñas
5. Marlon N. Legaspi
• First nominee is a former Guiguinto, Bulacan mayor
who lost the position just last 2016 elections
1. lsagani C. Pascual • Second nominee is a son of former Bulacan Gov.
2. Jose Manuel T. Mendoza Joselito Mendoza
155 TANGGOL MARALITA ITO ANG TAMA 3. Teodulo C. Malagen • Third nominee filed for vice presidential position last
4. Helen Ng-Pascual 2016, but withdrew
5. Maria Nieves Ng-Pascual • The previous top 2 nominees of TAMA are expelled
by the group due to scamming/estafa cases before
the 2016 election
ONE UNIFIED 1. Exequiel P. Longares • 1st nominee is owner of a Legazpi-based van rental
TRANSPORT ALLIANCE 2. Renato B. Corpuz Jr. company

OF THE PHILIPPINES- 3. Philip S. Miguel • 2nd nominee is senior partner of a Makati-based law
BICOL REGION 4. Paulino L. Mendros firm
• The Duterte Youth is a right-wing youth organization
which supports the administration of Rodrigo
Duterte. It is led by Ronald Cardema who is the
group's chairman and the current National Youth
DUTY TO ENERGIZE Commission Chair. Cardema is also the chairman of
THE REPUBLIC 1. Ducielle Marie D. Suarez the Kabataan for Bongbong Movement, a youth
THROUGH THE 2. Joseph M. De Guzman organization supporting Ferdinand Marcos Jr..The
157 ENLIGHTENMENT OF 3. Benilda C. De Guzman group has also been compared to the Hitler Youth of
THE YOUTH 4. Arnaldo B. Villa Franca the Nazi Party.
SECTORAL PARTY- 5. Elizabeth Anne F. Cardema
LIST ORGANIZATION • The first nominee is the wife of NYC Chair Ronald
• Fifth nominee is also relative of NYC Chair Ronald
• Butil Farmers Party, formerly the Luzon Farmers
Party; electoral wing of the National Farmers
Supreme Council.
• Chavez is Butil representative to HOR
1. Cecilia Leonila V. Chavez
2. Agapito H. Guanlao • Guanlao was representative during the 14th, 15th &
158 BUTIL 3. Jacinto S. Jose Jr. 16th Congresses
4. Wilfredo A. Antimano
• Jacinto Jose: former Judge; was guilty of culpable
5. Prudencio F. Consolacion
lapses in supervising court employees and issuing
orders through the telephone, in violation of
Supreme Court Circular No. 26-97 and Section 6,
Rule 120 of the Revised Rules of Court;
1. Joseph Stephen S. Paduano • The 1st nominee, alias Carapali Lualhati, was one of
163 the leaders of the RPA – ABB; He was criticized for
PARTYLIST 2. Eric M. Saratan, M.D.
having come up with only one bill during his term in

3. George Arnel E. Piso the 16th Congress
4. Jan Padios Dela Cruz • The 2nd nominee is the former mayor of Talisay City
and whose wife ran for the same position in 2016,
5. Marlyn M. Malacon
but lost

• The 1st nominee is the wife of former AGBIAG

1. Michaelina M. Antonio
representative Patricio Antonio, who in turn is
2. Thompson C. Lantion
AGBIAG ! TIMPUYOG related to former Cagayan governor Alvaro Antonio
164 AGBIAG! 3. George S. Briones
4. Bibiana B. Trinidad • The 2nd nominee is a former LTFRB chairman and
5. Jorge A. Sales police general
• First nominee is the incumbent representative of
1. Raymond Democrito C. Mendoza TUCP and a former DENR Asec and PNOC director
2. Jerry John M. Taray • Second nominee is the manufacturer of Tree Life
TRADE UNION Coco Sugar and a former Private Sector
166 TUCP 3. Nora Analyn S. Demeterio
CONGRESS PARTY Representative in the Univ. of Southern Mindanao
4. Temistocles S. Dejon, Jr.
• Forth nominee is the All Workers Alliance Trade
5. Arthur F. Juego Union (AWATU) National President and TUCP Vice
1. Irma A. Julaton • Andanar is the step-mother of the incumbent PCOO
2. Annie C. Andanar
FILIPINO FAMILY • Insufficient info available on other nominees
168 FFP 3. Benjamin DL Dimaano
4. Joel Q. Astilla
5. Mikael Rey A. Balulot

1. Patricia C. Keng • First nominee is the daughter of Wilfredo Keng, the

WOW PILIPINAS businessman close to Pres. Duterte who filed a libel
169 2. Leonard S. De Vera
MOVEMENT case vs Rappler’s Maria Ressa
3. Frederick Christian B. Plaza

4. Mary B. De Jesus • Second nominee is the lawyer of Wilfredo Keng,
5. Donamie A. Masangcay father of the first nominee;
• 1st nominee ran under Alagad party-list before but
switched to 1-SAGIP in 2016
SOCIAL 1. Rodante D. Marcoleta • 3rd nominee owns a publishing company charged
AMELIORATION AND 2. Kristine Angela S. Redoble with overpriced book deliveries
170 GENUINE 3. Erlinda M. Santiago • 2nd nominee is the general manager of the above-
INTERVENTION ON 4. Camilo D. Bacha mentioned company
POVERTY 5. Emelinda J. San Antonio
• 1-SAGIP and Marcoleta’s Alagad were previously
endorsed by the INC.
• Michael Edgar Aglipay is President/CEO at AGLIPAY
Security Group; Emme Subic Transport, Maxx Hotel
Phils Corp.
1. Michael Edgar Y. Aglipay
DEMOCRATIC • Blanco was PADPAO region 7’s representative to
2. Leopoldo A. Blanco Jr.
INDEPENDENT PADPAO national board but was involved in a
171 DIWA 3. Manuel A. Briones
WORKERS controversy over his alleged failure to account for
4. Ely M. Quiñola
ASSOCIATION INC. about P25 million for the construction of a Padpao
5. Reynaldo A. Cuaderno
building in Quezon City.
• Briones is retired Colonel, VP of Diwa PL

• PHILRECA is the national organization of 121 ECs

operating across the archipelago.

1. Presley C. De Jesus • De Jesus is the board president of the Isabela I

PHILIPPINE RURAL Electric Cooperative
2. Reynaldo V. Villanueva
172 3. Gloria C. Corrales
COOPERATIVES PARTYLIST • Villanueva is the board president of the Nueva Ecija
4. Danny L Pondevilla
ASSOCIATION II Electric Cooperative
5. Janeene T. Depay-Colingan
• Corrales is the legal counsel for Ilocos Sur Electric

• Pondevilla is the general manager for the Northern
Negros Electric Cooperative
• Depay-Colingan is the executive director of Phil.
Rural Electric Cooperatives Association

• Rafael Alunan is the son of former interior secretary

1. Rafael Louis J. Alunan Raffy Alunan, who is also running for senator in the
2. Carbonel Lomibao 2019 polls.
173 ONE PHILIPPINES 1P 3. Edilberto P. Adan • 3rd nominee is a former Deputy COS-AFP under GMA
4. Jahar Umpa Omar (04-05) and head of the VFA Commission
5. Aristeo M. Ignacio
• Insufficient info available on other nominees
• “Layunin ng ating party list na tumulong sa
1. Imelda De Jesus Cruz pagsasaayos at paglalapit ng mga serbisyo ng
2. Jose N. Castidagor Jr. gobyerno sa karaniwang Pilipino. Misyon nating
3. Ma. Corazon Cruz Gumila alalayan ang pamilyang Pilipino na nagsusumikap
175 4. Gerald B. Domingo para sa kanilang mga pangarap.”
5. Richard D. Sabarillo
6. Marvin M. Marcelo .
7. Maricel M. Cruz
• Insufficient info on nominees
• Marquez is an Army military reservist with the Public
1. Jaime Roberto S. Almario Affairs Brigade
2. Nathaniel O. Marquez
LAANG KAWAL NG 3. Datu Guiadzali M. • Midtimbang is a former mayor of Guindulungan,
176 Maguindanao
PILIPINAS Midtimbang
4. Guadencio Eleazar Manalac • Manalac is a MSgt. with the Civil Military Affairs
5. Francisco D. Dimalanta

1 ALLIANCE 1. Ana Emelita A. Alvarez • 1st nominee is daughter of former Speaker

177 ADVOCATING 1AAAP 2. Miguelito G. Pato Pantaleon Alvarez
AUTONOMY PARTY 3. Cedric Sean Y. Ang

4. Linus T. Galias • Insufficient info available on other nominees
5. Michael Victor P. Pato
1. Maria Leobeth B. Deslate-  Atty. Deslate-Delicana is a former municipal
Delicana councilor of Panay, Capiz, as well as a law professor
2. Orlando C . Manuntag at the Colegio de la Purisima Concepcion
3. Pablo R. Gonzales
THE PHILIPPINES, INC  Manuntag is the President of a local import-
4. Lucila L Damasco
5. Zenaida D. Lim export corporation

• First nominee is resigned PCOO Asec. Mocha

1. Esther Margaux J. Uson
KASOSYO PRODUCER- 2. Mohammaed Hussein P. • Second nominee is former Lanao del Sur
CONSUMER Pangandaman congressman who was implicated in PDAF Scam in
EXCHANGE 3. Teodoro A. Pastrana 2013 and a member of the Pangandaman dynasty in
ASSOCIATION, INC. 4. Marilyn S. Macalagay Lanao del Sur. His father was the former
5. Jamir Ashraff M. Pacasum representative of the party-list, and DAR secretary
under GMA.

This document was made through the efforts and cooperation of Kontra Daya 2019 Volunteers.


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