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Annual Examination

Date : __________
Duration : 3 Hrs.
Mathematics Class
Max. Marks : 90 (Set-1) X

4 All questions are compulsory.
4 Section A carries 1 mark each.
4 Section B carries 2 marks each.
4 Section C carries 3 marks each.
4 Section D carries 4 marks each.
4 Please write down the serial no. of question before attempting it

Section – A
1. If E denote the complement or negative of an event E, what is the value of P(E) + P ( E ) ?
2. Find the distance between the points (a, 0) and (0, b).
3. A tower is 5 3 metres high. Find the angle of elevation of its top from a point 5 metres away
from its foot.
4. There is/are exactly _____________ tangent(s) through a point on the circle.

Section – B
5. A cone of height 24 cm and radius of base 6 cm is made up of modelling clay. A child reshapes
it in the form of a sphere. Find the radius of the sphere.
6. What is the probability that month February of a leap year has.
(a) 5 Tuesdays (b) 4 Tuesdays
Two dice are thrown at the same time. Find the probability of getting
(a) Same digits on both the dice. (b) Different digits on both the dice.
7. 2
Find the roots of quadratic equation 3x − 2 6x + 2 = 0 .
8. The sum of two numbers is 15 and the sum of their reciprocals is . Find the numbers.
9. If the perimeter of a semi-circular protactor is 66 cm, find the radius of the protactor.
10. The length of the tangent from a point A at a distance of 15 cm from the centre of the circle is
12 cm. What is the radius of the circle?

Section – C
11. A hemispherical tank full of water is emptied by a pipe at the rate of 3 litres per second. How
much time will it take to make the tank half - empty, if the tank is 3 m in diameter?

Annual Examination : Mathematics (2016-17)
12. The radii of the bases of two right circular solid cones of same height are r1 and r2 respectively.
The cones are melted and recast into a solid sphere of radius R. Show that the height of each
cone is given by h = 4R
2 2 Q
r1 + r2
13. ABCP is a quadrant of a circle of radius 14 cm. With AC as a P
14 cm
diameter, a semi-circle is drawn. Find the area of the shaded
14. Find the value of 'k' so that the equation x2 – 2(1 + 3k)x + 7(3 + 2k)
= 0 has equal roots. 14 cm
15. The first term of an AP is 22 and common difference of the AP is – 4. If sum of its n terms is 64,
find n.
16. Water in a canal, 6 m wide and 1.5 m deep, is flowing with the speed of 10 km/h. How much
area will it irrigate in 30 minutes, if 8 cm of standing water is needed?
17. Draw a triangle ABC with side BC = 7 cm, ∠B = 45º, ∠A = 105º. Then, construct a triangle
whose sides are times the corresponding sides of DABC.
18. Two tangents TP and TQ are drawn to a circle with centre O from an external point T. Prove that
∠PTQ = 2∠OPQ.


19. If (1, 2), (4, y), (x, 6) and (3, 5) are the vertices of a parallelogram taken in order, find x and y.
20. The shadow of a tower standing on a level ground is found to be 40 m longer when sun’s
altitude is 30º than when it is 60º. Find the height of the tower.

Section – D
21. A spiral is made up of successive semi-circles, with the centres alternately A and B, starting
with centre at A, of radii 0.5 cm, 1.0 cm, 1.5 cm, 2.0 cm, ....... What is the total length of such
 22 
a spiral made up of thirteen consecutive semicircles?  Take π = 
 7 
A ladder has rungs 25 cm apart. The rungs decrease uniformly in length from 45 cm at the
bottom to 25 cm at the top. If the top and bottom rung are 2.5 m apart, what is the length of
the wood required for the rungs?
25 cm

2.5 m

25 cm
45 cm
22. One fourth of a herd of camels was seen in the forest. Twice the square root of the herd had
gone to mountains and the remaining 15 camels were seen on the bank of a river. Find the total
number of camels.
23. The radius of the incircle of a triangle is 4 cm and the segment into which one side is divided
by the point of contact are 6 cm and 8 cm. Determine the other two sides of the triangle.
Annual Examination : Mathematics (2016-17)
24. Draw DABC in which AB = 3 cm, BC = 4 cm and ∠B = 90º. BD is the perpendicular from B on
AC. The circle through B, C, D is drawn. Construct the tangents from A to the circle.
25. The angle of elevation of a cloud from a point 60 m above a lake is 30º and the angle of
depression of the reflection of cloud in the lake is 60º. Find the height of the cloud.
A straight highway leads to the foot of a tower. A man standing at the top of the tower observes
a car at an angle of depression of 30º, which is approaching to the foot of the tower with a
uniform speed. Six seconds later, the angle of dipression of the car is found to be 60º. Find the
furthur time taken by the car to reach the foot of the tower.
26. Find the coordinates of the circumcentre of the triangle whose vertices are (8, 6), (8, –2) and
(2, –2). Also find its circumradius.
27. Find the area of triangle formed by joining the mid-points of the sides of the triangle whose
vertices are (0, –1), (2, 1) and (0, 3). Find the ratio of area of the triangle formed to the area of
given triangle.
28. In figure two circular flower beds have been shown on two sides of a square lawn. ABCD of side
56 m. If the centre of each flower bed is the point of intersection of the diagonals of the square
lawn, find the sum of the areas of the lawns and the flower beds.


O 56 m


In figure, the boundary of the shaded region consists of four semi-circular arcs, the smallest
two being equal. If the diameter of the largest is 14 cm and of the smallest is 3.5 cm, find
(a) the length of the boundary (b) the area of the shaded region.

E 7 cm C
3.5 cm 3.5 cm

14 cm
29. A solid metallic right circular cone 20 cm high with vertical angle 60º is cut into two parts at the
middle point of its height by a plane parallel to the base. If the frustum, so obtained, be drawn
into a wire of diameter cm, find the length of the wire.
30. A solid consisting of a right circular cone of height 120 cm and radius 60 cm standing on a
hemisphere of radius 60 cm is placed upright in a right circular cylinder full of water such that
it touches the bottom. Find the volume of water left in the cylinder, if the radius of the cylinder
is 60 cm and its height is 180 cm.
A right triangle, whose sides containing the right angle are 15 cm and 20 cm, is made to revolve
about its hypotenuse. Find the volume of the double cone formed.
31. A round balloon of radius 2 cm subtends an angle 60° at the eye of the observer while the angle
of elevation of its centre is 45°. Find the height of the centre of the balloon.