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Publisher In-Class Group Exercise EDT 180C

Acerca-De-Princesa Madison Mckee, & Thomas Chavez

Resort & Spa March 15, 2019

Spring Break– Mexico
At Rocky Point Resorts, we hold our
service standards high. We lend out a
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3/13/19 from 2019
helping hand to any service needed. Our commons/1/1b/View_from_our_condo_at_twilight.jpg Arizona State University
faculty is one of the best in the world
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come on down to Rocky Point Resorts. Retrieved on 3/13/19 from https://
From the Spa, to our excellent meals
cooked by professional chefs! page_2385252.html
Come stay a while at Rocky Point Re- • Rocky Port. Retrieved on 3/13/19 from
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Spring Break-n-Co
Rocky Point will Rock your
Primary Business Phone: 555-555-
Address 5555 Spring Break!!!!!!!!
Address Line 2 Fax: 555-555-
Address Line 3 5555 Tel:
Water Side Activities
• Banana Boating
• Surfing
• Jet-skiing
Downtown Rocky Point • Wakeboarding

Downtown Rocky Point

• Antique/ Hand Made Crafting
Shops Land Activities
• Night life Bars and Restaurants • Horseback on the Beach
• Exquisite Tastes and Food • ATV Rentals
• Mini Theaters • Golfing
• Chatting with Locals • Admiring the Scenery

Beach View– Downtown More Water Side Fun

• Scuba Diving
• Parasailing
• Paddle Boating
• Sailing