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In the old Testament times: They celebrate Easter as “ Passover” It a type and shadow of Christ ( symbol) that prepares
them for the real meaning which is “ Christ will diliver them from slavery of sin and death, through His suffering, His
death and resurrection:

Yung tradition ng passover nadala hanggang meridian of times because there are some jew na hindi na recognize or
konti lang sa kanila ang aware na si Jesus Christ during sa last week ng kanyang life is about to deliver deliver them from
slavery of sin and death, through His suffering, His death and resurrection:

As a Latter Day saint and as an Individual ano ang thoughts na pumapasok sa isip nyo when you hear the word “EASTER”

Possible Thoughts:
Atonement, Ressurection, Delivirance from sin and etc.

in addition to overcoming sin and death, Jesus Christ and His infinite Atonement. can also comfort us in our trials and strengthen us in our

5 Scriptures to ponder:

Scriptures about the Savior’s Atonement.

• Isaiah 25:8 - Papsie and Mamsie
• Isaiah 53 – Almaquer Family

2 Nephi 9:5–12 – Taasan Family

• Alma 7:10–14; 11:32–44 – MM and Julie

Doctrine and Covenants 19:15–19 – 3 Youngest read

What have you find in these chapters that helps you feel the saviors love?

What have you learn about His Power to deliver you from sin and death?

What have you learned about enduring trials and overcoming weaknesses?

How are you exercising faith in His power of deliverance?

Now dahil sa mga bagay na natutunan nating ngayon ,

Anong pag babago as and individual or as a family ang gagawin ninyo/natin ngayon

Sensitive in dealing with people and families. Am I worthy to partake the blessings of the Lord?

If you want your family to be happy your decisions or action should be founded upon the teachings of Christ.

Priesthood holds the key use it in right way, counsel your wife to righteousness, ask counsel from them. Lead them in
the gospel
Review as husband and wife the family proclamation.

Lehi left his gold, silver , to be with family on the wilderness.

Don’t reverse, leave family, Leave the brass plate etc. just for success.

Father preside:
Father Protect:

Project your familys future: Project to see your family in the celestial / sealing room.
The most beautiful things here on earth are things that can be seen, touch but things are what you feel 😊 especially
Sacred things in the temple.

It is Not finished: To finish, seminary institute, mission, marriage endowed.

But we continue it in the house of the Lord.