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4. BHAJAN 17
( True Benefit of Life )


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The Spiritual Bliss 6 August 2016

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Volume 44 AUGUST 2016 Number 8


If you are in right earnest to learn the

mysteries of God, He will bless you with
the Benign Guidance of Sadguru, the
Divine Teacher. You need not trouble
yourself about finding out your Sadguru,
for, He has descended from His Abode
only to meet you.

The Spiritual Bliss 7 August 2016

O Spiritual Sun ! Thou dost my life illumine,
Path of Bhakti, Thou so deftly enlighten.

Bestoweth Thou sweetest joy

That man ever knoweth,
Thy Cosmic Font, whence Thy
Grace floweth.

Thou art Prana of our life, we pray

To Thee, O Lord, inspire us to
Abide Thy Will and Pleasure, our God.

May our Sewa be selfless and

By Thee blest, may Thou ever
Inspire us to work, never rest.

We prostrate before Thee in abject

Humility, in absolute faith, which
Is ever so deep and holy too.

O Beloved Sadguru ! Let us be

Imbued in Thy Love Divine
And be blessed with shower
Of Thy Grace Benign.

The Spiritual Bliss 8 August 2016



( Continued from the previous Issue )

O Cosmic Father ! Our Infinite Divine Third
Master ! Thou art the Benign Creator of the
spiritual realm of Shri Anandpur to bestow divinity
to the aspiring souls by Your exemplary life of
dedication and selflessness and fill the world with
peace and bliss. We gratefully bow in reverence at
Thy Lotus Feet and pray :
The Spiritual Bliss 9 August 2016

O Thou Supreme Goal of this universe fine !

Thou art the abiding inspiration of life divine.

May we always be blessed

With Thy guidance benign,
Our deeds be a humble offering
At Lotus Feet Thine.

We continue this memorable Gatha that enriches

the life of aspirants spiritually to divinise them.


16. Common people in the world have just no

idea, for what purpose have they come into this
world; why have they been born in the human
form; what is the aim of their life; what should they
do and what are they doing ? One can not
understand this by himself. A human being has
been blessed with a high status and priceless
human form, but he has forgotten the Reality due to
his involvement in ‘Maya’. All his time is being
spent in acquiring physical comforts and the
fulfilment of desires. He does not look beyond his
physical comforts, prestige etc. All his efforts are
directed towards acquisition of physical comforts,
name and fame, wealth and attachment with the
family. If the whole of his life is spent in acquiring
worldly objects and material gains, of what avail or
use will these be when after his death, his body will
The Spiritual Bliss 10 August 2016

also be left behind ? Thus, all the efforts made

throughout his life, will go waste. What then is the
significance of the human form ? Can this be called
the real evaluation of human life ? The human
being, in essence, is the same as God and may
become His Image in this very life through his
noble deeds. But he has identified himself with the
body by mistake. The Sadguru makes the Jivas
acquainted with this Truth that Jiva himself is the
Treasure of Power and Peace. The Saints say, “You
are the Image of the Lord and you should unite
yourself with Him. Though you are an
Embodiment of Peace and Happiness, yet, you are
leading a miserable life.” Being devoted to
attachment and illusion, the Soul has become frail.
But even then, he pays no attention to the
Betterment of the Soul. In order to achieve the
upliftment of the Soul, he badly needs the Divine
Guidance and Protection of the Sadguru.


Alakh Purush ki aarasi,

Santan hi ki deh;
Lakhaa jo chaahe Alakh ko,
Ien hi mein lakhi leh.

The reflection of the Indescribable

Is visible in the body of a Saint,
If you wish to see the Invisible,
The Spiritual Bliss 11 August 2016

See Him in the Form of a Saint.

The Unseen Lord can never be seen through

mind and senses. Intellect can not enable one to
realize Him. The tongue can not describe Him
fully. If one wishes to see Him ( God ), Who is
beyond the reach of Mind, intellect, senses and
speech, one should see Him in the mirror like
Sadguru’s Form. He would be able to see Him
clearly in that Pure Mirror. The Saint throws light
on this truth :


Garr bijoyee zaate-haq raa

Soorte Murshid babbin;
Aashiqe-shaw zaate-Murshid,
Androon raushan babbin.

If you wish to envision the Lord Divine,

Perceive Him in the form of Master Benign;
Be a devout devotee of Master thine,
He shall sprout within you Light Sublime.

If you are desirous of perceiving the God,

visualize and contemplate on the Graceful
Countenance of the Holy Master. Be an ardent
devotee of the Master, so that you may be
enlightened from within.
The Spiritual Bliss 12 August 2016

In other words, if you have the desire to see the

Lord in the Gracious Form of the Master, meditate
on Him. When your attention gets absorbed in
Sadguru’s Form, you will envision the Lord within.
In this way, a human being can attain spiritual
bliss, inner peace and eternal happiness by seeking
the protection of the Great Saints and by acting
according to Their Instructions and Wishes.

17. The noble people save themselves from the

vices, because they are aware of the effects of evil
company. The poisonous effect of the evil
company is worse than the poison, which people
take to commit suicide. The effect of the poison
delivers its consumer from the physical and mental
ailments by causing instantaneous death; but the
effect of the evil company is so fatal that it causes
man to rot and suffer the whole life from various
ailments, physical, mental and pecuniary. It ruins
the life and still drags the soul after death to suffer
the tortures of hell.

Now the question arises, why did the God create

such people whose company defiles the intellect of
those, who come in contact with them ? And do the
noble people come into this world with
discriminative power right from their birth ? The
answer is that God created all the living beings
according to their Karmas. Those, who attained the
company of the Saints, acquired discriminative
The Spiritual Bliss 13 August 2016

power and became noble and gentle. But those,

who got involved in Maya, developed the vices of
jealousy and hatred and gave themselves upto the
gratification of sensual desires and excitements, are
characterized as sinners due to their likewise
nature. It is mentioned in Sri Ramayana :


Upajahin ek sangg jal maahin,

Jalaj jounk jimi gunn bilgaahin;
Sudhaa suraa samm Sadhu asaadhu,
Janak ek jal jaladhi agaadhu.

Though born in the same world,

People have different type of gait,
So also born in water, both the lotus
And leech have contrary trait,
Saints are like nectar, villains like wine,
Though water forms basis of nectar
And wine as well.

Just as leech and lotus flower, both are found in

the same lake, but with absolutely different
characteristics, similarly, the Saints and the villains
are also born in the same world, derive their
sustenance from the same Source, but their
temperaments are quite reverse to each other. The
Saints are like nectar and the villains are like wine,
The Spiritual Bliss 14 August 2016

though water forms the basis for both nectar and

wine alike.

Just imagine the contrast between the

characteristics of both of them. They are as apart as
the sky and the earth. Similar is the difference
between the Company of a Saint and that of a

The noble persons, first of all, try to avoid the

evil company, but in case, if they are compelled by
circumstances to come in the company of the evil,
they live in the manner as has been described in
Shri Ramayana :


Bidhibash sujan kusangati parahin,

Phani mani samm nij gunn anusarahin.

By misfortune if some virtuous

Person falls in evil company,
Like a serpent’s gem not poisonous,
He maintains his nobility.

Poison is always present in a snake, but the

serpent’s jewel, even though remaining in that
poison, is never affected by it. On the contrary, it
gives light and life to the serpent. Exactly in the
same way, the noble people avoid the influence of
The Spiritual Bliss 15 August 2016

of the sinners. They rather try to influence them to

the Righteous Path.

Therefore, one must avoid the evil company and

try to avail of the company of Saints in order to
realize the Aim of this life.

18. The attachment of one’s heart should be

linked with the Sadguru. If one has attached one’s
heart elsewhere, it is a Himalayan blunder
according to the Great Saints. Heart has been
declared as the Abode of the Sadguru by the
Granthas and Scriptures; and as such, a person,
who makes his heart the centre of sensual
pleasures, is going astray. To allow the thoughts
other than those of the Sadguru to be nurtured by
the Mind, is an act of enmity with one’s ownself.


Yah dil maskin Guru kaa hai,

Guru hi iss kaa Maalik hai;
Khayaal-e-gaair huaa daakhil,
Tau Darshan ho nahin sakataa.

This heart is the Abode of the Sadguru,

He is its Lord Supreme very True;
If thought, other than Him, enters the mind,
Envision one cannot His Darshan Benign.
The Spiritual Bliss 16 August 2016

The heart is the seat of the Sadguru. He is its

Real Master. If any other thought occupies the
mind, it would be impossible to envision the
Master Benign there.

If the mind is overwhelmed with attachment,

avarice, reputation, prestige or such despicable
thoughts, one can not have the Darshan of the
Master within. If one wishes to have the Master’s
Vision, one should drive out the worldly thoughts
from one’s mind and make a seat for the Master
there, Who alone looks Graceful adorning that seat.

The Great Saints do not approve the entertain-

ment of worldly vices and desires in the mind.
Therefore, remove the dirt of duality and vanity
from the mind to purify it and make the heart’s
Abode fit for the Perfect Master.

( To be continued )
The Spiritual Bliss 17 August 2016

Tek : Karr ke Satguru Darshan Teraa,
Sanwar gayaa hai jeevan meraa.

1. Jabb se Teri sharan milee hai,

Murjhaaye dil ki kali khili hai;
Mahak uttha hai jeevan meraa.

2. Teraa meraa janmon kaa naataa,

Tu hi meraa bhaagya Vidhaataa;
Tu Swami maain Sewak Teraa.

3. Tujh se preet ki taar naa toote,

Jagg roothe tau beshaq roothe;
Tu jeevan aadhaar hai meraa.

3. Yaad Teri ko dil mein basaaoon,

Sewa mein Teri harr pall bitaaoon;
‘Daas’ banoon harr janam mein Teraa.

The Spiritual Bliss 18 August 2016



( Continued from the previous issue )

Kak Bhushundi ji elucidates the basis of

Dharma ( Righteousness ). The emphasis has been
laid down on ardent faith, without which, Dharma
can not prosper. He continues, “O Garud ji ! Can
radiance manifest without devout meditation and
austerities ? Can anything taste proper without the
presence of water ? Can one develop sobriety and
serenity without serving the men of wisdom ? Can
there be beauty without radiance ? Can one attain
equanimity without true comfort and joy ? Can one
experience the effect of touch without air ? Can the
fear of cosmic ocean be dispelled without worship
The Spiritual Bliss 19 August 2016

of the Lord ? Never ! Similarly, O Garud ji ! One

can not immerse in devotion of the Lord without
faith and belief, without which, one can not win the
pleasure of the Lord. Without the pleasure and
grace of the Lord, one can never enjoy comfort and
happiness even in a dream. In other words, Jiva
suffers always from woes and miseries. O Garud ji
of patient mind ! Ponder over this and drive away
the doubts and misgivings from your mind and
devote to the Compassionate Lord, font of true
comfort and joy.
Ramu amit Gunnsaagar,
Thaah ki paavayee koyee;
Santanah san jass kichhu suneun,
Tumahahi sunaayeun soyee.

Rama, ocean of innumerable virtues,

Its depth never can one divine;
Whatever I learnt from the Saints,
I’ve communed to you, O friend mine.

Bhaav basya Bhagwan,
Sukhnidhaan Karunaabhawan;
Taji mamtaa madd maan,
Bhajiye sadaa Sitaravan.

Lord is captive of loveful devotion,

Font of comfort and grace;
The Spiritual Bliss 20 August 2016

Adore the Lord, dispel attachment,

Pride and ego, leave no trace.

Kak Bhushundi ji said, “O Garud ji ! Shri

Raghunath Ji is the ocean of noble virtues. No one
can divine their depth and true import. As I had
heard about it in the words of the Saints, I have
communed the same to you. In fact, the glory of the
Lord is beyond the reach of mind, speech and
intellect. O Garud ji ! The Lord is the ocean of true
happiness and benevolent Grace. But He is the
captive of His devotees. Hence, it is just right that
one should engage in devotion, recitation and
meditation by giving up attachment, ego and
prestige from one’s mind.


Suni Bhusundi ke bachan suhaaye,
Harshit khagpati pankh phulaaye.
Nayan neer mann ati harshaanaa,
Shri Raghupati prataap ur aanaa.

Paachhil moh samujhi pachhitaanaa,

Brahm Anaadi manuj kari maanaa.
Puni puni Kak charan sirru naavaa,
Jaani Ram samm prem barhaavaa.
The Spiritual Bliss 21 August 2016

Gur binu bhavnidhi tarayee naa koyee,

Jaun Biranchi Sankar samm hoyee.
Sansay sarp graseu mohi taataa,
Dukhad lahari kutark bahu vraataa.

Tav Saroop Gaarurhi Raghunaayak,

Mohi jiyaayau jann sukhdaayak.
Tav prasaad mamm moh nasaanaa,
Ram rahasya anupam jaanaa.

After listening to Bhushundi’s words

Enchanting, Garud ji spread wide his
Each wing. With tearful eyes and joyous
Mind, his heart was full of Lord’s glory
Sublime. Repentant was he over his past
Delusion, as Beginningless Brahm
He had thought to be human. He bowed
His head again and again at Kak
Bhushundi’s feet, regarding him as Rama’s
Very Form so sweet. Without Guru,
No one can cross the cosmic ocean,
May he be Brahma, Sankara or any
Other one. Snake of doubt had bitten me,
O Kak dear ! Assailed by painful grave
Doubts, so severe. Thou art form of Rama,
The Spiritual Bliss 22 August 2016

Worked a miracle fine, saved my very

Life by thy words divine. It is by your
Grace, resolved my doubts all,
So, I have learnt the glory of Rama
A fact no small.


Taahi prasansi bibidh bidhi,

Seess naayee karr jori;
Bachan bineet sapprem mridu,
Boleu Garud bahori.

Prabhu apne abibek te,

Boojhaun Swami tohi;
Kripaasindhu saadar kahahu,
Jaani Daas nij mohi.

Garud praised Kak in ways many,

Folded hands and bowed his head;
He expressed it in words polite
And loving and said : O master !
Ignorant am I, beseech do I, to thee.
Regard me as Thy slave,
O compassionate one, elucidate to me.
The Spiritual Bliss 23 August 2016

Lord Siva said, Hey Parvati ! Garud ji was

extremely happy on hearing the words of Kak
Bhushundi ji. He spread his wings in ecstasy. His
eyes were brimmed with tears. His heart was filled
with ardent faith and belief in his Ishta Deva as
before. Sun of Lord’s glory arose in his heart. He
repented earnestly over his delusion, doubts and
misgivings, that he regarded the Almighty Lord as
common human being.

He placed his head again and again at the feet of

Kak Bhushundi ji and lovefully regarded him as the
very form of the Lord. He said, “O Kak Bhushundi
ji ! No one can cross the cosmic ocean without the
benign guidance of Gurudeva, even if he is like
Brahma or Shiva. O Brother ! I was bitten by the
snake of doubt. That is why, the poison of that bite
spread throughout my whole being, which made
me mad. Then, the true Benefactor of His devotees,
the Lord, sent me to a realized Saint like you and
blessed me with new life. All my delusions, doubts
and misgivings have disappeared by your grace. I
have now fully comprehended the beautiful essence
and import of Lord’s glory.” Shiv Ji said, “Hey
Parvati ! After showering his praise on Kak
Bhushundi ji, Garud ji folded his hands and in all
humility addressed Kak Bhushundi ji, “O swami ! I
am ignorant, yet I ask a question. You please
regard me as your servant and answer the same.
The Spiritual Bliss 24 August 2016


Tumah sarbagya tagya tamm paaraa,

Sumati suseel saral aachaaraa.
Gyaan birati bigyaan nivaasaa,
Raghunayak ke tumah priye daasaa.
Kaaran kavan deh yah paayee,
Taat sakal mohi kahahu bujhaayee.
Ramcharit sarr sunder swami,
Paayahu kahaan kahahu nabhgaami.
Nath sunaa maain uss Siv paahin,
Mahapralayhun naas tavv naahin.
Mudhaa bachan nahin Iswar kahahi,
Sou morren mann sansay ahahi.
Agg jagg jeev naag narr Devaa,
Nath sakal jaggu Kaal kalevaa.
Andd kataah amit laykaari,
Kaalu sadaa duratikram bhaari.

You are perfect, have transcended delusion,

Also of simple, noble nature and vision.
Font of wisdom, detachment and
Realization, you are the dear of the Lord
Due to devotion. Then, how is it that you
Got such a body, a dilemma, O dear
One ! Elucidate to me this enigma.
The enchanting Katha of Lord Rama
So sublime, O sky flier ! How did you
Know this Gatha divine ? O lord !
I also heard from Shiv Ji, benign,
The Spiritual Bliss 25 August 2016

Even great annihilation does not

Perceive end thine. Surely Shiv Ji can not
Utter any falsehood for sure.
Hence, this doubt lingers in my mind,
Please do clear. Trees, mountains,
Sentient and insentient, all are morsel of
Kaal─Powerful destroyer of universe
Can not touch you at all.


Tumhahi naa byaapat Kaal,

Ati karaal kaaran kavan;
Mohi sau kahahu kripaal,
Gyaan prabhaav ki jog bal.

Kaal has no effect on you,

What is the reason, pray,
Is it because of your Gnana,
Or Yoga, pray enlighten.


Prabhu tavv Ashram aayen,

Mor moh bhram bhaag;
Kaaran kavan sau naath sabb,
Kahahu sahit anuraag.

O lord ! On just ushering in your

Ashrama, all my doubts did flee,
The Spiritual Bliss 26 August 2016

O master ! How so, in your sweet

Way and manner, please tell me.

Garud ji said, “Hey Kak Bhushundi ji ! You are

perfect in every way. You are the very form of the
Lord. You have transcended ignorance. You have
enchanting mind and are of noble character. You
are the very font of True Knowledge, detachment
and all sciences. You are the worthy devotee of the
Lord and His Grace. Then, what is the reason that
you were bestowed this form ? Wherefrom did you
attain the ocean of bliss in the form of Sri
Ramayana ? O Brother ! Please elucidate this. Hey
Kak Bhushundi ji ! I learnt from Shiv Ji that even
in the great annihilation of this universe, you do not
get destroyed. Shiv Ji Maharaj can never tell any
untruth. Hence, I am assailed by a doubt, because
trees, mountains and all sentient and insentient
beings are the morsel of Kaal, which is extremely
powerful with mighty power to destroy
innumerable universes, but the same Kaal comes
from nowhere near you. Is it because of the power
of Gnana or Yoga ? Please enlighten me on this. O
lord ! The moment I entered the bounds of your
Ashrama, my entire delusions and doubts vanished.
What can be the reason for such transformation ?
Hence, O master ! Please relate to me your Katha
with love.” 
( To be continued )

The Spiritual Bliss 27 August 2016


( Continued from the previous issue )

We learnt in the previous issue how gracious

compassion of Param Sant Shri Kabir Sahib Ji
smiled upon Bhagat Dhani Dharam Das ji, who
was quite immersed in rites and rituals of worship
of formless God, gods and goddesses. Param Sant
Shri Kabir Sahib Ji asked a very pertinent question
whether any of the gods and goddesses had ever
conversed with him or manifested before him to
satiate his soul ? There was no answer on behalf of
Dhani Dharam Das ji, yet he was upset and before
he could reply, Param Sant Ji had disappeared.
Now Dhani Dharam Das was keen to find out the
Saint to get himself enlightened about the import of
his observation and futility of worshipping the
Incarnations of God, gods and goddesses. So, he
decided to hold a huge Bhandara, which he thought
The Spiritual Bliss 28 August 2016

would lure the Saint to make his appearance. Now

read on further :
Dhani Dharam Das ji pondered over the
observation and remarks of Param Sant Shri Kabir
Sahib Ji. He could not divine their import. Then he
called his servant and asked him to prepare the

Dhani Dharam Das ji called upon the servant,

got the place of cooking cleaned and started
cooking the meals for his Ishta Deva with love.
Strangely, the insects started emerging from the
burning wood and a large number of them got
destroyed in the fire. Dhani Dharam Das ji felt so
grieved at perceiving the sight that he started
reciting the Lord’s Name. He blurted out, “Cursed
be such a meal which destroys so many living
beings.” He pulled out the wooden logs from the
burning fireplace and sprinkled enough water on
these to put out the fire. He felt that he must save as
many insects as he can. Suddenly Param Sant Shri
Kabir Sahib Ji appeared there and said :

O Dharam Das ! You are indeed ignorant. You

have not learnt to be kind to the living beings. You
engage in so many rituals and even wash the wood
before putting these to fire. Why did you not
examine the wooden logs well before using it for
providing fire for cooking ? Your name spells like
that of gods but Dharam Das ! I tell you, show
The Spiritual Bliss 29 August 2016

compassion to the living beings. You may go to

any number of places of pilgrimage, all will come
to naught and this precious life will go waste. How
big a sinner are you, you can yourself well
imagine ?”
At that time, Dharam Das ji’s wife Aamna was
also present there. She could not tolerate such
humiliating treatment towards her husband. She
started using foul language for Shri Kabir Sahib Ji,
who soon left the place. Dharam Das ji started
thinking who could this Sadhu be ? Surely he
speaks frankly and spells out the truth. He told his
wife that she was unwise to treat a Sadhu like that
in disrespect and that this Sadhu had met him
earlier and he perceived a lot of truth in what he
had said then and what he had said today. How
shall I find him now ? Dhani Dharam Das ji left
Mathura and returned to Bundhavgarh. He thought
of holding a Bhandara to be attended by rich and
poor, Sadhus and Mahatmas. He felt that this might
bring that Sadhu at his place.

Dharam Das ji mused, “I shall hold a huge

Bhandara and invite all the devotees, Sadhus and
Mahatmas including renunciants, Brahmcharis,
those, who lived on milk or fruit only, ascetics and
Sanyasis, in short of all ages and climes. They all
came to Bhandara organized by Dharam Das ji,
who heartily and warmly welcomed them all. He
served all with love and faith and offered the meals
The Spiritual Bliss 30 August 2016

just as desired by them. He also engaged in

discussion on True Knowledge, but could not
experience the truth his soul yearned for. He started
thinking that there is not one like the Sadhu he had
met earlier. That Sadhu radiated the True
Knowledge. Bhandara went on for many days, but
Dharam Das ji could not get Darshan of Param
Sant Shri Kabir Sahib Ji. Then, he decided to hold
Bhandara at Mathura. He spent a lot of money on
that too. Thousands of devotees, Sadhus,
Mahatmas and the poor came and partook in the
Bhandara. But Param Sant Shri Kabir Sahib Ji was
not to be seen. He engaged in conversations with so
called Gnanis, but his soul was not satiated. Then,
he decided to hold another Bhandara at Kashi, but
there also his yearning to have Darshan of Param
Sant Ji remained unsatisfied. He had expended
colossal amount on the Bhandara and paid no
attention to his business which now floundered.
Every one made a fun of him. Yet, there was no
sign of that Sadhu. How could he return home after
such disaster ? He decided to give up his life by
drowning himself in the Holy Ganges.
He thought that when he jumps into the river to
drown himself, someone may save him. In order to
avoid such a situation, he went outside the city to
look for a lonely spot. As soon as he set out for
such a spot, a known figure appeared to be coming
towards him. Same effulgent form, that benign
smile beaming his Grace was Param Sant Shri
The Spiritual Bliss 31 August 2016

Kabir Sahib Ji. Dharam Das ran towards Shri Kabir

Sahib Ji, fell at his feet and said, “I have gone all
over to have your Darshan. I spent inestimable
money on Bhandaras only to envision Your
Radiant Self. I am a restless soul, yearning to be
blessed with your Darshan.”

Param Sant Shri Kabir Sahib Ji said, “Dharam

Das ! Do you remember what all your wife had
said to me ? She had said that you hold Bhandara
and that Sadhu will get enticed as wherever there
are sweets, flies will be attracted to the same. So,
Dharam Das ! True Sadhus never get attracted by
anything however enticing or valuable. True
Sadhus do not crave for money. They only desire
true yearning in a devotee.”

Sadhu bhookhaa bhaav kaa,

Dhan kaa bhookhaa naahin.

“You are a soul with inherent devotional

tendencies. So, I shall bestow True Wealth upon
you, which is eternal and inexhaustible.”

Dharam Das brought the Saint to his residence.

His wife and sons also sought the refuge of Shri
Kabir Sahib Ji, who blessed them all with True
Name, the technique of ‘Surat-Shabad Yoga’ and
the inner pilgrimage, by virtue of which, they all
The Spiritual Bliss 32 August 2016

attained Divine Status and Self-Realization, thus

achieved spiritual fruition of life.

Dhani Dharam Das became the Spiritual

Successor of Shri Kabir Sahib Ji when the latter
merged unto the Infinite.

In short, it is by inner pilgrimage that one can

meet the Lord and know its mystery. The very
technique can be revealed only by the Saint
Sadguru of the times. That is why, all the Saints,
devotees, Rishis and Munis have achieved the aim
of this life by seeking the refuge of Saint Sadguru
of the times. Thus, their life became blessed. Dhani
Dharam Das has explicitly stated the glory of Saint
Sadguru in these words :

Who is greater than Lord Rama and

Krishna Divine, Who are the Lords
Of Worlds Three, so fine. They
Also had to seek the refuge of Shri
Sadguru Benign.

Therefore, whosoever cherishes the success of

this human birth, must learn the enlightening lesson
from the Gatha of Dhani Dharam Das and seek the
refuge of Perfect Master, Saint Sadguru of the
times. Therein lies his spiritual beneficence.

The Spiritual Bliss 33 August 2016




This Jiva, having been separated from his Lord,

suffers through eighty four lac species, gets
tortured by the angels of death and undergoes
inestimable woes and miseries in lower births.
Then, by the Grace of the Lord, he gets blessed
with human birth, so that he may get liberated from
the cycle of transmigration and become worthy of
Divine Abode to abide in eternal peace and bliss.
Liberation from the cycle of eighty four lac species
means that Jiva crosses the cosmic ocean and
attains union with the Lord. But this task can be
accomplished only by the Grace of the Sadguru.
Therefore, the Saints and the Great Ones have
enjoined upon the Jivas to seek the refuge of
Sadguru. Saint Kabir Sahib Ji has said :
The Spiritual Bliss 34 August 2016

Khojo Satguru Sant, Jeev kaaj jo chaahahu,
Metau bhav ko ankk, aavaagaman nivaarahu.

Seek Saint Sadguru, if you wish to

Accomplish work thine, by His Grace,
Cycle of births and deaths undermined.
Helps cross cosmic ocean Sadguru Divine.

He says that if Jiva wishes his well-being, he

should seek the refuge of Sadguru. By His Grace,
the destined cycle of births and deaths can be
effaced and liberation blessed. Kak Bhushundi ji
enlightens Garud ji in Sri Ramcharit Manas :

Man is the essence of Imperishable God,

Who is Conscious, Pure, font of peace
Like our Lord. Yet, he is trapped in the
Net of illusion like the monkey and parrot
Suffering delusion. Thus, animate and
Inanimate together they got tied, which is
No easy task now to be untied. Since then,
Jiva has become worldly-minded,
Knot looseth not, happiness to him denied.
The Spiritual Bliss 35 August 2016

Jiva is the essence of the Lord, but having been

separated from Him, he flounders in the cosmic
ocean and suffers interminably through eighty four
lac species. As a result, he remains miserable and

Who fail to cross the cosmic ocean,

Even on being blessed with such means,
Ungrateful and dull-witted wretches,
They are sure to fall in suicidal ravine.

This eternal Jivatma flounders in four divisions

and the cycle of eighty four lac species. Inspired by
Kaal and Maya, it gets surrounded or captivated by
Kaal, Deeds, Nature and Gunas and wanders
ceaselessly. The Compassionate and Selfless Lord
bestows human birth, a rare boon. This human
body is a boat to cross the Cosmic Ocean. Lord’s
Grace is favourable wind and Sadguru is the
Helmsman of this boat. Thus, blessed with those
rare means, one, who does not avail of this
fortuitous opportunity, is ungrateful and is dull-
witted tantamount to suicide. He gets thrown in
lower species and repeatedly gets dips in deep
water. Lord Rama says in Sri Ramcharit Manas that
Jiva is the essence of the Lord, from Whom, he has
got separated. Deluded by Maya, he has fallen
victim to the cycle of eighty four lac species,
flounders in those again and again, thus keeps on
The Spiritual Bliss 36 August 2016

getting dips in deep water. By God’s Grace, he is

blessed with golden opportunity of human birth to
cross this terrible worldly ocean. Now, he should
strive to achieve this aim by engaging in recitation
of Nam and meditation on the Lord’s Effulgent
Form to get liberation from the captivity of Maya.
But remember that Jiva can never cross the Cosmic
Ocean by virtue of his own strength and intellect,
because the ocean is beset with powerful enemies
like lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego, jealousy,
duality and hopes etc. Jiva is too weak to face them
or subjugate them. Then, worldly ocean has other
dangerous situations like terrible vortex. Therefore,
in order to cross the worldly ocean and to attain the
boon of Lord’s devotion, he must seek the refuge
of One more Powerful than these, because the
pilgrimage, he is undertaking, is on the unknown
path. Therefore, Saints warn the Jiva :

Yaar baayad raah raa tanhaa marau,

Azz sarre khud andareen saharaa mashau.

O Friend ! On this path, the company of Saint

Sadguru is extremely essential for you. Do not
make the mistake of treading this unknown path on
the basis of your own strength and intellect,
otherwise, you will flounder away from your
cherished goal.
The Spiritual Bliss 37 August 2016

Goswami Tulsi Das ji enlightens in Sri

Ramayana :

Guru binu bhav nidhi tarayee naa koyee,

Jau Biranchi Sankar samm hoyee.

No one can cross the cosmic ocean

Without Grace of Guru Divine,
Be he like Brahma and Sankara Benign.

Without attaining the refuge of Sadguru, no one

can cross the terrible worldly ocean even if he is
like Lord Brahma and Sankara. True One Shri
Guru Arjun Dev Ji Maharaj enlightens :

Matt ko bharami bhulai sansaari,

Gur binu koyee naa utarasi paari.

Let no one harbour delusion

For this world fine,
Cosmic ocean crossed not without
Grace of Sadguru Divine.

True One says that no one should harbour such

a false notion in his mind that he can cross the
cosmic ocean by virtue of his own strength and
intellect. Hence, by seeking the refuge of Saint
Sadguru and by His Grace alone, the Jiva can
accomplish such an arduous task.
The Spiritual Bliss 38 August 2016

Power to cross the cosmic ocean has been

entrusted to Saint Sadguru by Nature. That is why,
Lord Rama enlightened the people of Ayodhya
accordingly. He says, “Sadguru is that power, Who
can help the Jiva to cross the worldly ocean and
attain union with the Lord, from Whom, he has got
separated since ages.

If someone thinks that he can attain union with

Lord by dint of his own intellect, it is a fallacious
thinking. This implies that his mind has got
deluded. Saint Sahjo Bai ordains in clear terms :


Sahjo kaaraj jagat ke, Guru binn poore naahin,

Hari tau Guru binn kyon milain,
Samajh dekh mann maahin.

When worldly tasks cannot be accomplished

Without the Grace of Guru Benign,
How can one meet the Lord without
Guru’s Grace, give it a thought thine.

Therefore, emphasis is laid on again and again

that the aspirant should seek the refuge of Saint
Sadguru if he wishes to achieve his aim of crossing
the cosmic ocean and attaining the union with the
Lord. The reason is that this path is arduous and
one must be confronted by Kaal and Maya and its
The Spiritual Bliss 39 August 2016

powerful forces of lust, anger, greed, attachment

and ego etc. at every step. These are terrific
obstacles. That is why, the Saints preach :


Pir raa biguzeen ki bei-Pir een safar,

Hast bass pur aafat-o-khauf-o-khatar.

Seek the benign enlightening guidance of Saint

Sadguru on the path of devotion and get hold
firmly His apron. Without His Benign Guidance
and Help, it is extremely difficult, nay, even
impossible to achieve success on this path.

Therefore, whosoever wishes to liberate himself

from the terrible cycle of eighty four lac species,
cross the frightening cosmic ocean and attain the
cherished lovable union with the Lord, he should
seek the refuge of Lotus Feet of the Perfect Master,
the Saint Sadguru of the times. This alone is the
beneficent path.

The Spiritual Bliss 40 August 2016


Saints have enlightened :


Dariya Naam hai nirmalaa,

Pooran Brahm Agaadh;
Kahe sune sukh naa lahai,
Sumire paavai swaad.

Dariya says : Name is Pure,

Embodiment of Lord Divine;
Mere saying is of no use,
Recitation with faith is rewarded
With Grace Benign.

( Saint Dariya Sahib Marwar Wale )

The Spiritual Bliss 41 August 2016

Saint Dariya Sahib ji says that Name of the Lord

is absolutely Pure and it is embodiment of True
Love. The import is that Name is the beneficent
means to help the Atman unite with the Lord.
Name is the font of True happiness, which cannot
be attained by merely talking about it or listening to
it, but its nectarine taste and true comfort can be
obtained by recitation of Name with faith.

What Saint Dariya Sahib ji has said is absolutely

true and has been experienced with success by
devotees viz. the Name helps the Jivatma to unite
with the Lord. That is why, Saint calls the Name as
the very form of Par Brahm Parmeshwara. Name
implies that Nam which has been blest by the Saint
Sadguru of the times. Sadguru’s Shabad is Divine
in origin, hence, its recitation is the means, by
which Jiva can get ushered in the Divine Abode
and meet the Lord, Par Brahm.

Another point brought out by Saint ji is that one

can realize the importance and invaluable nature of
Name only when one recites the same with love
and faith regularly. Mere listening to the glory of
the Name or talking about it yields nothing. For
example, if one talks about flower and its fragrance
or listens about it, one cannot experience its beauty
or its fragrance. Likewise, talking or listening to
the glory of the Name cannot prove to be
beneficial, nor can one taste its nectar and be
The Spiritual Bliss 42 August 2016

blessed with true comfort, joy and bliss inherent in

it. These can be experienced only by recitation
unceasingly with faith and love.

Therefore, seek the refuge of Shri Sadguru and

obtain the boon of treasure of Name and then recite
the same with love and faith regularly, all the time.
You will be blessed with true comfort and bliss in
this life and the life hereafter. This will also open
the gateway to liberation and union with the Lord.
Your life will, then, be a saga of success and
accomplishment of its aim.

The Spiritual Bliss 43 August 2016


Blessed are the souls who attain the gem of

Bhakti and ennoble their life. They sacrifice their
body, mind and riches to achieve their aim. They
efface themselves in order to attain the boon of
Bhakti and become its very embodiment. A Saint
remarks :

Paavahin shishya sabb amit sukh,

Satguru Daras nihaar;
Mukh te simarahin Nam Guru,
Mann pagg parr balihaari.

When Sadguru is met, the aspirant becomes able

to attain Divine Bliss and supreme peace. There is
nothing else to strive for. Such was Maharaja Gopi
The Spiritual Bliss 44 August 2016

Chand ji. Inspired by his mother, Raja Gopi Chand

renounced his kingdom and all the royal comforts.
He attained the refuge of Sadguru and engaged in
recitation of Nam and meditation. Thus, he became
blessed with supreme peace and bliss, a memorable
accomplishment upto this day.

Maharaja Bhartrihari was the maternal uncle of

Raja Gopi Chand. He also renounced his kingdom
as commanded by his Sadguru and remained
immersed in meditation. Sometimes Maharaja
Bhartrihari used to visit his sister, Maina wanti,
mother of Raja Gopi Chand. Once he told Maina
Wanti, “Sister ! Gopi Chand is getting drowned in
State affairs. It does neither behove him, nor is
gracious for his great family.”

Maina Wanti said, “Yes brother ! I am also

observing the same. Really, Gopi Chand is getting
enmeshed by the worldly luxuries, which are
ephemeral and perishable.”

Bhartrihari asked, “Then, what are you doing

about it ?”

Maina Wanti said, “I earnestly desire that my

son should also make his Atman radiant, just as his
body is beautiful and strong. The body will become
a morsel of death one day, after which is the cycle
of births and deaths and the bondage of lower
The Spiritual Bliss 45 August 2016

species. We really should find a way out of this

undesirable situation.”

Bhartrihari said, “This bondage can be broken,

surely so.”

Maina Wanti asked, “How ?”

Bhartrihari replied, “If Gopi Chand seeks the

refuge of the Perfect Master, he can be enlightened
the path of liberation from the cycle of births and

Waste thou not while there is still time,

May thy son be eternal, give it a thought thine ;
It is thy duty, do a favour to your son, fine.

Maina Wanti said, “Fine ! I shall go to Gopi

Chand right now and talk it over with him.”

Gopi Chand had just emerged after a bath. He

was murmuring :

Oh ! There is comfort all in eat,

Drink and be merry, but no use
Of all these, if bath not taken properly.

Maina Wanti said, “Son ! What you say is right.

Without a proper bath, nothing can not give
The Spiritual Bliss 46 August 2016

comfort and joy. But, not this external bath, is it the

true bath that gives real happiness ?”

With soap of Knowledge True,

Man washes off the dirt of mind;
With mind pure, when undertakes the
Journey within to meet the Lord Divine.

Gopi Chand asked, “Mother ! What are you

saying ? I am unable to comprehend its import.”

Maina Wanti said, “O Son ! How shall I explain

to you what is pricking in my heart like a thorn in
the flesh ?”

Gopi Chand replied, “Mother ! Do not belabour

yourself with the secret. Reveal to me frankly.

Maina Wanti said :

“O Son ! This beautiful body will

Meet the dust for sure. It won’t
Last forever. Kaal will devour it
Even if pure. Therefore, listen to me,
I shall tell you the way to pursue.
Eternal be your life, son,
This is my desire too.

Gopi Chand said, “O Mother mine ! Whosoever

comes to this land of birth and death, will surely go
The Spiritual Bliss 47 August 2016

after reaping his destiny. Then, why worry ? This is

the eternal law of Nature.”

Whosoever comes here, must go

One day or the other. The way is
Open for all to come and go,
Then, why bother ?

Maina Wanti observed, “Son ! This is absolutely

true. But when one seeks the refuge of Guru, the
way opens out for him for his well-being. It is by
virtue of True Knowledge bestowed by the Sadguru
that one can attain liberation from the cycle of
births and deaths. Therefore, my earnest desire is
that you win the race of life and attain life eternal.
In this way, your name shall adorn the pages of
history and scriptures for ever.”

Gopi Chand said, “Tell me, mother ! What is

thy command ? Enlighten me. I shall certainly obey
thy instructions faithfully. I am ready to sacrifice
my life, if need be, in obeyance of your orders.”

Maina Wanti smiled and said, “Blessed thou art

my son. This is what I expected of you.” She
continued :

Follow my instructions, son,

May thou merit eternal life fine.
Who has created this body,
The Spiritual Bliss 48 August 2016

Remember thou Benefactor thine.

Give up sensual pleasures,

What use this life of luxury ?
Seek the refuge of Sadguru,
Son, enjoy mendicant’s ecstasy.

Gopi Chand was touched and replied, “Mother !

If I become a mendicant, who will look after this
kingdom ? Who will protect my people ?”

Maina Wanti enlightened, “This is what I want,

son, that you attain eternal kingdom. This kingdom
has to be left one day. Your father also left this
very kingdom behind, so did your grand father. As
for the people, Lord provides for all.”

Your initiation by Guru, son,

Will make me glad, for sure.
By virtue of Yog-Sadhna, will
Last forever your soul pure.

Gopi Chand : You wish me to be a Yogi,

What sort of mother are you ?
To rule kingdom is my destiny,
Why Yogi, tell me, thou do ?

Maina Wanti : Secret is this, attain you will

Status supreme. Cycle of eighty
Four gets cut asunder in this
The Spiritual Bliss 49 August 2016

Very life, it’s the scheme.

Therefore, be a Yogi, obey my

Command, this you pursue.
False is the kingdom and crown,
Son, give up ego, thou do.

This opened the eyes of Raja Gopi Chand. He

said, “Mother ! Blessed thou art and so is your
command. If every mother were to be a benefactor
like you, the door of liberation will open out for all.

Mother ! Blessed thou art and benefactor

True, tell me, who is my Guru ?
Be gracious, O mother, thou do.

Mother was pleased and said :

Win over senses and mind,

Get initiated by Guru Benign.
All miseries will flee away,
When you recite Nam Divine.
Maya’s noose gets cut and
All pain of mind vanishes for sure.
Adorn thy body with sacred ash,
And be a mendicant pure.

Gopi Chand : “As you command, O Mother !”

The Spiritual Bliss 50 August 2016

Gopi Chand gives up royal robes and dons

ordinary clothes, ready to leave the palace when
mother’s love and attachment surfaced to bar his

Maina Wanti said, “O Son Gopi Chand ! O

King of Dhara Nagri ! You have donned ochre
robes. I can not stand it. You renounced everything,
kingdom, crown and all in just a moment. Your
ochre robes are hurting me.”

Gopi Chand said, “Mother ! You have now

awakened my slumbering soul and pulled me out of
the darkness of ignorance. Now I am firm in the
pursuit of Truth.”

I have subdued my mind, stop not,

Go ahead shall I.
Now mind immersed in Yoga,
Sacred ash will adorn my body.
Mother, stop me not.
Let me meditate and more,
Let me swim in this spiritual stream,
And reach the other shore.

Gopi Chand touched the feet of his mother and

went out with quick steps, so that mother’s love
might not let the mind waver. Courtiers, his people
and the queens were shedding tears, but Gopi
Chand closed his eyes and walked out.
The Spiritual Bliss 51 August 2016

Gopi Chand goes to his maternal uncle,

Bhartrihari, who was immersed in meditation in the
forest. Bhartrihari is pleased to see him coming, but
outwardly, he remarked, “Gopi Chand ! How is
that you have come to the forest leaving behind
your Dhara Nagri ?”

Gopi Chand : I have come to abode thine,

Uncle, listen to this prayer mine.
I wish to meditate here the whole
Year, please help me to seek the
Guru, to engage in Yoga,
I am so sincere.

Bhartrihari was extremely pleased, but he still

wanted to test the firmness of Gopi Chand. So, he
said :

Listen to me, go and live a life

Of luxury and more and
Rule over Dhara Nagri, because
What will you get in Sadhu’s life,
Which is nothing but a bore.

Gopi Chand said, “Oh Uncle ! I am firm in my

resolve. I have renounced the kingdom and taken a
step on the ladder of upliftment of the soul. Now
you just lead me to the refuge of Shri Gurudev.”

May I be reduced to ashes at the

The Spiritual Bliss 52 August 2016

Threshold of Sadguru Benign,

And cross the worldly ocean,
Being a dust of His Feet Divine.

On perceiving his firm determination,

Bhartrihari took him to his Guru’s Lotus Feet. Shri
Gurudev Ji bestowed the boon of Nam and Gopi
Chand stayed in the Ashrama to remain immersed
in recitation and meditation. Sometimes later, Shri
Gurudev decided to put Gopi Chand through a test
to strengthen his resolve.

A Shishya appears and says, “Gopi Chand Ji !

Shri Gurudev has sent for you.”

Gopi Chand : “Oh ! How fortunate I am ! Let us

go quickly.”

Gopi Chand on reaching near the adorned seat

of Shri Gurudev, prostrated before Him in abject
humility and prays, “Reverent Gurudev ! What is
Thy command for this humble Sewak ?”

Gurudev : “Gopi Chand ! Today, you go to

Dhara Nagri and beg alms from your mother. After
that, go to your queens, address them as ‘Mother’
and beg alms from them too.”

Gopi Chand ponders over the command of

Gurudev. What a hard test it was ! A voice from
The Spiritual Bliss 53 August 2016

within arises, “What ?” You have lost your nerve

on the very first test ? Won’t you obey the
Command of your Gurudev ? Obeyance of the
Command of Shri Gurudev is true Guru Bhakti and
is the first step on the ladder of devotion.” Gopi
Chand immediately prostrated before Gurudev and
said, “Whatever is Thy Command, I shall
immediately set out for Dhara Nagri.”

Gopi Chand left for Dhara Nagri straightaway

and on reaching the palace door, called aloud for
alms. A servant girl comes out with a plate of alms
and says : “Here, Maharaj, is alms for you.” But as
she looks up, she is taken aback. There stands the
monarch of Dhara Nagri ! Instead of a crown and
royal apparels, he is wearing ochre robes of a
Sanyasi. She gets confused, runs inside and brings
all the queens. Gopi Chand says, “O Mother ! Give
me alms.”

Queen asked : “What all has happened ? What

injustice has been perpetrated ?”

Gopi Chand : “Whatever was to happen, has

come to pass. Today, I have come to beg alms as
commanded by my Gurudev.”

Queen said : “Maharaj ! Tell me the truth. What

have you gained by this renunciation ? If you had
The Spiritual Bliss 54 August 2016

to renounce the world, then, why did you marry

with us all ?”

Gopi Chand says : “You are right. But the Lord

had carved out the destiny of a Sadhu for me. No
one can do a thing against it. You ask me what
have I gained by this transformation ? I tell you
that the door of liberation from the cycle of
transmigration has been opened out for me. I have
been blessed with the refuge of the Perfect Master,
Shri Gurudev. Don’t shed tears on what has
happened. Lord has blessed you with all the
comforts and luxuries of life. Rule over Dhara
Nagri and banish all other thoughts and worries.”

Gopi Chand continues, “I address you as my

mother. You also call me your son and give me
alms. I have given up all attachment. Do not allure
me towards royal life. Just call me ‘son’ and
bestow alms on me. No use of arguing about it,
otherwise, I shall have to return empty-handed.”

Queen says : “All this royal splendour is insipid

without you. To call you ‘son’ is a difficult and
painful task.”

Just as an earthen lamp does not tremble in an

atmosphere without wind blowing, in the same
way, Gopi Chand, by virtue of his meditative life,
had subdued his mind. He did not waver and said,
The Spiritual Bliss 55 August 2016

“Then, mother ! You just say you refuse to give

alms to your son.”

The queen fell unconscious. Mother Maina

Wanti comes there. She also gets upset on seeing
her royal son in Sadhu’s robes. She tried to restrain
her tears but could not do so. Attachment to her son
makes her restless. She feels like embracing her
son, but she dares not do so with him in ochre
robes. She curses herself for such thoughts. She
does not want her son’s high status of a Mahatma
to be defiled. A voice arises within, “O Mind
deluded by Maya ! Get away. Do not allow your
false attachment to undermine the resolve of your
son to tread the path of Divinity.”

Gopi Chand touches the feet of his mother and

says, “Give me alms, O Mother !”

Maina Wanti : “All right, Gopi Chand. I shall

bring alms instantly.”

Gopi Chand : “What is this, Mother ! Tears in

your eyes ! Your false attachment has made you
restless. Mother ! It is not a graceful act for you.
Wipe these out from your heart and give me alms.”

Maina Wanti says : “Right ! I shall bring alms

straight-away.” She goes inside and brings some
The Spiritual Bliss 56 August 2016

Gopi Chand : “O Mother ! Only three grains of

rice !”

Maina Wanti : “Yes Gopi Chand ! As mother of

a mendicant son, I am giving you three ideals in the
form of three grains of rice.”

Gopi Chand : “I can not comprehend the import

of what you are saying, Mother.”

Maina Wanti : “First grain asks you to always

live within the fort.”

Gopi Chand : “Mother ! What are you saying ?

Fort ! Now I have no security, guard or army.”

Maina Wanti : “Son ! What I mean, is that you

reside within the fort of your Guru’s Command.
Lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego and Mind─all
these enemies are ever ready to do harm to an
aspirant. Jivatma remains secure against these in
the fort of Gurudev’s Command.”

Gopi Chand : “And second, Mother ?”

Maina Wanti : “The other grain is to advise you

to always enjoy delicious meals.”

Gopi Chand : “How can that be done ?”

The Spiritual Bliss 57 August 2016

Maina Wanti : “When you engage in deeds and

service in accordance with the Will and Pleasure of
Gurudev and you feel terribly hungry, only then,
you should have your meals. At such a time,
anything you eat, will be more delicious than the
best of dainty dishes.”

Gopi Chand : “Whatever you command,

Mother. Now, what is the import of the third grain
of rice ?”

Maina Wanti : “This communes that you always

enjoy sweet sleep on a velvety bed.”

Gopi Chand : “How will that be possible ?”

Maina Wanti : “When you harbour noble

thoughts and engage in meditation and Sewa of
your Gurudev, you will get really tired. Then, you
will surely enjoy sweet sleep. Therefore, go to
sleep only, when you really feel terribly sleepy.”

Gopi Chand : “Mother, you are a blessed soul,

so are your ideals and Bhakti. I feel blessed too to
have a mother like you with such ideal thoughts.”

Gopi Chand, after obtaining alms, returned to

the Ashrama and prostrated before Gurudev. The
Omniscient Gurudev had already divined what had
transpired. Gurudev embraced Gopi Chand and
The Spiritual Bliss 58 August 2016

said, “What you attained today, can not be gained

by the warriors, kings, emperors and ascetics after
colossal efforts or austerities. It is the Great Ones
who enlighten the Jiva about the art of righteous
life, otherwise, life shall be spent frivolously.”

Man has come into this world with pre-

determined time. He will have to leave the world
when his time is over. Param Sant Shri Kabir Sahib
Ji preaches the aspirants :


Jabb tum Jagg mein aaye tthe,

Jagg hansaa tum roye;
Aisi karni karr chalo,
Tum hanso Jagg roye.

When you came in this world,

All delighted while you cried a lot;
Do such deeds, O Man, when you go,
May you feel happy and
Let the world cry to bemoan your loss.

Hence, Jiva should earn so much merit of

devotion under the benign guidance of Great Ones
that he may gain Their Pleasure, by virtue of
which, Their Grace will smile upon him and
ennoble and enrich his life spiritually. This will
The Spiritual Bliss 59 August 2016

make his life a saga of comfort and joy here and

blissful life hereafter. It is said :

Voh chaal chall ki umar khushi se kate teri,

Voh Kaam karr ki yaad tujhe sabb kiyaa karein;
Jo zikra ho teraa tau ho zikre-khair hi,
Aur naam teraa lein tau adabb se liyaa karein.

Lead your life in that way that it be

A saga of joy and more,
Do such deeds, that people
Remember thee for sure.
If they talk of you, it should be
About your ideals galore,
And with great honour and esteem,
Let they mention thy name
For deeds pure.

The Spiritual Bliss 60 August 2016



The Saints enlighten :

Kayee janmon se Jivatma ko

Bahut intzaar tthi, voh apne
Maqsad ko paane ke liye, bahut
Beqaraar tthi, bhaagyon se mil
Gayaa maanush janam, iss se
Tu sachcha laabh uttha le,
Maalik ki karr ke bandagi,
Yah Jivan safal banaa le.

The soul waited for ages, since many

Lifetimes, was yearning to achieve
Its mission divine. Now, due to good
Fortune, it got the human birth, so,
The Spiritual Bliss 61 August 2016

Derive benefit true by worshipping the

Lord ardently and make your life
A Real success too.

It is necessary that every human being should

know how he got this human birth and how can he
know its true purpose and real value ? Who
understands the real value of this birth ? Ordinary
mortals think that this body is for enjoying the
worldly comforts and earn the worldly riches.
However, nothing could be a bigger mistake than
this. If the Jiva does not remember the Lord in this
very lifetime and does not recite His Holy Name,
then, he will be thrown again into the trap of eighty
four lac species. We all know that man abhors the
lower species, pitying over the plight of animals,
birds and worms. However, we should remember
that all of these beings have a soul. Have we ever
pondered over this fact that who sent the soul to
such a state ? The reason is that the soul has
forgotten the Lord and does not recite His Holy
Name. However, in due course of time, it can again
receive the blessings of the Lord and be bestowed
with human birth.

Therefore, just ponder over the high stature the

human birth enjoys. If even after getting such a
high stature, man stoops to doing activities which
creatures in the lower births do, then, that is
pitiable indeed and will lead to his downfall. It is
quoted in Gurubani :
The Spiritual Bliss 62 August 2016

Phirat phirat bahute jugg haariyo

Maanas deh lahi,
Nanak kahat milan ki bariyaa
Simarat kahaa nahi.

After wandering through eighty four

Lac species, thou got human life
So fine, this is to meet the Lord,
Says Nanak, why don’t you recite
The Name Divine ?

O Jiva ! After Ages of endless wanderings in

lower species, you have got now this human birth.
This is a unique opportunity to meet the Lord.
However, if you still do not mend your ways, do
not pray and recite Sadguru’s Holy Name, then,
you will once again fall back into the cycle of
eighty four lac species and suffer the pains of hell.
This will be a matter of great sorrow.

You can gauge yourself if every one in this

world is seeking to engage in Bhakti ? Nay ! Why ?
Because he is mired in ignorance and does not even
think about remembering the Lord. If on one hand,
Bhakti is so exalted that it rends all bonds asunder
and makes the soul merge with Parmatman, then,
on the other, Maya is also very powerful which
tries to lure the soul at every possible moment.
Through constant efforts, it again entraps the soul
into the cycle of transmigration. Therefore, to
protect the soul from Maya, man desperately needs
The Spiritual Bliss 63 August 2016

the holy company ( Satsanga ) of the Saints.

However, every one is not blessed enough to get
this company. Only a rare ones, with extremely
good fortune, receive the boon of Satsanga. Even
though, one may be bestowed with the human birth
by virtue of noble deeds of the past lives, but, can
one get the company of the True Saints ? What is
the benefit of Satsanga ? It is the realization of the
fact that this world is a mirage, a dilemma, a
falsity, a play of Maya. The attractions of this
world cease to matter such a person. People, who
earlier gave a lot of importance to money and
stature, realize that these are but a speck of grass,
with no real value whatsoever. They realize that
one has to go empty-handed from this world,
irrespective of how materially rich he may be.
Gurubani says :

Without Lord’s Name True,

Nothing shall go with you,
Maya is like dust for sure,
Practise the Holy Name so pure.
Says Nanak : Listen O Dear,
This is the only True Treasure.

Except for recitation of Lord’s Holy Name, not

even a blade of grass goes with a person, once he
leaves this mortal frame. Therefore, which is the
only real thing whose essence is imperishable ? It is
the love, devotion and Name of the Lord. It is this
wealth which will accompany the Jiva to the next
The Spiritual Bliss 64 August 2016

world, make him exalted in the Abode of the Lord,

bestow liberation and make this human birth
successful in all respects.

How can one derive this benefit ? Only by

basking in the sunshine of Holy company of the
Saints and forging ahead on the path of Bhakti and
love. Otherwise, there are so many people in this
world who do not derive the real benefit of this life.
That is why, it is said :

Even two people are not alike. The person, who

surrenders his heart in the loving devotion of his
Lord, his life becomes valuable like a diamond.
However, if a person remains steeped in attachment
and material passions, then, his life is not even
worth a pebble. Why ? Because then, he will again
go to hell and be relegated to lower species.
However, a true Bhakta is thoughtful, surrenders to
the Lord and seeks refuge of the Holy company of
the Saints. Thus, he will take the true wealth of
devotion to the Lord’s Abode, which will earn the
pleasure of Lord and liberate him from the circle
of transmigration as well.

Just consider how lucky you are, for, not only

you have got the human birth, but also the Satsanga
of True Saints. It is for such souls like these, for
such Gurumukhs and for such devotees that the
Great Ones have created this holy Durbar and also
established disciplines ( rules ) for Bhakti, by
The Spiritual Bliss 65 August 2016

adherence to which, one can constantly remember

the Lord. What are these disciplines ? These are
Shri Aarti-Puja, Selfless service, Satsanga,
recitation and meditation. Whosoever practises
these five disciplines earnestly, his heart will
remain immersed in Lord’s remembrance. If he is
thinking of the Lord, his consciousness will
gravitate towards the Lord and eventually merge in
Him. On the other hand, if he is thinking of the
world all the time, his consciousness will be drawn
towards the world and eventually leading to his
downfall in lower species.

Therefore, a true Gurumukh follows these

spiritual disciplines with love and devotion and
cleanses his heart making it aglow with pristine
purity. In this way, he becomes able to accumulate
the true wealth of Bhakti, which goes with him in
the end. This is the only real thing which matters.
The Lord is pleased to see one’s true wealth, not
worldly riches which will get left behind.

Saath tere jaayegaa ik Prabhu kaa Naam hi,

Jis duniyaa parr tu hai fidaa,
Voh dar-haqiqat hai nafi.

Accompany you will only Lord’s Name pure,

The world, you are so fond of
Is naught, for sure.
The Spiritual Bliss 66 August 2016

What is the thing which will accompany the

soul ? It is Lord’s True Name. Only that will
accompany you. Whosoever is able to accumulate
this true wealth, is considered rich in the eyes of
the Great Ones.

Kabir says : Every one is a pauper,

No one is truly rich, not a one, for sure;
For, only they, among all men, are
Wealthy indeed, who are blessed with
Lord’s Name True and Pure.

Ordinary mortals say that this and that person is

rich, who has lacs and Crores. However, Saints say
that he is not rich. Only that person is rich, who has
the wealth of True Devotion.

Saints always enjoin upon the Jiva to collect the

true wealth of Bhakti, which is the only true thing
you can take with you to the next world. Bhakti is
the real treasure, seeing which, the Lord is pleased
and your soul is uplifted and glorified.