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List of Components of Collection Chamber

Sr. No. Description Qty Scope of Supply

Collection Chamber Components
1 3/4" 45 deg Elbow 2 Other
2 3/4" 90 deg Elbow 6 Other
3 3/4" PN 16 Pipe Other
4 3/4" Plain Socket Union 1 Other
5 3/4" Double Union Ball Valve 1 Other
6 3/4" Pipe Clips 7 Other
7 3/4" Plain/BSP threaded Nipple 1 Other
8 2" Sensor Pipe 1 Other
9 2" Redivac Sensor Cap 1 Redivac UK
10 2" Rubber Grommet 2 Other
11 3" Slide Gate Valve 1 Other
12 3" No-Hub Coupling 2 Redivac UK
13 3" Rubber Grommet 3 Other
14 90 mm HDPE 90 deg Long Spigot Elbow 1 Other
15 90 mm Electrofusion Coupler 1 Other
16 90 mm HDPE Suction Pipe 1 Other
17 90 mm Crossover Pipework 1 Other
18 Redivac Interface Valve 1 Redivac UK

19 3" No-Hub Coupling 1 Other

20 Redivac Breather Tee 1 Redivac UK
21 Redivac Check Valve 1 Redivac UK
22 Interface Valve Chamber 1 Other

23 Incoming Gravity Lateral Other

24 Clear Tubing 3.5 m Redivac UK
25 Ducting Other
Breather Protection Assembly

26 Breather Protection Post Redivac UK

Breather Post cap produced from 5 mm thick mild steel 1
8 mm dia. Threaded hole C/W Grub Screw 1
12 mm dia. Holes spread evenly around post 4
3 mm thick disc with 35 mm dia. Hole welded internally 1
Post manufactured from 3.6mm thick mild steel tube 1
6 mm dia. Drain hole at position shown in drawing 1
35 mm dia. Hole for exit of Breather Pipe 1
200 mm SQ x 6 mm thick plate with 4 nos. 14 mm dia. Holes as 1
shown welded external to post
27 Breather Pipe Redivac UK
ISEKI Breather Cap
3/4" ABS Plain Threaded Barrel Nipple
3/4" ABS Plain Threaded Socket
3/4" Class E Plain ABS pipe
3/4" ABS Plain 90 deg elbow
3/4" ABS Plain Socket
1) The vacuum interface valve shall operate under vacuum pressure and not by means of electricity, batteries or
mechanical means.
2) Interface valve y bodies, bonnets and controller sensor units shall be moulded Polypropylene with glass
reinforcement. P.V.C. will not be accepted as an alternative.
3) The valve body shall be constructed with a minimum 75mm nominal bore and be capable of passing solids up
to 70% of nominal bore.
3) The interface valve shall include two quick release stainless steel band clamps to remove the controller from
the upper housing and upper housing from the lower housing. The controller quick release clamps shall allow
the controller to be quickly removed and replaced. The quick release clamp between the upper body and lower
body shall be arranged to allow removal of the complete lower housing, shaft and plunger assembly to gain
access to the valve seat.
4) The vacuum interface valve shall comply with all tests described in the BS EN1091:1997, British Standard for
Vacuum Sewerage Systems Outside Buildings. The Contractor shall provide a copy of a Certificate, signed by an
Authorised Testing Engineer, to demonstrate that the vacuum interface valve conforms in its entirety with the
5) The vacuum interface valve bonnet shall incorporate a six digit magnetic cycle counter.
6) The vacuum interface valve shall operate between -0.25 bar and -0.8 bar vacuum.
7) The vacuum interface valve shall operate when the batch volume of effluent in the collection chamber
reaches 40 litres. The valve cycle time shall be adjustable to within a range of 3 to 10 seconds.
8) Valve operation should be initiated by means of a pneumatic controller sensor unit set to activate the
interface valve in the range of 5 to 8 inches water gauge. Floats or mechanical control of vacuum interface
valves will not be accepted.
9) The controller sensor unit shall be fitted with a sensor diaphragm of at least 100mm in diameter. The
controller sensor unit shall have a surge suppressor incorporated to the sensor port. The controller sensor unit
shall be fitted with a Push Button that allows manual operation of the valve. The controller sensor unit shall not
contain any small diameter tubing.
10) A stainless steel and elastomer ‘No-hub’ coupling shall be used to connect the interface valve to the
polyethylene vacuum sewer. Any exposed steel components on the vacuum interface valve shall be
manufactured in stainless steel grade 316 or equal.
11) Interface Valves will be piston type, pinch or diaphragm type valves will not accepted.
7.20 50mm (2 inch) and 65mm (2.5 inch) interface valves will not be accepted.

A check valve shall be fitted within the vacuum supply tube to the controller unit so as to avoid moisture build
up in the controller unit.
1) Chamber is of one piece homogeneous Polyethylene construction and without mechanical coupling of
sections or flanges with a minimum retention volume of 400 litres below the intermediate landing platform and
have a diameter of 1,000mm in the Wet Sump.
2) The top section of the Chamber shall house the Interface Valve along with High Sewage and Valve opening
Monitoring Sensors and be a minimum internal diameter of 800mm.
3) The integral landing platform will incorporate a 180mm cleaning access hole with Rubber End Cap Cover, In
addition the Landing Platform shall incorporate holes for the 90mm suction pipe, 3 inch High Sewage Level
Sensor and the 2 inch sensor pipe to pass through.
4) Connections for Incoming Gravity Lines shall be moulded into the Wet Sump as 160 diameter Spigots. A
minimum of four Spigots shall be moulded into each Valve Chamber including End Caps to be cut off as required
5) The valve chamber must be designed to allow for the sensor and suction pipes to be easily removed for
6) A minimum of two (2) pre-cast seating rings shall be installed above the heavy duty cover slab to achieve
adjustment to finish ground level.
7) The valve chamber shall have four feet moulded into the base for support and be capable of being bolted
down during installation.

1) A breather protection shall be 100 mm in diameter and when in position it shall stand 600mm above finished
ground level. A further 350 mm in length shall be allowed to secure the unit in the ground by use of a suitable
concrete base. The unit shall be positioned in an area, no greater than 6 metres from the collection chamber.
2) The unit shall have the 20mm ABS breather assembly pipework and breather cap fitted at the manufacturer
works, The assembly pipework shall include a 20mm ABS pipe spigot which shall extend horizontally beyond the
protection by 25mm for connection on site to the collection chamber ABS breather pipework, the 20mm spigot
shall exit the protection unit 50mm above the base of the unit.
3) The unit shall be fitted with a 100 mm cap which will be held in place over the protection unit by use of a
stainless steel grade 316 fixing screw.
4) The unit shall be pre-drilled with four number 12 mm holes which will be equally spaced around the top of
the unit 50 mm below the bottom edge of the cap.
5) The unit shall be self draining.
6) The material used for the protection posts shall be non corrosive, fit for purpose