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December 2013

Message from the Chairman

Ron Taylor MBE TD ED

The last Friday in May 2014 marks the 160th Anniversary of the founding of the Volunteers
when 99 loyal men of Hong Kong responded to the call from the then Colonial Secretary. The
Volunteer Corps was disbanded and reformed a number of times in the first 20 years. It is
refreshing to note that the current Regimental Association has fared much better in the 19 years
since the Regiment was finally disbanded in September 1995.

The 160th Anniversary is a significant anniversary and the British Columbia Branch are the first
to publicise an event appropriate for the year, with a mid July to August 2014 “Anniversary
Alaska-Yukon Northern Territories Expedition”. This expedition, open to all Volunteers from
around the world, is a “self drive” in a group of vehicles from Whitehorse (the capital of Yukon)
to Alaska and back with flights to and from Whitehorse from Vancouver. Fuller details and
anticipated costs are available from Tony Chan, our Club House Manager.
The Foundation Day Dinner in Hong Kong at the end of May, on the anniversary of the
Volunteers foundation, will be a memorable occasion at which the 160th Anniversary will be
formally celebrated. Functions to celebrate the occasion will also be held in England, in
Canada (in both Vancouver and Toronto) and in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is
hoped that as many Volunteers as possible will attend one or more of these functions.

Our main celebrations of the 160th Anniversary will be in the first full week of November when
Volunteers from overseas are being invited to return to Hong Kong to take part in the biggest
reunion in 10 years. This will be a week to renew old acquaintances and show those who have
not been back to Hong Kong for a number of years how much has changed , how much is still
the same and to note that the spirit of volunteering remains unaffected. At the end of this week,
on Remembrance Sunday, we will all take part in commemorating the 100th anniversary of the
start of the Great War, later renamed the First World War, which was thought to be a war to end
all wars. Regrettably it was not.

2014 is a year of anniversaries and one in which the Association will play its part. Do make

sure that you play your part in this memorable year.

The AGM and Dinner 2013

The AGM and Dinner was held on 6th September and there were over 150 members attending,
occupying 14 tables. It was again held at the Craigengower Cricket Club with the arrangement
by Mr James Yick. Unfortunately, Mr Yick passed away 2 weeks after the dinner. Mr Ron
Taylor read the annual report and Mr PC Keung reported the annual financial report in the
meeting. Since there was no new
application or resignation of the director,
all directors remained unchanged. This
year we had the OG windproof from our
Trailwalker 2012 as the table price and
the president Mr Pavri also donated for
the lucky draw. Mr Michael Siu also
donated a nickel plated brooch as
souvenir to every participant. During the
dinner, Mr Wong Siu Wah gave a slide
show with the photos of the Volunteers
during trainings, exercises, overseas
trainings or exercises and active services e.g. the anti-riot operation in 1967, the anti-II
operation and boat people operation in different era. All participants were so excited and
enjoyed very much with it, it was really an unforgettable memory of every one of us.

The Chung Yeung Festival Ceremony by the Hong Kong SAR

The Chung Yeung Festival ceremony by the Hong Kong SAR Government was held on 13 th
October. Again, the directors of the Association were invited. The ceremony started at 9
o’clock in the morning at the City Hall Shrine. The Chief Executive, Mr Leung Chung Ying,
officiated the ceremony and led the Government officials and Consul Generals of the allied
countries to lay the wreaths in front of the Shrine. Our director, Mr Leung Chun Chung,
represented the Association to lay the wreath. All parties proceeded to the reception at the 1 st
floor of the Lower Block and the Chief Executive approached to each group to have
conversation. The reception ended at about 11am.

The Remembrance Day

The Remembrance Day was held as usual on the second Sunday the 10th of November. The
Last Post was sounded by the Hong Kong Police Band’s bugler at 1100 hrs sharp, and then it
was followed by the 2 minutes silence. After the sounding of the Reveille, the Government
officials and members of the Executive and Legislative Councils started to lay their wreaths.
After them the representatives of different veteran associations, community organisations and
uniformed groups laid their wreaths. Mr Mathew Wong, a director, represented the Association
to lay the wreath. The Guard of Honour was formed by the Joint Services Uniformed Groups;
the Guard’s commander was Mr Teddy Chung who was a former corporal from our C Sqn. Our
ex-officer Mr Patrick Dunn was also the commander of the Guard from the Hong Kong Air
Cadets Corps. The ceremony ended with the playing of the national anthem of the People’s
Republic of China.

Oxfam Trailwalker 2013 (15 - 17 November)

Wong Siu Wing

As an annual gathering; the Volunteers keep actively assisting Oxfam in this meaningful event
since 1997. As usual we provide manning right from the starting point at Pak Tam Chung, Sai
Kung till the finishing point at Tai Tong, Yuen Long with nine check points in between. The
Volunteers maintain manning of the start and finish points, check points 1(jointly with HKAC), 8
and 9, sweep teams and action and reaction teams; which resemble an annual assembly of our
old friends after disbandment. The remaining check points are manned by: Police, Fire
Services, Correctional Services, ICAC and Immigrations. This year we were fortunate enough
to have experienced excellent weather throughout the event, which was around 20 degrees
Celsius, cool, sunny and dry; thus resulting in faster timing for all walkers generally and leading
to the low dropout rate of walkers this year; 4672 walkers registered at the SP, 90% of
individual walkers and 75% of full team completed the whole course of 100km.

The Oxfam Trailwalker followed the route established in 2009 and is reputed to be one of the
toughest team challenges in the world. Readers are well aware of the incident at Sai Wan
Village where the access leading to CP1 was blocked by the villagers in petitioning a protest
right after the kicking-off of the first teams shortly after 0900 hrs on 15 November. Having failed
with negotiations with the protesters for opening the access, at 1014 hrs Oxfam decided to alter
the route by skipping CP1, detouring at Chui Tung Au and turned left up the paved track
heading for Sai Wan Kiosk at the junction with Sai Wan Road. A temporary water point was set
up at this Kiosk. Then walkers had to follow Sai Wan Road until the junction with Man Yee
Road and turn right to Tai Mong Tsai Road until the junction with Pak Tam Road. Along Tai
Mong Tsai road all walkers had to keep right to avoid the on-coming teams which started at
latter times. At the junction of Tai Mong Tsai Road/Pak Tam road (Tsak Yu Wu) walkers had to
turn right along Pak Tam Road heading for an uphill track on the right hand side (before Lady
MacLehose Holiday Village) leading to CP2 at Pak Tam Au. Before arriving at CP2, the track
split at a junction near the abandoned AFCD management office at which volunteers were
deployed to direct walkers uphill towards CP2. Due to the hick-up at Sai Wan and re-routing, 6
new direction posts and 1 water point were deployed immediately, they were: Chui Tung Au, Sai
Wan Kiosk, Sai Wan Road/Man Yee Road/Tai Mong Tsai Road, Tai Mong Tsai Road/Pak Tam
Road, Pak Tam Road/Track uphill and AFCD management office. Thanks to the concerted
effort and hard work of the volunteers at CP1 (and the support from SP), we demonstrate our
skill and initiative in tackling the difficult situation in such a short time. In spite of the re-routing,
there is about 6 km. of paved road replacing the original hilly trail, no wonder why the fastest
team broke the record and achieving the very good result of 10 hrs. 58 mins. The first 2 teams
were Gurkhas: 1. Team Columbia, 2. Team Nepal at 11 hrs. 1 min. and 3. 2xU Hoka Team at 12
hrs. 35 mins. Despite the slight hick-up, the whole event ran smoothly and successfully and we
assisted in keeping up the spirit of Trailwalker.

We look forward for more helping hands in the many years to come.

The Canadian Day Ceremony
Bernard Yuen

The Canadian Day ceremony, which is hosted by the Consulate General of Canada, was held
on the 8th December at the Sai Wan War Cemetery. The ceremony is to commemorate the
Canadian soldiers died in the Battle of Hong Kong in 1941. We met Capt John Lam in the
ceremony as he was back from the UK for his Christmas holidays. The protocols of the
ceremony were about the same with the Remembrance Day and the bugler was from the Hong
Kong Police Band. The HKAC provided the sentries and Mr PC Keung represented the
Association to lay the wreath. The national anthems of the PRC and Canada were sung by the
students of the Canada International School at the end
of the ceremony. I played a visit to the grave of Maj.
Cheng Chun Wing, which is next to the War Cemetery,
after the ceremony and gave my salute to him.


New embroidery cap badge New blazer badge
$120 $250.

New nickel plated Regimental ring


New Regimental umbrella


Coming Events

Family Walk 5th January, 2014.

The Volunteers Challenge Cup 12th February, 2014. Night race
The 160th Foundation Day Dinner 30th May, 2014.

Bernard Yuen