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Mid-Test (April 2019)

A. 'Can' & 'Could'

Write 2 sentences using 'Can' and 'Could' to show permission.

1. __________________________________________________________________
2. __________________________________________________________________

1. _________________________________________________________________
2. _________________________________________________________________

B. 'Must' & 'Have to'

Write a sentence for each column to show obligation.
Must (Present )Must (Future )

Have To (Present )Have To (Past )Have To (Future )

C. 'Ought To'
Write a sentence for each column to show responsibility.

Ought To (Present )Ought To (Past )Ought To (Future )

D. Present Continuous Tense

The sentences below are not using the correct Present Continuous Tense. Make corrections where

1.I am to do the work in my office at the moment.


1.The selection of the new company Chairman is happen as we speak.


3.The student are work very hard to make sure the program runs smoothly.

Change the sentence from Simple Present Tense to Present Continuous Tense.

Simple Present TensePresent Continuous TenseEg. Susan looks very good. Susan is looking very
good.He eats sushi with his friend.They move the table to the corner.My penfriend sends me postcards

E. Past Continuous Tense

Find a suitable verb and write it in Past Continuous form.
1 I ____________________ my dinner at 8 o’clock last night.
2 Joe and Sam ___________________ the wrong file for the meeting yesterday.
3 Who was that guy you ______________________ with at the party?
4 Paula ________________________ home from school when she saw an accident.
5 In 1999 my father _____________________ in Dublin. That’s where he met my mother.
6 He _________________________ the box when he cut his finger.
7 I ________________________ at the back of the classroom so I couldn’t see the screen.
8 Andrew _______________ a photo into his document when the teacher stopped the class.
9. I ________________________ to do my homework when my friend sent me a message.

F. Present and Past Perfect

Complete the sentences with the present perfect form of the verbs in brackets.
1 Andres _________always_____________ (want) to be a professional footballer.
2 You __________(not stop) _________________ talking since you got here!
3 ______________you _____________(see) my new laptop? It’s really cool!
4 Cristiano Ronaldo ______________ ______________(score) eighteen goals so far this season.
5 My dad _____________ ____________________just (buy) a new car.
6 What ______________you _________________ (do) to your hair? It’s pink!
7 My mum and dad __________________ _________________(teach) me the most in life.
8 Where ___________you _____________ (be) all morning?
9 I ____________ ______________(not pass) all my exams this year so I’m disappointed.
10 My brother _____________ ___________________ (fall) in love with a girl from France.

Passive Voice (Present Perfect)

Rewrite the sentences below to a passive voice.

ActivePassive1. Has Lionel signed the contract? 2. Dr. Phillips have treated all the patients. 3.
Everybody has approved Joe's idea. 4. Our salesmen have sold all the carpets.

Passive Voice (Past Perfect)

Rewrite the sentences below to a passive voice.

ActivePassive1. They had finished the job by Monday. 2. Amar had made a big mistake. 3. They had
informed him. 4. The teacher had punished the boy.

G. Comparison of Adjectives

Write sentences using any adjectives you know in the Comparative and Superlative Form

1.Adjective : ___________________
Comparative Superlative

2.Adjective : ____________________
Comparative Superlative

H. Comparison of Adverb

Write sentences using any adverb you know in the Comparative and Superlative Form

1.Adverb : ___________________
Comparative Superlative

2.Adverb : ____________________
Comparative Superlative
Bonus Questions (CEFR- Based Test).

Select the best answers.

1Excuse me, how ____ your last name? R-I-L-E-Y

3you spell
4do you spell
5spell you

1Oh, ____ are my keys!


1I'd like ____ omelette, please.

6____ to the cinema.
7We not often go
8We don't go often
9We don't often go
10Often we don't go

1What time ____ work?

2starts he
3do he starts
4does he starts
5does he start

1________ at school yesterday.

2Was you
3Were you
4Did you
5Is you

1Latin ____ compulsory in Irish schools.

2used to be
3would be
5has been

1The boy ____ cake when his mother came into the room.
2was eat
4was eating
5has eating
1____ people from Poland went to Scotland in the 20th century.
2Many of
4Some of

1The horror movie wasn't just frightening! It was ____ terrifying!


1____ the weather was horrible, we decided to go out for a short walk.
2Even though
4In spite of
d Despite

1Two climbers are reported to ____ during the storm last night.
3have died
4had died
d died

1I am very ___ in old cars.


1He ___ his exam because he didn’t study.


1The house will look cleaner when you have finished the ____.

1Stress is not an illness, but it can ___ to many illnesses.

1He ____ off his holiday until after the winter.

18. I don't think Paul will ever get married — he's the stereotypical _______ bachelor.
a. settled
b fixed
c confirmed
d determined

19 Most critics praise that actor's work but I think he's rather _______.
a. over-rated
b. over-blown
c. over-played
d. over-priced

20 The UN has called for an immediate _______ of hostilities.

a. cessation
b. deletion
c. cancellation
d. ceasefire

21 The book _______ to a number of interesting research studies which I would really like to find out
more about.
a. hints
b. cites
c. alludes
d. declares

22 It's as if that silly argument we had has driven a _______ between us and we've lost all our old
a. ledge
b. plank
c. wedge
d. beam

23 Do you have any figures showing the _______ of left-handedness is in the general population?
a. occurrence
b. incidence
c. accidence
d. persistence

24 The nuclear industry _______ most of the country's electrical power.

a. engenders
b. originates
c. generates
d. initiates

25 There is a very strong movement now against _______ sports like hunting or shooting.
a. blood
b. death
c. killing
d. terminal

26 Take care that your love for him doesn't _______ your judgement.
a. cloud
b. darken
c. topple
d. shadow

27 Although the twins look identical, they have widely _______ opinions on almost every topic under
the sun.
a. dissimilar
c. divergent
d.d. distinguished

Read the statement and then choose the best answer to the question. Choose the answer based on
what is stated or implied in the statement.

28 A dog is bigger than a mouse, but smaller than an elephant.

a A dog is smaller than a mouse.

b A dog is very big.
c A dog is the biggest.
d An elephant is bigger than a dog.

29 Thomas is English but Teresa isn't; she's American.

a Teresa is English.
b. Thomas isn't English.
c. Thomas isn't American
d. Teresa and Thomas aren't English.

30 He is the oldest man in the world.

a. He is not as old as my grandmother

b. Many men are older.
c. There are no older men anywhere
d. He's older than some other men.