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Argumentative Essay

“ The air conditioner is one of the best inventions.” Discuss.

 State whether you agree or disagree with the statement
 State the benefits and ill-effects of air –conditioning
 If you agree, then your benefits should outweigh your ill-effects and if you
disagree, then the ill-effects should outweigh the benefits

2nd Paragraph
 Controllable comfort
- Today’s residential air conditioning systems can heat as well as cool,
allowing a constant level of comfort throughout the entire year.
- keep elderly and other vulnerable people safer from heat-induced
health problems during extreme weather condition.
- reduction in humidity – reduce humidity within your home to eliminate
the ‘stickiness’
- used in many commercial settings such as food industry to prevent food
spoilage especially in grocery stores and restaurants.
3rd Paragraph
 Prevents dehydration and heat strokes
- exposed to excessive heat for longer periods can cause dehydration.
- high temperature leads to profuse sweating making body to lose
- if fail to replenish water the result is dehydration.
- air conditioners reduce sweating minimize the risk of lost water.
- heat stroke happened because of excessive heat.
- too much heat make it difficult for the body to regulate its
- failing to treat can cause damage to the brain and other organs of the
- air conditioners reduce the temperature of the air can be helpful in
preventing heat strokes.
4th Paragraph
 Helps to reduce asthma and allergies
- help filter as well as disinfect the air we breathe.
- reduce the risk of getting asthma and allergies by removing pollen
and dust.
- air conditioner lower indoor humidity, decrease the growth of dust
mites and mold.
5th Paragraph
 use a lot electricity
- creates financial disadvantages for people who pay for the power
- large percentage of power is created by coal- burning power plants
- contributes indirectly to the release of harmful greenhouse gasses
and other pollutants.
- gasses that are emitted contribute to the depletion of ozone layer.
- cause global warming – HFCs
 Dry Skin
- spent longer hours in air conditioned environment causes skin to lose
moisture long term – suffer from dry skin
 illness and constant fatigue
- unbearable cold in air conditioned environment can make someone
to be tired.
- may experience chronic headaches and fatigue.
- may experience constant mucous membrane irritation and breathing
Restate your opinion of whether you agree or disagree with the statement.