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For all-round style and comfort

Your Hyundai SANTA FE Accessories

Exterior Design Accessories
Dare to live
The Santa Fé isn’t just any SUV.
It’s an adventure.
We challenge you to discover
its design and potential.
Your own way.

Alloy Wheel Kit Skid plate

Lightweight and stylish, these Dress up your Santa Fé with a
alloy wheels guarantee the indi- robust looking skid plate.
viduality of your Santa Fé. Part no. E8395-2B000
7 X 17: Part no. 08400-2B270
7 X 18: Part no. 08400-2B180
7 X 19: Part no. E8400-2B100

08400-2B270 08400-2B180 E8400-2B100

Rear Bumper Decoration Running Board
Rear bumper decoration adds a stylish Smoothly integrated alu step with
touch to your Santa Fé anti-slip profile. For easier entry
Part no. E8455-2B000 AL (brushed aluminium look) & exit, as well as for convenient
Part no. E8455-2B000 CR (mat chrome look) access to the roof.
Part no. E8650-2B100

Side Bar Set Side Step Kit

These prominent, chromed stainless Chromed stainless steel side steps
steel bars accentuate your Santa for easier entry & exit, as well as
Fé’s robust, powerful image for convenient access to the roof.
Part no. E8620-2B100 Part no. E8650-2B000
City Protection Bar
Chromed stainless steel. Mounted
on lower side front bumper.
Part no. E8630-2B000

City Protection Line,

Chromed stainless steel. Moun-
ted on front bumper corners.
Part no. E8631-2B000

Rear Protection
Chromed stainless steel
rear guards to protect
your Santa Fé’s rear.
Part no. E8660-2B000

City Protection Line, Rear

and central
Exterior Design Accessories
Chromed stainless steel. Mounted on
rear bumper corners and centrally on
rear bumper.
Part no. E8632-2B000 (rear corner)
Part no. E8635-2B000 (centrally)
Front Protection System
Protect your Santa Fé while ensuring
everyone’s safety with this energy
absorbing and pedestrian friendly Wheel Arch Extension Set
protection system. These stylish wheel arches ensure full protection.
Part no. E8600-2B010 (48 mm) Set of 10 pcs, PUR, in-mold coated (black).
Part no. E8600-2B000 (60 mm) Part no. E8420-2B000

Radiator Grille-upper Rear Spoiler Kit

Add dignity and grandeur to your Santa The elegant rear spoiler perfectly
Fé’s image with this stylish radiator streamlines your Santa Fé’s look.
grille. Matches perfectly with the front Part no. E8340-2B000
Part no. 08380-2B020
Interior Design Accessories

Leather TGS Knob

This classy gear knob is covered with
leather for an enhanced grip. Only for
manual transmission.
Part no. 08190-2B000
Telephone Console
Stylishly integrate your mobile phone into
your Santa Fé’s cockpit with this telephone
console covered in black artificial leather.
Part no. E5550-2B000 (LHD)
E5550-2B900 (RHD)

PDA and iPod Console Entry Guards

Stylishly integrate your PDA or iPod into your Stainless steel door scuff kit with inscription for
Santa Fé’s cockpit with this telephone console added style. Consists of 2 pieces.
covered in black artificial leather. Part no. E8450-2B000 (front)
Part no. E5555-2B000 E8450-2B050 (rear)
Functional Accessories
FM Modulator
(not shown)
Accessory for DVD player.Transmits
DVD sound over car speakers
Part no. E9798-99000

Cruise Control System

This hi-tech electronic type cruise control
system helps you evade costly speeding tickets.
Part no. E9600-3K000

Bicycle Carrier-Tailgate DVD System

Lightweight aluminium carrier for 2 bicycles Keeps your passengers
(must be attached to the tailgate, entertained during long
not combinable with rear spoiler). journeys with this handy
Part no. E8230-2B000 DVD system, fully integra-
ted into the roof
Bicycle Carrier Extension Kit Part no. E9700-99010
Extension kit increases carrying capacity to
3 bicycles
Part no. E8235-3A001
Textile Floor Mat
Part no.
(LHD, needlefelt, anthracite,
5 seats)
(LHD, Dilour, anthracite,
5 seats)
(RHD, Dilour, anthracite,
5 seats)
(LHD, Dilour, beige, 5 seats)
(LHD, needlefelt, anthracite,
7 seats)
(LHD, Dilour, anthracite,
7 seats)
(RHD, Dilour, anthracite,
7 seats)
(LHD, Dilour, beige, 7 seats)
Rubber Floor Mat
Not shown
Part no.
E8130-2B000 (LHD, full set)
E8131-2B000 (LHD, front only)
E8130-2B900 (RHD, full set)

Trunk Liner Heavy Trunk Liner Anti-Slip

Duty tray Mat
Heavy duty tray fits neatly in your Santa Waterproof anti-slip mat in
Fé’s boot while protecting it from dirt your boot protects your Santa
and keeping even large or heavy goods Fé from dirt while keeping your
in place. goods in place.
Part no. E8570-2B050 (5 seats only) Part no. E8570-2B000 (5 seats)
Part no. E8570-2B100 (7 seats)

Cargo Seperator
Part no. E7175-2B000

Cargo Seperator
Sub Frame
Seperate your Santa Fé’s boot from the
passenger compartment. The sub frame
completes the cargo seperator and is
inserted into the lower half of the boot.
(Must be used with the main frame)
Part no. E7175-2B050
Functional Accessories

Parking Aid System

Consisting of perfectly integrated sensors,
the system protects your Santa Fé from
damage while parking by emitting audible
and visible signs. Bumper Corner Mouldings
Part no. E9800-2B100 (front) Set of 4 tailor made mouldings, PUR, in-mould coated (black)
Part no. E9800-2B000 (rear) Part no. E8670-2B000

Towbar Side Mouldings

Requires wiring kit. Part no. E8675-2B000
Maximum trailer weight: 2.200 kg
Vertical load: 88 kg
D-value: 11,6 kN
Part no. E6000-2B000 (Fixed)
E6100-2B000 (Detachable)
E6050-2B000 (Flange Ball)

Towbar Wiring Kit

Part no.
* Please consult your Hyundai dealer for part numbers and specifications.
Roof Rack
Set of stylish crossbars that allows you
to carry different types of cargo.
Part no. E8200-2B150 (black)
Part no. E8200-2B050 (aluminium, only without roof rails)

Adaptor Kit
Set of 4 alu adoptors, only
compatible with the factory
installed roof carrier system.
Part no. E8310-2B000
All specifications and external appearance are subject to change without prior notice.