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Internship Title Internet of Things Development Guru Intern

Start Date As soon as possible after 20-5-19

Working Pattern 10 weeks / 350 hours
Flexible and to be discussed with the right person.
Foresee and need to work during working hours on projects and
potentially out of hours on events.
Location M-SParc - Gaerwen – Anglesey.
Pay £3,062.50 for the 10 weeks of work (£8.75 per hour)
Job Description An Internet of Things gateway has recently been installed in M-
SParc with a view in the end to covering the whole of Anglesey
in LoRaWAN. M-SParc wish to work with a person that has the
skills and ambitions to develop innovative end uses for this
technology within our building, car parks and surrounding areas.
Initial ideas include:
- Install sensors in our car park to tell us how many are
free (could be EV points)
- Install sensors in our dust bins informing us when they
are getting full AND when they have been emptied
- Develop a dashboard for interpretation of the data.
- Install sensors on key doors into the building that
inform us, the operational team, if they are left open for
over 2 minutes.
- Develop a system for people to use M-SParc post
business hours via IoT or Wi-Fi enabled locks. Locks txt a
combination to the organiser of the meeting 30 mins
before a booking and the combination expires 30 mins
post meeting room booking. This is because we get
requests from people to use M-SParc at night but we
are unable to staff the space 24/7.
- Work with other sectors, such as agriculture and
tourism and local governments to identify Use cases for
IoT and pilot them with them. This will happen via the
Year of IoT programme.

Also participating in the Year of IoT programme that will start on

the 25th of April in M-SParc. Under the Year of IoT there will be
12 events with each one looking at a new opportunity for the
technology or learning about a new aspect for the technology.
You will be required to attend these sessions and to update the
group there on your progress as part of this internship.

The aspiration is that you will develop your skills as part of this
role but you may then wish to establish your own start up in the
sector based on ideas and technologies developed on this
internship. M-SParc would retain IP on these ideas and reserve
the right, should you wish to form a Joint Venture with you
should a viable business case be identified.

Essential Criteria You are required to embed into the M-SParc team and not work
in isolation.
You will be an ambassador for M-SParc so need to have the
right attitude, be open, approachable and energetic. Go look for
work, be positive!
Confident in your own abilities and willing to take opportunities.
You may be required to attend shows or roadshows to
showcase your work and share good practice.
Key skills would be Computer Science, programming and
hardware, electronics. These skills don’t need to be a part of
your course.
Business skills would be desirable with a view to growing the
project into the future.
You are required to bring your own laptop BUT if this is a
problem then we will try to source one for this project.
Desirable criteria The ability to speak Welsh is very desirable but not essential.
How to Apply Send your CV and cover letter to Emily Roberts emily@m-
Closing Date Monday 13th May at 1pm