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Lesson Plan

LESSON PLAN Subject: literacy

Trainee: Shaikha Hareb Topic or Theme: B letter and Recycle

Class: KG1 (4) Date & Duration: Mon 11th March, 2019

Trainee Personal Goal:

1. I will work on improving my time management the deferent parts of the lesson.
2. I will practise before the class. And I will putt timer for each activity.
3. I know I have developed my time management because when the class finish, I finish all my activity
on time not early.

Lesson Focus:

I will focus in letter B sound and how we write it.

Lesson Outcomes

Students will be able to: learn about letter B sound and recycle.

Student will learn about letter B sound and what are the thing that start with B.

Student will learn about the different between plastic and paper and they will use recycle to do letter B.

Links to Prior Learning:

Some of the student know English letters (A B C D…) and some of them don’t know them.
Some student know that we do recycle for things because the new system in our country that to rub the garbage to
plastic and paper but some of the student don’t know and this is new for them.

21st Century Skills – 5Cs + ownership:

1- Communication
2- Collaboration
3- Critical thinking
4- Citizenship

Key vocabulary:

Bedouin, boat, book, baby, balloons, bike, butterfly, bear, bunny, bird.

Possible problems for learners: Solutions to possible problems:

1- Student will be confused between B 1- Teach them the different between both of B and P
and P. and give them example and show them how they
write letter B

Resources/equipment needed:




Materials: color paper, cotton, colors, water cover, pencil, Bb book, banana, bear toy, boat toy, ball, glue.

& Time
Students will sit in the carpet nicely. Teacher will ask student to sit in a letters
Student have to say what is the day square that in the carpet and be attention.
Opining today. Teacher will change the day and will ask
Student have to follow teacher student “Today is?”. Teacher will play
Carpet direction and listen to her. letters song and will stop in letter B and
Student will interact with teacher. will play it again and again, then she will
Computer ask student “What is the sound of this
Bag with Items
Teacher will try to say the latter and the
star with letter B have to repeat.
Teacher will bring a bag and will ask
15 – 20 minutes
student “What is in the bag?’.
Student will guess what is in the bag.
Teacher will choose student to pick item
from the bag and say it “This is banana” …
Others can talk together and discuss
about things start with B letter.
Teacher will ask student “All this item
start with?”
Teacher will start to explain about all

Main activities {Math}
& Time
Centres Student will focus with the teacher Teacher will explain for student about each
while she explains about the centers. center.
B book Students will go to their center. Teacher will set in the main center
(center1) that she will read Bb book and
Worksheets will discuss it with the students then
Color paper teacher will give student recorder and she
will ask student “Say B sound B…” then
Colors they will record it then they will hear them
self-saying it. Also, they will write B letter
Water cover in worksheet.
There is a recycling center (center2) that
Cotton student have to design letter B with using
recycle items like (old papers, waters
Pens battel cover).
Coloring center1 (center3) that have
worksheet with things start with B letter
10 minutes like (boll, boat, balloons) and they have to
color it.
Coloring center2 (center4) that have 2 type
of paper the first one butterfly and the
second one bird and they have to complete
the drawing by using their hand shape and
Creating B book (center5) student have to
choose 3 picture and color them then they
glue the picture in the book and then they
can take it home.
Writing center (center 6) there is paper
that they have to follow the line to make
letter B and then they have to do it many
times after that they have to draw it
without line.

& Time Plenary/Conclusion

Paper Students will do most of the centers Teacher will ask student to move into all
then they have to show the teacher centers then teacher will make sure that
Pens their work. Student have to do the last all student had done two or more than
Color center (Assessment) then they are center.
done. Teacher will ask all student to do the
assessment (the last center).
5 – 10 minuets Student how didn’t do all centers will Teacher will ask student to clean up by
do them tomorrow. sing for them “Clean-up ... Clean-up...
Student will follow teacher direction. everybody clean-up”. Teacher will ask
Student will clean up when time is up student if they are finish, they can set in
and go to set in the carpet. the carpet.

Homework -

Assessment I will give them assessment sheet that they will follow the line to make B letter then
Strategies: to Re it then they have to write it by their own.

☐ Observation ☐ Student self- ☐ Oral questioning ☐ Peer assessment


☐ Quiz ☐ Student presentation ☐ Written work and ☐ Verbal feedback



See appendix 2 for the template (and questions) to assist.

Lesson Reflection

On Monday March 11, 2019, I aught KG1 (4) students from Al Dewan
school in Al MJuwaiji in the classroom. The students learned to write,
read and say letter B. I start by asking student what is in the basket?
And the student start to guess what is in the basket. Then I ask them
what is the letter that all those items start with? I showed students how
they can write letter B in the white board and I asked them to try to
write it in the floor and in the air. Students tried to record their voice
while they say B sound and listen to it to hear them self when they say
I realised that I need to prove activities that stimulate their curiosity to
keep the student engaged. Also, I want to improve my hands-on activity
and I think that I have to less use papers activities.