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TO: Abbey Levenshus, CEO

FROM: Thomas Beckman, CMO
DATE: March 5, 2019
SUBJECT: College Advertisement Campaign

This memo evaluates Boosted’s new campaign to increase interest in our products from college
students. We break down the research and findings on the product consumption habits of college
students, ad ideas, and reasons for the first ad prompt. Our target market will specifically be
students on college campus.

Boosted will apply to college students because many students live in either rural or urban
campuses that require smaller modes of transportation. For example, at Indiana University
students will commonly walk 15 to 30 minutes to class. In many cases they must wait for a
campus bus. Boosted can help solve this problem.

According to the National Association of College Stores’ survey, 18 percent of college students
are buying more electronic products today. The survey continues to state, 18 percent of college
students have disposable income or funds. These statistics are encouraging for Boosted since our
product can be considered a luxury item.

For our ad plan we are considering using print posters to introduce our product to campuses.
NACS outlines that around 4.5 percent of college students prefer receiving product information
through ad boards or bulletin boards on campus. Introducing the product can create a buzz on
campus. NACS states around 51 percent of college students prefer word of mouth to learn about
products. If Boosted can develop ads that create buzz around campus, then we can inform and
increase sales among college students.

Strategic Message
Our strategic message, “Boosted Boards give college student a fun, easy way to get to class on
time and care-free,” will be a broad message that can have many creative outcomes. In our ad we
are appealing to college students by showing Boosted can be a new, but effective way to get to
class. We cite sweating during your long walk to class shouldn’t be a norm and Boosted can
solve the issue. Our goal will be to increase revenue and become more relevant with college

When we were undergraduates, we collectively agreed the warm walks to class during fall and
spring made us sweaty and unprofessional. This experience pushed us to relate back to our years
in college. We hope this ad can influence a change in attitude in the minds of college students.

In sum, Boosted should focus resources towards our new ad campaign to increase revenue and
tap into the college student market. As discussed, around 18 percent of the college student
population has the ability to afford our products. Our focus should be appealing to college
students and showing them why our product is relevant. We can discuss these recommendations
in our meeting Friday.
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