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New Caledonia

The SMSP Group

Mine planning
The Mine Planning Department, integrated in the Technical Division, plays an essential role in optimising the
SNNC Co. Ltd
management and development of mineral resources.  The main purpose of mine planning is to ensure the enduring
Nickel Mining Company SAS sustainability of the company’s mining activity whilst achieving economic profitability. 

Cotransmine SAS Planning incorporates a coherent set of forecast figures reflecting the key aspects of company activity and desirable and
possible directions for development. These forecasts provide a comprehensive framework for establishing the company’s
Koniambo Nickel SAS
major strategic guidelines and the resources required for their implementation. This is what the strategic and operating
plan is designed to achieve.

Planning is seen as a system of data indicating the future development of the company as envisaged by its senior
management. The overall mine planning process includes three levels of planning:

Long term mine plan, usually known as the “Strategic Mine Plan”, which may cover a period of 5 to 10 years or even
up to 30 years
Medium term mine plan, known as the “Operating Mine Plan”, which concerns a shorter period of 3 to 5 years
Short term mine plan which focuses on a production period of one to two years

Long term
Long term mine plan (LTP) or strategic plan
Strategic planning centres around the key aspects of mining strategy, namely:

Assessment of mineral reserves and their order of development, including major items
such as roads, storage, key water management structures…. ;
Analysis of extraction products, markets and technologies;
Production targets, and
Resources required to achieve those targets: investments, internal resources,

The LTP reviews the various desirable stages of company development over the coming 5 to 10
years. The main purpose of the LTP is to provide General Management with a coherent and
realistic overall development goal.

Medium term
Medium term mine plan (MTP) or operating plan
The MPT focuses on the next 3 to 5 years and incorporates practical measures for
implementing overall strategy:

Annual operating plan covering the development of mine trenches main roads, materials
storage sites (tailings deposits, ore stockpiles), mine infrastructure (process plant, major

  water management structures…);

Definition of roles & responsibilities (functional and operational organisation chart);
Affectation of technical resources (mining methods, treatment processes…);
Affectation of human resources (human resources plan);
Affectation of financial resources (investment plan and financial plan)   

The MPT provides a forecast of the company’s development over the coming few years in terms
of viability, profitability and financing.

Short term
Short term mine plan (STP)
The SPT, dealing with forecasts for the coming 12 to 24 months of production, represents the
implementation of the operating plan and must focus on:

company mining operations, as laid down by the MTP action plan,

monetary consequences of these action plans ,
and investment and financing operations, always featured in the operating plan

As far as production is concerned, a high level of accuracy is ensured by regular monthly

updates including preparation of a pit extraction plan by mine bench or level and also
including secondary tracks (ramps) and development of disposal areas per level…
On the financial front, monthly budget updates and ongoing budget tracking (budget
management) ensure cost control.

In conclusion, planning can be defined as series of initiatives (action plans) designed to achieve
goals in relation to corporate environment. Planning must ensure long term viability while
maintaining performance standards meeting stakeholder expectations:  

internal: management, shareholders, social partners;

external: financial bodies, industrial partners (joint ventures)

Mine plan development therefore has a very significant role to play in the company’s future.

Public limited company: Postal address: N° RCS Noumea:

Issued capital of 394,863,200 F CFP BP 66 ‐ 98845 Noumea 79 B 070 854
Headquarters: Telephone: N° RIDET :
Ouaco, shire of Kaala Gomen in the Northern Province (687) 28 13 53 070854 002 ‐ 070854 004 ‐ 070854 005
Noumea office: Fax: Date of constitution:
85, Av. du General de Gaulle, im. Carcopino 3000, Noumea (687) 28 15 67 27 September 1979

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