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Exemplary Proficient Partially Incomplete

Unique and memorable Introduces the topic and General introduction of the Introduction is not included
introduction engages the purpose in an engaging topic and purpose. Little or does not make sense.
audience immediately and manner. creativity and only The topic and purpose are
communicates the purpose somewhat engaging. not clear.
of the piece.

Exemplary Proficient Partially Incomplete
Narrator sounds Narrator has practiced the It doesn’t sound like the It sounds like the presenter
comfortable and has piece for smooth delivery. narrator has practiced the is reading a script. Delivery
practiced the piece for an Words are clear and pacing piece. Delivery is better in interferes with ability to
excellent delivery. Words is appropriate. some places than others. understand the piece.
are clear and pacing is Words aren’t always clear Words often aren’t clear
appropriate. and/or pacing is uneven. and pacing makes it difficult
to follow the piece.
Correct grammar / terminology is Correct grammar / terminology is Some instances of incorrect Grammatical / terminology mistakes
consistently used. used in grammar / terminology are noted interfere with ability to
the piece (no terminology errors - (more understand the piece.
only one or two than two).
grammatical errors).
Exemplary Proficient Partially Incomplete
The graphics and images are The graphics are scientifically The graphics only The graphics don’t relate to
scientifically accurate and accurate, relate to the marginally relate to the the audio and distract from
contribute to a creative and audio and are helpful in audio and aren’t always the science content.
effective presentation and communicating the content. helpful in communicating
enhance key points by the content.
contributing to the concept
All shots are in focus and Most shots are in focus and Most shots are in focus, but Many shots are out of focus
nicely cropped. The camera nicely cropped. Most pictures need additional and many shots need
work is smooth and steady. camera work is smooth and cropping. Some camera additional cropping. Shaky
steady. work is shaky or unsteady. or unsteady camera work is
Exemplary Proficient Partially Incomplete

Creativity and original Creative elements are Creativity is lacking and No creative elements are
content enhance the included, but don’t enhance doesn’t enhance the included, or the types of
purpose of the piece in an the purpose of the piece. content and/or purpose of creative elements used are
innovative way. Creative elements don’t the piece. Creative inappropriate or distract
distract from the content or elements may distract from from the content and/or
purpose. the content or purpose. purpose of the piece.
High level of science Information is accurate and Some information is inaccurate, Information is inaccurate.
concept understanding is concise. unclear or rambling.
apparent. Information is
accurate and concise
The scientific terms used Scientific vocabulary is Scientific vocabulary is Scientific vocabulary is
are appropriate for the appropriate. adequate. inappropriate for the
content and enhance the audience.
Audiences other than the The intended audience can The project reaches the The project doesn’t reach
presenter’s peers would understand the project. intended audience, but isn’t the intended audience.
learn something from the educational.
project and find it valuable.
Exemplary Proficient Partially Incomplete
Group members Group members All group members Some group members did
collaborated and participated equally, but contributed, but in unequal not contribute to project
participated equally in there was not much proportions. A few ideas or discussions.
development of the project collaboration or sharing of members did the majority of
ideas. the work.
Completed assigned tasks Completed assigned work. Completed some of the Did not complete assigned
and shared insights and assigned work, but relied work.
skills with the group. heavily on others to
complete the project.

This rubric was adapted from Rubric for Podcasts by Ann Bell under the Creative Commons Attribution-
Noncommercial 3.0 United States License