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Cupid’s Investigator    

Questions:   Activity:  
Chapter 5    
  The students will play a game 
1. The Daily 5 has multiple components. The first is  of Jeopardy containing 
used to create independent readers and writers.   questions from both chapter 5 
and 6.  
(What is Read to Self)    
1. The teacher will create 
2. “We like to think of these foundation lessons as  two teams. 
short bursts of instruction that pre-teach desired  2. The students will go in 
behaviors for all Daily 5 choices.” Name one  order from tallest to 
foundation lesson.   shortest. 
3. The tallest student from 
one team will choose a 
(What is Three Way to Read a Book/I PICK Good-Fit 
category and point 
Books/Choose a Successful Spot.) 
4. The student will then 
3. Read the pictures, read the words, and retell the  answer the question 
story are known as what?   with “What is.../What 
(What are the three ways to read.)  5. This will go on until 
each student has 
Chapter 6  answered a question 
6. The team with the most 
points at the end of the 
1. The writing process can be difficult for everyone, 
game wins.  
not only students. The Daily 5 labels one aspect the 

(What is generating ideas.) The Daily 5 lists the way 

we want our students to sit with each other when 
they do partner work. These words are represented 
by the acronym EEKK.  

(What is elbow, elbow, knee, knee.) 

1. While the students are choosing a partner. The first 

step the students take is “Mouth stays closed. Hand 
goes up.” This is a ________ that shows the students 
are in need of a partner.  

(What is a silent signal.)