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2 Reflection
Candidates regularly evaluate and reflect on their professional practice and disposition to
improve and strengthen their ability to effectively model and facilitate technology-enhanced
learning experiences. (PSC 6.2/ISTE 6b)

ARTIFACT: Weebly Portfolio Blog

The Weebly Portfolio Blog is a collection of research, thoughts, and reflections developed
through the Ed.S. Instructional Technology program. Through the majority of each course, I
provided reflections on the learned experiences and what was gained through the completion of
assignments. Each reflection was an assessment of growth and a connection between ways that I
could apply course content to my current practices as an instructional technology coach. Though
many of the components of the blog posts were collaborative efforts, each post was written

Each blog post demonstrates the ability to regularly evaluate and reflect on my professional
practice and dispositions as each course throughout the program includes a reflection. Many of
the courses include evaluations, research, and additional reflections on various education
technology concepts. Some of these concepts assess the digital divide, innovative instructional
tools to use with students, and examples of past pedagogical practices with my own students.
Overall, the Weebly Portfolio postings showcase my stance on education technology issues, the
knowledge gained in my instructional technology courses, and how I intend to apply the obtained
information to future practices.

Being a reflective practitioner is essential to being an effective educator. Blogging supports

reflection and documentation and it is also a great way to showcase progression and connect with
others. Of the many components required within the ITEC Ed.S. program, creating and
developing the reflections was probably one of the most tedious but beneficial parts. If I were to
alter my Weebly posts, I would ensure that I shared each post to receive feedback throughout my
professional learning community other than my classmates. This would enable me to connect
with others with similar interest and deepen my connections within those sects.

Assessing the effectiveness of this particular artifact is probably one of the more challenging
feats. As I have noted in previous standard’s reflections, instances that are not directly applicable
to the instructional setting must be viewed with a different lens. In this case, the Weebly blog
post reflections display the works and efforts that took place during the 2 years within the ITEC
program. With any form of reflection there is practice. The practice is where the information
gained in each course filters into the schools that I support. Although it is challenging the
directly identify how this portfolio correlates with school impact, I am certain that it is evident in
the support that I provide teachers and students.