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Kobelco Construction Machinery Southeast Asia Co., Ltd.

Customer Service Section, QA Department.
CLASSIFICATION : INFORMATION Approved by: Authorized by: Issued by:

Issue Date : 5-Sep-18 KCMSA KCMSA KCMSA

Bulletin No. : KCMSA-2018-A002 5-Sep-2018 5-Sep-2018 5-Sep-2018
Subject : Change Machine Serial Number KITAFUJI NAKAHIRA PANOM
Applicable Area : All GM MGR AMGR

Applicable Model : All

Applicable S/No. : Refer to No.3 Applicable S/No.
1. Background
So far our machine serial number using the alphabet and numbers. This reason is easy to
understand made by witch production machine of country. But some customer has negative image
of some country so we will change our serial number use to all numbers.

2. Information
To change front of factory code from alphabet to number.

3. Applicable serial number (Production by KCMSA)

To change from T to 4
Model Last serial number New serial number
SK130-8 LP09-T0347 LP09405001
SK130HDL-8 LX08-T1405 LX08405001
SK140LC-8 YP09-T1841 YP09405001
SK200-10 / SK200XDL-10 YN15T20677 YN15425001
SK210LC-10 YQ15-T3295 YQ15405001
SK250-10 LQ16-T0104 LQ16405001
SK260LC-10 LL16-T0102 LL16405001
SK330-10 LC14-T1256 LC14405001
SK350LC-10 / SK380XDLC-10 YC14-T1246 YC14405001

KCMSA production machine started from Sep/2018.

Others area production machine will be start from 2019.
This bulletin is issued for information only and is not an authorization for warranty claim submission
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