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Student 1

First 100 Days as President

One of first issues I would address is fair housing prices in the U.S. Currently in
The U.S. the house prices are skyrocketing, in particular, cities like Reno, Salt Lake
City, Dallas, San Francisco, and Nashville are predicted to increase in price by 4-10%
in the next year according to ( This predicted increase in home
value is making it progressively harder to purchase a home in the U.S for people in the
lower class and middle class. What I would do as President is propose a law that limits
rent rises and another law limiting the deductibility of mortgage interest. Affordable
housing is very significant because the many Americans have been dreaming of
owning their own home but the current housing market is making their dream harder to

Secondly, I would promote the end of all types of racism. We have had racism
deeply rooted in our history from slavery and Jim Crow laws but my goal is to unite the
American people is such a way that we forget about old prejudices. I would bring up
the topic of racism in school more often in an attempt to rid the youth’s mind of these
prejudices. Hopefully after the youth has developed a mindset to treat everyone the
same and not judge by color of skin, we can eliminate these type of biases in the
generations to come. The reason why eliminating racism is important is because the
country would be united and could achieve greatness in all aspects.

Next, I would do my best to improve the nation's foreign policy because our
previous presidents have jeopardized the nation’s relationships with other countries. I
would reach out to many world leaders and fortify our relationships especially with third
world countries: Haiti, El Salvador, etc. I would offer the nation’s support to these third
world countries that were humiliated by previous presidencies. it’s important to have as
many allies/friends as we could possibly have incase the United States is in a crisis.
Although we are a prospering country today, it’s good to know we have support from
our allies.

Another issue I would address is the unnecessary high funding to the military. In
today’s world there are other important things to allocate tax funds to. In 2017
President Trump passed a law which authorized the defense budget to be just below
700 billion for 2018 according to ( This is an excessive amount of
money spent, given that the U.S. is already the country that spends the most on
military funding in the world. Instead, I would distribute more money to healthcare,
since it is currently a challenge for the working class to afford healthcare for
themselves and their families. This issue is significant to Americans because it is
incredibly difficult for elderly to pay their rising health care costs while having less
income. In general this issue is important, because healthcare is a need many
Americans can’t afford it.

The last issue I would address is the prison system. In the United States the
prison system has turned into a form of slavery were inmates work hard for very low
wages. According to ( private correctional facilities were a $4.8 billion
industry with profits of $629 million. This is a very high profit considering it’s morally
wrong to make money off of prisoners. This issue also correlates with the judicial bias,
when it seems the system wants more inmates in jail. What I would do as president is
eliminate all private correctional facilities and make them government run. I would get
the money from taxpayers and return back all profits to them evenly. I would address
this issue very importantly because the government is losing money to private
businesses running these correctional facilities. This issue is significant because many
people are unfairly being sent to jail/prison and these private correctional facilities are
receiving anywhere from 30-60 thousand dollars per inmate, because of the contracts
they have with the government.

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Student 2

My First 100 Days

In the United States of America, women of all backgrounds are oppressed in

almost every aspect of life. From being 12 years old and told what not to wear so to
not “excite” older men sometimes in their own houses to working the same job as a
man and getting paid less than him. Women today work harder to put themselves
through college to get degrees that are handed to wealthy white males, and young
women are often left in student debt for life because she isn’t getting paid the wages
she deserves. Women and members of the LGBTQ+ community live their life in fear
that a man will attack and abuse them.In foreign countries, women have seen worse,
for example, “In the Arab Republic of Egypt, a married woman ‘can leave the house
only for purposes allowed by law or custom, otherwise she needs her husband’s
permission or she loses her right to financial support.’ ” Women rights are being taken
away day by day.

As the president of the United States, I will work with foreign countries to
establish a baseline of women's rights and acknowledge the country as a progressing
country with social issues. I would encourage congress to pass a bill saying that not
only will women get paid the same wage but that their certifications will be
acknowledged to the highest degree. Being a woman in politics can be trying of
emotional and mental stability. Being broken down day by day by men who have paid
their way through the system. With me as president, I promise I will work with congress
to change the way politics in this country stick to “tradition”. No more will there be a
group of old white men deciding the countries fate in congress. We will modernize and
address all issue with one open-unbiased unison mind. I would make sure when
speaking publicly and privately that I tell not only my story of oppression but that I give
a platform to the millions of women who go through the same thing everyday and are
too scared to speak out.

Women’s rights is a significant topic because women are what shape the world.
Without women there would be no life. Without women there wouldn’t be no nurturing.
Women run this world whether men acknowledge it. Women do so much for their
families to the point that they are run into the ground with exhaustion. A simple female
college student struggles to even take care of herself. Showing women proper equality
through work, education, domestic values, and sexual independence is showing them
the respect they deserve.

Student 3

My first 100 days of presidency I would like to focus the Ice cap under foreign
policy. The bigger issue with Ice cap is that melting every year because whole world is
produce too much Co2 that is causing temperature rise up. Every year world is getting
hotter which is causing ice cap melt. It is also has bad effect to the whole world if the
ice cap keep melting it will also cause ocean level rise which will destroy many people,
animal, and city. We must make agree to stop produce too much Co2 with other
country. If we can stop produce too much Co2 we can make better world for future

I would also like to focus about the government shutdown under economic
policy. Government shutdown can affect people lives for example when Donald Trump
was president he start government to fund wall. When that happen it can affect people
who work in government by not getting pay. Many people were mad that they were not
getting pay they need money to survival how can they get pay when the government is
shutdown. Donald Trump shutdown last for a month that why If we ever have
government shutdown again it need to have good cause not a bad cause.

My third issue that we should focus on is trash in the ocean under social policy.
We need clean trash from the ocean it affect ocean creature lives. It also affect people
health because the fish eat trash then we eat the fish. The trash in ocean has destroy
many coral reef. We need to talk to other countries about the problem and make a
agree how to fix the problem. We should start recycle our trash so we can save the
ocean creature and the coral reef. We need do it now for future generation so they can
have food and to see the coral reef.

My fourth issue that we need to focus on is high funding under military policy.
Why should we have high funding on military power. We already have the most
powerful army in the whole world. We should use the money for a good cause like
school education or high-care. We don’t need to focus on military weapon. We must
focus on the future not on military power. The military will still get some money but not
lot. We can give our kids better education and healthcare. Some school don’t have
good education because U.S keeping using the money for the U.S military we need to
focus better education for our children. My last issue that we should focus on is
healthcare. We should give people health care who can not afford it. Many people are
drying because they don’t have health care because they can’t afford it. As U.S
president my job is to help people and give hope to people. We need to give people
health care who just came from a different country. I will use taxing to funding the free
health care. That what I will do if I was the president of the U.S.

Student 4

100 Presidential Days

There are several issues going on in this moment in which I would like to help
make a change. In some states such as California for example, is one of the most
expensive places to live in, the minimum wage for most jobs right now are 12$/hr.
Which in we could all agree is not enough to be able to pay for all your expenses. With
that being said must we all agree that healthcare is something that should be available
to all those who even aren’t able to afford it. Now there are people who still today
cannot for some reason accept that there are people of color who also deserve the
same respect which I will one day hope to help continue make a difference. There have
been a few times that people protest outside of a prison due to how the officers treat
the prisoners as in I believe it was to not receiving the healthcare that they needed and
more on the the prisoners with mental illnesses.

In order to make a change on these issues I will not only need help of Congress
and the government but also the help of everyone else. Regarding the issue of
minimum wage I would like to raise it to at least 18$ per hour and the reason being is
because there are parents out there who who barley make enough to pay all their bills
and who could hardly afford to give them their lunch money (yes I know there is the
application for free lunch.) My plan for the healthcare in general and for the prison
system, i would like to start a place for those who cannot afford to go to the doctors,
this plan will be called the ArteagaCare. For ArteagaCare there will be visits to several
different prisons to make sure how those with mental illnesses and others are. It also
includes giving some shelter to the homeless people until they could get back on their
feet. Now here is the part where I will need the people of everyone, you see there are
people who were raised to be rude to others because of their ethnicity and of course it
is hard to change the mind of one another. Therefore, if anyone every see’s that one is
being discriminated for no apparent reason then I encourage for everyone to stand up
for each other and be there for others and little by little I hope that it could help make a
difference on the topic of racism.

To address these issues I plan to start off with something simple. For the prison
system, the goal is to start getting down the names of the people who are needed to
be checked and then have a separate list for just check-up or if they have any
concerns/questions. For minimum wage, I want to begin with slowly moving up the
amount of money so starting at 12 per hour and within time throughout the year(s) we
will begin to raise it by lets say 25 or 50 cents and go on from there. I would like to
begin some fundraisers such as car washes, selling food at the park etc. to get some
money gathering up in-order to start off the ArteagaCare for those who cannot afford it
or think of it as a free clinic. I believe that racism compared to back then and now we
have all come a long way only there are still some people out there who still believe
otherwise. Because of this I say that everyone that is either Hispanic/Latino, African
American, Asian etc. you are as much of a citizen here as you are in your own origin
and even though here you need papers to prove it you still belong here as much as
everyone else. With that being said do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

These issues are quite significant because well for one, the state of California
mainly is overpopulated and as well as some other states but it is also expensive for
housing and 12$/hr. would not be enough to pay all their bills including if they have
family that is needed to be supported. Healthcare, in my opinion it is important to me
that everyone has a place they could go too without the worry of having to pay a big
amount of money to be taken care of and more importantly if it is something that we
can help with. Racism in this world has been a big problem since way back then, so
bad that African Americans were slaves and Jews were put into concentration camps.
Fortunately it is not as bad as it used to be only that there are still some people out
there who seem to think it’s okay to treat people less than what they are.