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Sr. No.

01. School Name, Logo, Address and buildings picture 01

02. Our Philosophy

03. Objectives
04. About the School
05. Messages form, Chairman, Director, Trustees, Principal, Coordinator etc.
06. Developing Layout Plan.
07. School Infrastructure
08. Vision, Mission & Values
09. Special features & our focus areas transport facilities
10. Play – Pre-Primary, Primary & Middle
11. Facilities, - Library ----------------------- Medical aid
12. House System
13. Location of road map, contact details, email, website …………………… mobileno.
Page No. – 1

Front Page

 Our objective is to mould our students to be a unique child who

will excel in a diverse multi cultural society.
 To promote creativity research among the students emphasizing
quality education.
 To assure that the inherent ability is nurtured by the overall
development of the children.
 To create an environment where children will respect the
diversity of language, customs, religions & culture.
 Committed towards the highest standard of education and
making students are responsible citizen.
 To provide a comprehensive environment that aids development
and build self confidence to contribute as responsible member of
the society.
1- Deligence and holistic development.
2- Nurture care for support & protect.
3- Mentor for the students.
4- Instrire -……….nite our students enthusiasm.
Objectives Page (03)

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Satute to the guru whose form is that of consciousness

pervading all the moving & non moving beings of 3 world.

School back ground pic.

Assembly ground

Vision- The School environment will encourage pupils to

provide the complete learning atmosphere and encourage
the potential of students flexible and adoptable being able to
participate effective by as an individual or as part of a term
confident in applying the knowledge and skills they acquire
in different situations.
Mission – On mission is to link the student to the real world
giving learning purpose enriched learning experiences.
Combridge Height School, Sagar runs under the aegis of Gyanveer
Sewa Samiti trust, As a responsible body we are foraying is the field
of quality school education after establishing the Gyanveer Institute
Of Management Science our renowned place in the central.

India is the field of education. The society is established by a team of

educationist and managed under the blessings hands of Mrs Savita
Singh Rajput and able leadership of Mr. Govind Singh Rajput and Mr.
Aditya singh Rajput.

We at Cambridge Heights, Sagar believes that our mentors use

different pedagogy and effective methodology of education to
nurture the student in all aspects of life. With the help of skill based
and practical education we flourish our kids and transform into good
human beings and well prepared for the challenges of a changing
world dynamics.

The curriculum of Cambridge heights offers of judicious mix of

national & global relevant subject perfectly aligned guidelines of
CBSE New Delhi.

Combridge Heights set in a spacious campus. The school is divided

into 2 sections Junior (2.5 to 5 years) including the kinder garden in
the senior (6 to 13 yrs) outstanding, teaching, good facilities, make
the school, one of the best in the city. The school equips its students
with all the necessary skills require to explain the opportunity of the
present & face the challenges of the future with confidence.

Along with the academics we offer our students a vide variety of

cocurroular programmes design to ensure equal opportunity for all
to participate.
Slogans for school logo.

 Today’s children, Tomorrow’s leaders

 Leaders for Tomorrow.
 Anchored in learning.
 To make the best better.
 Excellence in education
 No step back words.
 Quality learning and superior performance for all.
 Open your mind.
 Where the future is present.
 Unique education for unique children.
 Committed to Excellence in Education.
 Bringing learning to life.
 Faith, Family, Excellence.
 Achieving excellence together.
 Great things happen here.
 Pioneer the future.
 Deeds not words.
 Achieving excellence together.
 By counsel, not b y force.
 The future begins here.
 A great place for ………….. .
1- To create interest among the students in the curricular and
co-curricular activities.
2- To give the best education to the students with modernized
and the latest techniques.
3- To assure that the interest ability is nurtured by the overall
development of the child.
4- To make all the students active & intelligent.
5- To development our sense of discipline & self reliance
among the students.
6- To make them better member of a better society.
7- To provide a comprehensive environment that adds
development & build self confidence to contribute as a
responsible member of the society.
8- To raise students moral standard & broaden their vision.
9- To promoter creativity and research among the students
emphasizing quality education.
10- To create environment where children respects the
diversity of langnapes, custom, religion & cultures.
School Infrastructure

The School is situated on in the expensive piece of land. At

Rajghat Road, Tili, Sagar (M.P.) . We always stress on
providing a congenial environment where the body of a
child will feel, fresh & the mind completely rejuvenated with
Push and pollution free premise and stress free
atmosphere. The whole campus is under the surveillance of
CCTV cameras.
Cambridge Heights is committed to provide the best
infrastructure and environment available for the child to
nurture & orgone . The infrastructure is to be designed with
Audio- Visual activity room. The building in plan as per the
student benefits. The presence of the state art room, speech
room, drama room, skating rink and other outdoor activities
will be a distinct feature to cherish. The presence of well
equipped lab for computers, language & robotic rab as per
the modern education parameters, the dedicated (a-v room
for lacturers. The library and other facilities within campus
are designed as per student requirement & convenience.
Page 08

“I want to do ! is the only reason to do some thing”

Special Featrues : (Mention play school features)
1. Well equipped Activity room, and classes.
2. Smart class facility available.
3. Talking Pen methodology of teaching.
4. Experienced and the qualified faculties.
5. Emphasize on the communication & the language .
6. Transport facilities
7. Focus on moral ethies.

Our Focus Area:

1. Personality & social development

2. Communication skills. Physical Activities Pic
3. Logical activities.
4. Creativity is Art & Craft.
(Play to Pre-Primary)

At Cambridge heights have a special premises for Primary years of

student life. The premises is designed as per the need of the students
21 focus on providing a strong academic foundation for development of
child’s personality behavior skills and confidence.


The co-curricular activities like art, music, dance, and alike are mixed is
coherence with the curriculum. The curriculum is designed is a
comprehensive way to inculcate. World class education halpping them
to meet the challenges of present & future.

The Objective is to develop various physical intellectual, social and

emotional facets to transform them as good human beings.


We at Cambridge Heights realize that at this age a child goes through

various physical and other changes we guide them to become
intellectually sound pupil for their contribution towards society. 2n this
section the child. Learns new things form CBSE curriculum. after
graduating form the primary. We will focus on their academic goals and
guide them in selection of their path to success through counseling, Co-
curricular, activities will be an integral part and for this expert coaches
inculcating proper guidance.
Page – 10


Library –

Games & Sports - Pic of the Sport area.

Computer & Lab :-

Medical Facilities & First aid

House System.

Red ----------(Arya Sheet)

Green -------(Kalam)

Blue ---------(Vivekanand)

Yellow -------(Satyarthi)
Page no. 11

Road Map for school

Distance form civil lines, katra Sajay drive, Bhagraj, Motinagar Manpain,
Bus stand …………..and Other area.


Page :- 12


Contact details Prospectus work

E-mail Completed on 07/11/2017

Web- site
Enquary Form

Logo School Name


Cont. No. --------------

Register Ser. No. ____________ Date:-

Student Name Ms./Mst._______________________________________

Father Name Mr. ____________________________________________

Mother Name Mrs. __________________________________________

Last Class Pass ______________________________________________

Last School Name & Address___________________________________

Pass (% Or Grade / CGPA) _____________________________________

Father Occupation ___________________________________________

Mother Occupation __________________________________________

DOB & Child ________________________________________________

Mob. No. 1 2 3

Phone No. - 07582--__________________

Present Resident Address - ____________________________________


Permanent Address - ________________________________________


Email - ____________________________________________________
Admission Form

Logo School Name

Dise Code _____________________School Affiliation No. Ps


Rejghat Road, Tili Ward Sagar (M.P.) Ph. 07582-________




Admission for Session 2018-19 (Passport Size)

Admission for Class Admission No. & Date :-


1. Students Name Mst/Ms. ________________________________

2. Gender :- Male Female
3. Birth Place ___________________________________________
4. Date of Birth (In finger) _________________________________
5. Date of Birth (In Word) ___________________________________
6. Age as on 1st April/2018 Years / Months / Days
7. Category :- SC ST OBC Minority GEN
8. Blood Group :- _________________________________________
9. Mother Tongue:- _______________________________________
10. Nationality:- _______________________________________
11. Religion :- _______________________________________
12. Caste _____________________Sub caste_______________
13. Samagra ID No. __________________________________
14. Family ID No. __________________________________
15. Aadhar Card (Student) _________________________
Aadhar Card (Father) _________________________
Aadhar Card (Mother) _________________________
16. (A.) Bank Details – (For student)

Bank – Name _____________________________

A/C No. _________________________________

IFSC No. _________________________________
(B.) Bank Details – (For Father)

Bank – Name _____________________________

A/C No. _________________________________

IFSC No. _________________________________
(C.) Bank Details – (For Mother)

Bank – Name _____________________________

A/C No. _________________________________

IFSC No. _________________________________

17. Student Email. ID__________________________

18. Contact Address :- __________________________________
19. Parent Information :-_________________ Photo
20. Father’s /Guardian’s Name :- _________________________
Date of Birth ___________________________________________
Age :- _________________________________________________
Qualification ___________________________________________
Present Job/Business:- ___________________________________
Name and full address of organization /Bussiness _____________
Annual Income :- _______________________________________
Father Email Id _________________________________________
Mob. No. ______________________________________________
21. Mother’s /Guardian’s Details:-

Name :- _____________________________________ Photo

Date of Birth __________________________________
Age:- ________________________________________
Qualification __________________________________
Present Job Details _____________________________
Name and address of organization__________________________
Annual Income :- _______________________________________
Emial Id :- _____________________________________________
22. Brother and sister Details:-
Name of Brother /sister Age Class Name of School add.

I here by declare that all the above given facts are true to
the best of my knowledge and belief.
Place :_____________
Date :______________ Signature
For office use only

Reg. no. ------------------- Date ------------------

Adm. No. ----------------- Date ------------------

Class ------------------------ House -----------------------------------------------------

Fee concession --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Reason for fee concession ------------------------------------------------------------


From Checked by Administrator Principal

T.C. NO. ------------------------------

Issue Date --------------Class -------------Session---------------Reason------------


Enclosures /Required Documents.

1. Copy of Birth Certificate.

2. Previous Class Progress card. (Last 2 Years)
3. Original T.C.
4. Caste Certificate, Samagra ID, Bank, Passbok Details, Aadhar Card,
Parents & Students.
5. Studentss P.P. Photo-3, Mother-Father-1each,
6. Physically challenged – if. Than provide Xerox Copy.
Transport Form

1. School Details with name, logo, address, contact no.___________

Mobile No. _________
2. Class
3. Adm. No.
4. Adm. Date
5. Bus No.

I ___________________ agreed to take the bus service for my

_______________________ studied in class ______form area

2nd case of emergency please contact.

 Mobile No Father - ________________.

 Mobile No Mother - ________________.
 Mobile No Guardian - ________________.

I will ready to abide all the rules and regulations. Aforesaid given
details are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
RECEIPT NO. _________________ DATE:- ______________

NAME OF THE STUDENT :- ___________________________________

FATHER’S NAME:- _________________________________________
AMOUNT (In fig.) :- ________________________________________
Purpos :- ________________________________________________
Class :- _________________________

Rs. Sign.
RECEIPT NO. _________________ Fee Receipt ______________

NAME OF THE STUDENT :- ___________________________________

FATHER’S NAME:- _________________________________________
CLASS :- __________________Sect.______________Admission_______
Date :- __________________Fee Month-_________Mob. No._______

S No. Particulars Amount

Rs. Pas.
1. Admission fee (Non Refundable)
2. Annual Charges
3. Tuition fee (_______________)
4. Trasnport Fee (_______________)
5. Sports & Computers fee
6. Fine

Amount (Rs) _____________________________ In Words __________

______________________Pay to Cash / Cheq ____________________

Parent Sign Receipt Sign