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MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1) The most basic computer network can be described as 1)

A) a minimum of five computers linked together.
B) two or more computers that are linked together.
C) the Internet.
D) the use of satellites linking computers together.

2) All of the following are essential components of every computer system EXCEPT: 2)
A) hardware. B) people. C) networks. D) software.

3) All of the following are advantages of using a computer network EXCEPT that it 3)
A) promotes independence so users have exclusive control over their own data
and applications.
B) reduces costs by sharing hardware.
C) increases efficiency when software is shared.
D) increases communication and productivity.

4) All of the following statements are true EXCEPT: 4)

A) Wireless networks are faster than wired networks.
B) Wireless networks are easier to install because they don't require drilling or digging.
C) Wireless networks are convenient for people on the move.
D) Wireless networks use radio transmitters.

5) A(n) ________ broadcasts messages to all devices connected to a LAN. 5)

A) hub B) NIC C) switch D) port

6) In a local area network, a ________ only transmits data to the destination node. 6)
A) port B) hub C) switch D) NIC

7) A ________ is a network of computers in a close physical area. 7)


8) The primary difference between a LAN and a WAN is the 8)

A) speed. B) number of hardware devices.
C) geographical area. D) variety of hardware devices.

9) Each individual computer and networked peripheral attached to a LAN is a 9)

A) hub. B) router. C) server. D) node.

10) Cables containing copper wires that resemble those in standard telephone cables are known as 10)
________ cables.
A) Wi-Fi B) coaxial C) twisted pair D) fiber-optic

11) Large organizations may operate a ________ network to connect its LANs and transmit data at 11)
more than 1 gigabit per second.
A) backbone B) mesh C) local area D) node

12) The device or program that forwards messages between networks is known as a 12)
A) gateway. B) router. C) bridge. D) backbone.

13) A(n) ________ network is often used to set up a temporary communications system that requires 13)
no centralized router.
A) wide area B) metropolitan area
C) mesh D) local area

14) Networks that use electrical lines are sometimes called ________. 14)
A) power-line paired networks B) electrical-line networks
C) power-line networks D) twisted pair networks

15) The U.S. Department of Defense uses a(n) ________, which is a specialized network used to 15)
determine locations, maps, and directions using signals from satellites that are orbiting the Earth.
A) mesh network B) MAN C) NIC D) GPS

16) The system of satellites used to determine any position on the Earth is known as 16)
A) LAN. B) MAN. C) GPS. D) Wi-Fi.

17) In the 1970s, Xerox developed ________, which continues to be a popular networking architecture. 17)
A) extranet B) Ethernet C) Wi-Fi D) the Internet

18) Remote access means that a(n) 18)

A) computer is linked directly to a network.
B) user is connecting to a network through a phone line, television cable, or wireless link.
C) technical support agent can access your computer.
D) LAN is set up in an office in a remote location.

19) A newer PC will likely have an Ethernet ________ on the main circuit board so it can directly 19)
connect to an Ethernet network.
A) router B) cable C) jack D) port

20) ________ are hardware devices or software programs that direct messages as they travel between 20)
A) Satellites B) Modems C) Ports D) Routers

21) ________ refers to the quantity of data that can be transmitted through a communication medium 21)
in a given amount of time.
A) Bandwidth B) Ethernet C) Megahertz D) Attenuation

22) Another name for the original Ethernet standard is ________. 22)
A) 3G B) Fast Ethernet
C) Gigabit Ethernet D) 10BASE-T Ethernet

23) The fastest Ethernet devices today follow the ________ standard. 23)
A) Fast Ethernet B) 100BASE-T
C) Gigabit Ethernet D) 10Base-T Ethernet

24) A(n) ________ signal is represented by a continuous wave. 24)

A) digital B) network C) bandwidth D) analog

25) A single fiber-optic cable can replace ________ copper telephone cables. 25)
A) 16,000 B) 20,000 C) 10,000 D) 30,000

26) From the ground, a GPS ________ interacts with signals from a satellite to determine its position. 26)
A) receiver B) drive C) clock D) connector

27) A hard-wired Internet connection through a LAN is called a(n) ________ connection. 27)
A) dedicated B) indirect C) complete D) virtual

28) A(n) ________ converts a message from digital to analog or from analog to digital. 28)
A) modem B) hub C) port D) switch

29) T1 connections transmit data at this speed: 29)

A) 45 Mbps. B) 1 Gbps. C) 1.5 Mbps. D) 1 Mbps.

30) A voice message must be converted to a(n) ________ signal so it can be stored on a computer's 30)
hard drive.
A) digital B) analog C) Wi-Fi D) hardcoded

31) T3 connections transmit data at this speed: 31)

A) 45 Mbps. B) 1.5 Mbps. C) 1 Gbps. D) 1 Mbps.

32) ________ is another term for millions of bits. 32)

A) Megabits B) Gigabits C) Terabits D) Kilobits

33) At the receiving end of a phone call, an analog signal must be converted back into a(n) ________ 33)
A) direct B) digital C) analog D) auditory

34) A ________ is a hardware device that connects a computer to a telephone line. 34)
A) modem B) network card C) router D) hub

35) A broadband connection could be any of the following EXCEPT: 35)

A) dial-up. B) wireless connection.
C) cable modem. D) fiber-optic.

36) A(n) ________ cable uses light waves to transmit multimedia and voice data. 36)
A) fiber-optic B) coaxial C) copper D) twisted-pair

37) Network transmission speeds are measured in ________ per second. 37)
A) lines B) bytes C) binaries D) bits

38) A(n) ________ uses radio waves to carry information at high speed. 38)
A) fiber-optic cable B) T1 connection
C) phone cable D) wireless connection

39) Dial-up modem connections are sometimes called ________ connections because they don't offer 39)
much bandwidth when compared to other types of connections.
A) smallband B) narrowband C) broadband D) minimal

40) A personal area network is possible because of the wireless technology known as 40)
A) FireWire. B) USB. C) Bluetooth. D) PDA.

41) ________ uses high-bandwidth connections to communicate multimedia over wireless networks, 41)
but lacks true broadband speed.
A) DSL B) 3G C) 4G D) Wi-Fi

42) Examples of broadband technologies include all of the following EXCEPT: 42)
A) dial-up. B) fiber-optic.
C) All are broadband connections D) DSL.

43) The rules for how data is exchanged between devices is known as a(n) 43)
A) code. B) procedure. C) algorithm. D) protocol.

44) Many phone companies offer ________, a technology for bringing broadband connections to 44)
homes and small businesses by sharing the copper telephone lines that carry voice calls.
A) satellite connections B) cable modem connections
C) DSL D) wireless connections

45) A ________ is a high-speed, high-end computer that shares data and other resources with client 45)
A) client B) super computer
C) server D) PDA

46) Information from the Internet to the subscriber, called ________ traffic, sometimes approaches 46)
speeds similar to a T1.
A) upload B) upstream C) asynchronous D) downstream

47) A ________ network is a configuration that allows every computer on the network to act as both a 47)
client and a server.
A) peer-to-peer B) metropolitan area
C) client/server D) host system

48) Data traveling from a home computer to the Internet is called 48)
A) T1 traffic. B) DSL traffic.
C) upstream traffic. D) downstream traffic.

49) Internet connections that work through the same network of coaxial cables that deliver television 49)
signals work through a ________ modem.
A) cable B) POTS C) fax D) satellite

50) A ________ stores data and software that can then be shared by several users. 50)
A) client B) thread C) firewall D) file server

51) ________ is a radio-based wireless standard which provides Wi-Fi style access with 51)
approximately 70 Mbps speeds to a 25-square mile area.
A) Bluetooth B) Infrared C) 3G D) WiMAX

52) Using a PC to copy software or data from a server, is known as 52)
A) downloading. B) mirroring. C) uploading. D) server sharing.

53) A ________ network is a tunnel through the Internet that uses encryption and other security 53)
measures to keep out unauthorized users.
A) peer-to-peer B) mesh C) local area D) virtual private

54) When a business can legally copy software to all of the computers they own, the company has a 54)
________ license.
A) pirate B) site C) company D) sharing

55) A ________ is a code embedded as a one-pixel graphics file in an email message which notifies the 55)
sender that the message was opened.
A) cookie B) Web bug C) virus D) phish

56) Most Web-based email systems use ________ to retrieve mail and store the messages in a folder 56)
on a remote mail server.
A) groupware B) Listserv C) POP D) P2P

57) A worldwide public newsgroup available on the Internet is 57)

A) Usenet. B) Listserv. C) Blogger. D) TCP/IP.

58) Asynchronous communication is when the sender and recipient 58)

A) use different software but are able to communicate through the Internet.
B) do not have to be online at the same time.
C) do not use the same operating system.
D) directly connect to share files.

59) One example of a synchronous method of communication is 59)

A) blogs. B) forums.
C) email. D) instant messaging.

60) Graphical bodies used to represent a person in a virtual meeting place are known as 60)
A) memes. B) agents. C) avatars. D) emulators.

61) MMORPGs are 61)

A) online role-playing games involving hundreds of thousands of players.
B) software standards for wireless technology.
C) circuit boards for enhanced handling of multimedia.
D) a group of asynchronous communication methods.

62) If one attempts to send a message to an email address which does not exist, it will return to you, or 62)
A) backup B) bounce C) overload D) export

63) Most email messages are junk email, also known as 63)
A) an avatar. B) IM. C) spam. D) a virus.

64) A scheme called ________ is designed to capture sensitive financial information from the person 64)
visiting a Web site.
A) VPN B) MMORPG C) spamming D) phishing

65) A ________ helps block unauthorized access to a computer. 65)

A) VPN B) firewall C) bridge D) WEP

66) The ________ encryption scheme improves the security of wireless networks. 66)
A) WPA B) phishing C) WEP D) VPN

67) ________ is a secure electronic "tunnel" through the Internet that prevents unauthorized access or 67)
A) Bluetooth B) WEP C) VPN D) Peer-to-peer

68) T1 and T3 connections are considered ________ connections. 68)

A) DSL B) slow-speed C) dial-up D) direct

69) Broadband connections include all of the following EXCEPT: 69)

A) cable modems. B) satellites.
C) DSL. D) telephone modems.

70) Wi-Fi refers to 70)

A) a drive on a laptop that connects to the Internet.
B) the bandwidth of the server to which a laptop connects.
C) a new connection which uses fiber-optic cables to connect a PC to the Internet.
D) wireless LAN connections.

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

71) A DSL connection can share signals with a telephone line. 71)

72) Bandwidth is measured in bits. 72)

73) DSL is slower than fiber-optic Internet. 73)

74) With VoIP, phone calls are carried over the public phone network. 74)

75) Narrowband is a network of newsgroups available worldwide through the Internet. 75)

76) TCP/IP is the most famous protocol for computer networking. 76)

77) Bluetooth technology can reach a range of 10 meters. 77)

78) Wi-Fi technology can reach a range of 5 to 10 meters. 78)

SHORT ANSWER. Write the word or phrase that best completes each statement or answers the question.

79) Computer ________ integration links computers and telephones to increase productivity. 79)

80) A(n) ________ area network is a network of local area networks. 80)

81) A(n) ________ is a device or program used to push traffic through a series of networks. 81)

82) A(n) ________ network allows a message to jump from wireless device to wireless device 82)
until it finds the correct destination.

83) The most common cabling for a LAN is ________ pair. 83)

84) A(n) ________ is a computer or shared peripheral attached to a network. 84)

85) A(n) ________ network, also known as a wireless network, connects computers using 85)
radio or infrared transmitters connected to network ports.

86) Two examples of a(n) ________ operating system are Novell's Netware and Microsoft 86)
Windows Server.

87) The acronym for a device that can pinpoint any location in the world is ________. 87)

88) A continuous wave of bits transmitted through a device is known as a(n) ________ signal. 88)

89) Connecting a computer to a telephone line requires a hardware device called a(n) 89)

90) Network transmission speeds are measured in ________ per second, and this term can be 90)
proceeded by units such as kilo, mega or giga.

91) ________ is the quantity of information that can be transmitted through a communication 91)
medium in a given amount of time.

92) Many laptops and handheld computers have ________ ports that can send and receive 92)
digital information over short distances (approximately 1 meter) without the use of cables.

93) A(n) ________ is a set of rules for exchange of data between devices. 93)

94) A(n) ________ computer sends requests from the user to the server. 94)

95) A(n) ________ server accepts, prioritizes, and processes requests to create hard copies of 95)
documents from many computers.

96) Copying software or data files to a client computer from a server is known as ________. 96)

97) Software designed to allow several networked users to work on the same document at the 97)
same time is known as ________.

98) When a Microsoft Word document or picture file is included along with an email message, 98)
it is known as a file ________.

99) A Web ________ is an invisible piece of code that silently notifies the sender when a 99)
message was opened and may also report other information from the user's computer.

100) A(n) ________ list is used to send electronic messages to many people. 100)

101) A(n) ________ is an online public discussion on a particular subject. 101)

102) Mailing lists and newsgroups use ________ communications so that the sender and 102)
recipient do not have to be logged on at the same time.

103) When a participant in a chat room represents himself using a cartoon character, he is using 103)
a(n) ________.

104) Games such as Eve Online and World of Warcraft, which support hundreds of thousands 104)
of people playing games in an online virtual world, are commonly known by the acronym

105) ________ is the name of the famous online encyclopedia that lets anyone with an Internet 105)
connection modify or add to its content.

106) ________ was a pioneer in allowing users to share photographs on the Web. 106)

107) A(n) ________ Web site is designed to collect confidential and sensitive information from 107)
visitors to the site.

108) Unsolicited email is called ________. 108)

109) To enable customers to check their email using their laptop, a coffee shop may provide a 109)
________, which is a publicly accessible wireless access point.

110) The encryption scheme providing security for data transmission on a wireless network is 110)
known by the acronym ________.

111) A(n) ________ private network provides a "tunnel" through the Internet preventing 111)
unauthorized access or eavesdropping.

112) Rules for the exchange of data between two devices are called ________. 112)

113) Programs designed to enable several networked users to work on the same documents at 113)
the same time are called ________.

114) A system where users can check their email message through most browsers is known as 114)

115) Acceptable behavior rules on the Internet is also known as ________. 115)

116) Graphical representations for the tone of your message, such as :-) to express happiness or 116)
:-O to express surprise, are also known as ________.

117) Email discussion groups on special-interest topics are called ________ lists. 117)

118) One email message from a mail list that includes all the postings from one day is called a 118)

119) A Web ________ is functionally similar to a newsgroup but it's instead built on a Web 119)
application accessed through a Web browser.

120) Another word for sites like Twitter, which allow users to post short status updates is 120)

121) People who monitor discussions in newsgroups but do not contribute to conversation are 121)
known as ________.

122) A person who maintains an online journal may also be called a(n) ________. 122)

123) Like role-playing games, ________ Life is a 3-D virtual world populated by avatars of 123)
Web users from all over the world.

124) A(n) ________ is the shortened name of a Web site designed to enable anyone who 124)
accesses it to contribute to, and modify, content.

125) Information sharing that is outsourced to a community of people rather than to a group of 125)
contracted specialists is called ________.

MATCHING. Choose the item in column 2 that best matches each item in column 1.

Match the term on the left to its corresponding definition on the right.
126) dial-up modem A) continuous wave of bits 126)

127) TCP/IP B) device used to connect computer to 127)

phone line
128) bandwidth
C) personal Web page that can be used for
129) blog a personal diary

130) peer-to-peer D) secure network that uses encryption


131) broadband E) network technology that enables every

computer to be both a client and server
132) analog signal
F) a protocol for computer networking
133) VPN
G) fast Internet connection like DSL 133)

134) wiki 134)

H) amount of data that can be
transmitted through a communication
medium in a given amount of time

I) a Web site designed to allow anyone

who accesses it to modify it

Answer Key
Testname: UNTITLED47

1) B
2) C
3) A
4) A
5) A
6) C
7) A
8) C
9) D
10) C
11) A
12) B
13) C
14) C
15) D
16) C
17) B
18) B
19) D
20) D
21) A
22) D
23) C
24) D
25) C
26) A
27) A
28) A
29) C
30) A
31) A
32) A
33) B
34) A
35) A
36) A
37) D
38) D
39) B
40) C
41) B
42) A
43) D
44) C
45) C
46) D
47) A
48) C
49) A
50) D
Answer Key
Testname: UNTITLED47

51) D
52) A
53) D
54) B
55) B
56) C
57) A
58) B
59) D
60) C
61) A
62) B
63) C
64) D
65) B
66) C
67) C
68) D
69) D
70) D
71) TRUE
72) TRUE
73) TRUE
76) TRUE
77) TRUE
79) telephony
80) wide
81) router
82) mesh
83) twisted
84) node
85) Wi-Fi
86) network
87) GPS
88) analog
89) modem
90) bits
91) Bandwidth
92) infrared
93) protocol
94) client
95) print
96) downloading
97) groupware
98) attachment
99) bug
100) mailing
Answer Key
Testname: UNTITLED47

101) newsgroup
102) asynchronous
103) avatar
105) Wikipedia
106) Flickr
107) phishing
108) spam
109) hotspot
110) WEP
111) virtual
112) protocols
113) groupware
114) Webmail
115) netiquette
116) emoticons
117) mailing
118) digest
119) forum
120) micro
121) lurkers
122) blogger
123) Second
124) wiki
125) crowdsourcing
126) B
127) F
128) H
129) C
130) E
131) G
132) A
133) D
134) I