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Internet plays a very important role in every individual life today and it has become an

important thing. One cannot live without internet as it has become a major part of the
life. for everything we need Internet and it has become a basic necessity. Internet is
essential but many people use it for a good reason others misuse it. There have been
many cases where the people have been abused on the internet and it has also spoiled
their lives to a great extent.

Uses of Internet-

Communication – Internet helps in communication and it has made the process of

communication very simple and easy. Anyone can communicate with anyone from
anywhere in the world.Research – Internet also helps in doing research and there are a
lot of things that have been researched and is available on the internet. One can get a
lot of benefit from it.Education – The Internet plays a major role in education as it helps
in providing a lot of information and knowledge. There are many tutorials that teach
many things and one can easily learn anything they want from the internet.Money
Transfer – internet has also made the transfer of money easy. A person sitting in one
corner of the world can transfer money to anyone who is sitting in another corner of the
world within seconds and without any problem.It keeps you updated – The internet also
plays a major role in keeping oneself updated. They have the real-life update and they
can easily cope up with the happening around the world.

Despite many uses, the internet is also misused a lot and in today’s world, the people
are using the net to abuse and sham people publically.

Abuses of the Internet

Used to sham people- There are many people who see the Internet as a promoter of
shamelessness. People use the internet for various bad and mean reasons.Excessive
misuse of social media- The first and the principal Abuses of the Internet for students
is the wastage of time social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and so forth. The
social media is meant to communicate and spread goodness, but people use it to troll
others and abuse them in front of many people.Cyber bullying- It is another major
problem that the people are facing today. Cyber bullying is increasing and it is affecting
the lives of those who are abused deeply.


The Internet has been maybe the most exceptional development in the field of
communication. The Internet is characterized as an accumulation of different
administrations and assets. Albeit, many individuals still think email and World Wide
Internet as the standard constituents of the Internet, there is significantly more in store
than email, talk rooms, big-name sites and Internet indexes. The Internet has its own
good points and weaknesses. In any case, the upsides of the Internet are so enormous
in number that they beat the impediments effortlessly. The internet plays a vital role in
one’s life and it is a very good discovery but only if people use it in a proper way and
don’t use it for public abusing