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For the first time I have seen a bicycle, I was wondered and so I was captivated by the way two
wheels, some rods and a few mechanisms could propel you to thrilling acceleration. My
fascination with speed and a constant curiosity about workings of machines took my focus to a
career in mechanical field. Ever since I started my engineering degree, I have constantly looked
for ways to enhance my familiarity with machines and their functions. I now look up for college
to acquire the competence to fulfill my goal. I believe that the professional guidance and
excellent research facilities at your institution will help me greatly in achieving my career goals.
I am sure this course will bring out the best in me and help me become a better engineer and
fulfill my dreams.

Right from the start of my basic education, I have consistently maintained a good academic
record with good grades all the time. I had a liking for mathematics and science at school. I
pursued Mechanical Engineering in R.V.R & J.C College of engineering which is one of the
reputed colleges in Andhra Pradesh. In my undergraduate curriculum, I have developed a very
strong fundamental knowledge in subjects like Strength of Materials, Fluid Mechanics, Heat and
Mass Transfer, Manufacturing Process, Finite Element Methods and so on. I am graduated in
Mechanical Engineering with an aggregate of 7.93 CGPA. Subjects such as Kinematics of
Machines, Design of Machine Elements gave me a great insight into the vast and intense field of
Mechanical Engineering.

I feel that extra-curricular activities are as important as studies in estimating a person’s overall
capacity. I have participated in many events in my college. I have given a paper presentation on
the topic ‘DRONES FOR GOOD’ in a tech fest conducted by Tirumala engineering college.

Besides academics, I zealously participated in extra-curricular activities in a sincere attempt to

hone my personality. I would like to mention some of them here. I have actively participated in
college fest in technical events like Water Rocketry, Mouse trap racing, Robot race, also I have
coordinated a technical event in ‘Mech-Mantra 2k16’ which is a Tech-fest conducted by our
college in particular to mechanical stream, These initiatives have been instrumental in honing
my versatility, leadership, team building and interpersonal skills and instilled in me the
importance of hard work to success. But most importantly they inculcated in me a keen
sportsman spirit which will surely stand me in good stead in my future professional life.

The interest and zeal towards mechanisms made me to get to work as a summer intern in
Automobile Production Plant in Piaggio Vehicles Private limited for learning the assembling
process and the tools and mechanisms used for the assembling of engine this made me helpful
in my subjects of final year of my bachelor’s degree and that was a rare opportunity in our
college to get an intern in such a giant plant.

In history, Germany has been a very technologically sound and sophisticated nation. We see in
our daily life German companies have made an impeccable mark in fields that stretch from
ocular optics to commercial automobiles. The Volkswagen Beetle has stood the test of time and
is one of the most revered passenger cars even today, which is a brilliant example of German
engineering spread throughout the world. I am also intrigued by the country’s rich culture and

The Master’s in Mechanical Engineering program at your college interests me because I believe
that a deep and thorough understanding of concepts can only be acquired through a well
structured and intense program like the one offered in your university. Learning from the
renowned faculty would help tap into my fullest potential and help me acquire the competence
to become the competent professional that I have always wanted to be. Interactions with the
diverse and able student body and the opportunity to use the state of the art infrastructure will
be a dream come true for an international student like myself. My interest towards engineering
and technology very desire to acquire knowledge as much as I can from your institution, I
strongly believe and ensure that I give my best thereby benefiting the most from your

My foundation in basic engineering is rock solid and I would like to further build upon this by
continuing my further education at your university. I understand that you are looking for a
candidate with intelligence, character, poise and dedicated spirit. Given a chance, I am sure I
will fulfill your expectations and also surpass them. I hope you will grant me a passageway to
my dream by providing me with admission in your university. I am confident of my suitability
for the Master’s in Mechanical engineering at your university I keenly await the college name