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How to create a schedule on Paylocity

1. Open your browser and go to the link

2. Put in the company ID (58669), username and password that you already created.

3. Once you are logged in, go to schedules on your home screen.

4. Once you are on the schedule, make sure you are making the schedule for the
correct week.

5. To add a shift to an employee’s schedule, simply click the day you want to
schedule him or her. A box will pop up for you to “+Add Shift”.

6. Once you click “+Add Shift”, a new window will require you to put the desired
start and end time for that employees shift.
 Once you put in the start and stop time, it will show you the total shift time.
 You do not need to put the location or position.
 All of the shifts you created recently will be on the right side, so you can
easily apply that shift for other days.
 If you click the star, that shift will be moved to “Favorite Shifts” that will
remain there even if they weren’t used recently.
 Once you have selected your desired start and end time click apply.

7. You can easily delete or edit the shift for any employee by clicking on the shift.
8. Once you have created your desired schedule for that week, click “save” and
“publish”. Saving it will save your schedule. Publishing it will allow your employees
to see this schedule on their app. This step is important because if your employees
don’t have access to this schedule the app will no let them clock in for their shift.

9. Below is what a completed schedule should look like. It will show you how many
hours each employee is working for the week. It also shows how many hours total
staff is working each day. This is a helpful tool to make sure we are following the
guidelines for sales associates hours.