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1. P&I Diagram was not furnished and hence shall be furnished for understanding the system
better.- Noted & Furnished for your reference.


1. If there is any elevation difference between the suction and seal water input same shall also be
added to the head required.- Noted, the elevation difference is approximately 3mtrs considered
in cushion
2. Input pressure of the seal water pumps is taken as 50meters however the targeted system
pressure of cooling water pumps is 35 meters only. Hence same shall be reviewed.-The Output
of Cooling water pumps is 55mtrs & considering strainer losses the head available is
approximately 50mtrs


1. Cooling water pressure requirement of Motor and pump shall be made equal. As it is mentioned
that motor components it is 3.5kg/cm2 and for pump it is 2.5kg/cm2.- Noted, incorporated. The
copper tubes in pump guide bearing capable upto 5bar working pressure
2. Pump Guide bearing is erroneously mentioned as Pump Thrust Brearing is row 57. Same shall
be corrected. Similarly No. of tapings was also mentioned as 5 instead of 10. Same shall also be
corrected.- Noted, For each cooling system no of tappings will be 1No’s same was incorporated
3. It is advisable to form 2 Nos. cooling water headers i.e., one header for each 5 pumps. So as to
reduce the head loss and head variation during running of less no. of pumps in addition with
reliability and ease of maintenance. – The cooling water requirement for each pump set is huge
(i.e 3777LPM), if we combine header for two pumps, the motor capacity we are getting is almost
110KW & pipe sizes will increases system will be complicated. Considering space constraints, we
have proposed independent system for each pumpset.


1. Assumption of dewatering all 10 pumps discharge in two hours seems to be on most pessimistic
side as Dewatering of all pumps at a time practically not required. Hence shall be reviewed to
reduce the capacity of Pumps/Motors. –Noted, dewatering time revised as 4hours. 10KW motor
rating is nominal & will be helpful for evacuating during accidental inundation. We may use less
number of pumps if requirement is less.
2. As drainage water pumps can also be used for dewatering being utilizing the same pit. Same
may also be considered (if capacity of Pumps/Motors to be reduced. )- Drainage pumps flowrate
is very low & they are meant for continuous operation. However they may be used along with
dewatering pumps
3. Units of Pump diameters was mentioned as MM same shall be corrected as Mtrs. Noted&

1. It is advisable to take the discharges pump guide bearing coolers also directly to surge pool or
outside the pump house to minimize the drainage requirement. Hence shall be reviewed. –
Noted & corrected
2. Drainage water quantity of 5 pumps was wrongly calculated same shall be
((110+10)*5+100=700). Same shall be corrected. – Noted & Corrected
3. Units of Pump diameters was mentioned as MM same shall be corrected as Mtrs. –Noted &