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Rubric for Final Requirement (Manual of Operation)

Be reminded that each criterion has a maximum of 10 points, thus, the entire requirement is worth 50 points.


Behind Expectations

Below Expectations

Meets Expectations





There is enough ambiguity or misinformation that the instructions are difficult to follow.

There is a little ambiguity or potential for misunderstanding, but most people should be able to follow along.

Instructions are totally intelligible and clear. There is no ambiguity or misunderstanding.


There are so many distracting or excessive words that the instructions are difficult to follow.

There are a few distractions and/or a little excessive information, but most people should be able to understand the essence of the instructions.

The instructions are brief and condense, with no distractions or complications.


There is variability and major deviations from the guidelines.

There are observable minimal deviations from the guidelines.

The guidelines are strictly observed.


There are holes in the instructions that make it difficult/impossible to follow along.

Some of the pertinent information isn't explicitly included, but it's implied to the point that most people can figure it out.

All the pertinent information is included.


There are many mistakes that make the document look sloppy and unprofessional, but the meaning can still be comprehended.

There are some spelling mistakes and/or grammar problems, but it doesn't obstruct understanding.

There are no spelling mistakes or problems with construction. The syntax is perfectly appropriate for the occasion.