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SET - 1
Maximum Marks: 100
Time: 3 hours



• Question 1 is compulsory
• Attempt any 8 questions from Question 2 to Question 9.

1.(a) Define the following terms briefly:

(i) BIOS
(ii) ASCII
(iii) VPN
(iv) Bluetooth
(v) Joystick
(5X1=5 Marks)

(b) Explain each of the following:

(i) Real Time Data Warehouse
(ii) MMX
(iii) Online Backup
(iv) Index Field
(v) Buffering
(5X1=5 Marks)

2. Answer the following questions:

(a) What do you understand by an expert system (ES)? Mention different

types of ES and discuss the components of an ES briefly. (7 Marks)

(b) What are the challenges faced by the management of a data center?
(3 Marks)

3. (a) Discuss the structure of a DBMS in detail. (6 Marks)

(b) Briefly discuss the disadvantages of assembler languages. (4 Marks)

4. (a) Computers are helpful but they have certain limitations also. Please
explain this statement briefly. (4 Marks)
(b) Describe the basic functions performed by an operating system and
mention its location in the computer system. (6 Marks)
5. Draw a flowchart for computing the income tax payable on the income of an
individual as per the following rates-
First Rs.1,00,000 NIL
Next Rs. 50,000 10%
Next Rs.1,00,000 20%
Balance Amount 30%

A surcharge is payable on the tax computed @ 10% if the income exceeds

Rs.10,00,000. Education Cess of 2% is payable on Income Tax Payable.
(10 Marks)

6. (a) Discuss the plans used to eliminate downtime in data centers.

(5 Marks)
(b) What is a decision table? Briefly discuss its advantages and
(5 Marks)


(Answer all questions)

7.(A) State with reasons which of the following statements are correct/incorrect
(Attempt any three statements):

(a) Retrenchment strategy refers to removal of employees from job through the
process of reorganization.
(b) Six sigma is a technique to mange the behavior of groups in organizations.
(c) Strategy is partly proactive and partly reactive
(d) Objectives are open ended and goals are close ended.
(2X3=6 Marks)

7.(B) Answer briefly any two of the following:

(a) Can a change in the elected government affect the business environment?

(b) Enlist the components of marketing mix.

(c) Differentiate clearly between forward and backward integration.

(2X2=4 Marks)

8. What do you understand by total quality management? Discuss the principles

guiding it. (10 Marks)

9. What do you understand by implementation of strategy? What are its

interrelationships with formulation?
(10 marks)
10. Case Study

Meters Limited is a company engaged in the designing, manufacturing, and

marketing of instruments like speed meters, oil pressure gauges, and so on,
that are fitted into two and four wheelers. Their current investment in assets is
around Rs.5 crores and their last year turnover was Rs.15 crores, just
adequate enough to breakeven. The company has been witnessing over the
last couple of years, a fall in their market share prices since many customers
are switching over to a new range of electronic instruments from the range of
mechanical instruments that have been the mainstay of Meters Limited.

The company has received a firm offer of cooperation from a competitor who
is similarly placed in respect of product range. The offer implies the following:

(i) Transfer of the manufacturing line from the competitor to Meters Limited;
(ii) Manufacture of mechanical instruments by Meters Limited for the
competitor to the latter’s specifications and brand name; and
(iii) Marketing by the competitor.

The benefits that will accrue to Meters Limited will be better utilization of its
installed capacity and appropriate financial compensation for the
manufacturing effort.

The production manager of Meters Limited has welcomed the proposal and
points out that it will enable the company to make profits. The sales manager
is doubtful about the same since the demand for mechanical instruments is
shrinking. The Chief Executive is studying the offer.

(a) What is divestment strategy? Do you see it being practiced in the given case?
(5 Marks)
(b) What is stability strategy? Should Meters Limited adopt it?
(5 Marks)

(c) What is expansion strategy? What are the implications for Meters Limited in
case it is adopted?
(5 Marks)

(d) What is your suggestion to the Chief Executive?

(5 Marks)