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2019-2020 04/22/2019 - 04/22/2019

Monday 04/22/2019

8th Grade 10:35am - 11:22am

Welding Relay
• demonstrate welds correctly given a list and teammates
• use proper cleanup techniques to create a safe shop environment given tools and 7 minutes to clean
• implement strategies to complete welding tasks efficiently as a team

Welding rod
Safety equipment (helmets, jackets, gloves, safety glasses)
Prize for the winner


1. QOTD: What did you do over Easter break?
2. Announcements: Get your safety materials on and meet in the shop.
3. Once all students are in the shop, have them line up oldest to youngest. Count students off 1-4. Some groups will have
3 students, some will have 2.
• Relay Rules
◦ Just because it is a relay, NO RUNNING. That is unsafe in the shop.
◦ Groups of 3 will complete 1 bead, 1 tack, and 1 butt weld
◦ Groups of 2 will complete 1 bead, 1 tack, 1 butt weld and 1 attempt at tee weld
◦ In order to move on to the next weld, students have to cool, chip, and show the weld to Miss Etl. They will either be
told yes or try again. Both partners have to complete each type of weld to move on to the next weld.
◦ If your partner is struggling to complete a weld and you know how to do it, SHOW THEM HOW in a kind way. This
relay will only work with teamwork!
◦ Winner will receive a prize.
4. Give student 25 minutes to participate in relay.
5. Clean-up with 7 minutes remaining.
6. Have students share how many welds they completed out of the required amount. (For example, teams of 3 had to
complete 9 total welds as a team, so how many welds did they team complete?) Team with most welds completed wins a

7. Students ability to demonstrate the knowledge of each type of weld without another demonstration.
8. What is one thing you learned today?
PST.02.01.01.a Maintain the cleanliness and appearance of equipment, machinery and power units used in AFNR
power, structural and technical systems to assure proper functionality.
PST.02 Operate and maintain AFNR mechanical equipment and power systems.
PST.02.02.02.b Apply safety principles and applicable regulations to operate equipment, machinery and power units
used in AFNR power, structural and technical systems.
PST.01.03.02.b Assess and select the proper electrode for use in various shielded metal arc welding situations.
CRP.09 Model integrity, ethical leadership and effective management. Career-ready individuals readily recognize
problems in the workplace, understand the nature of the problem, and devise effective plans to solve the problem. They
are aware of problems when they occur and take action quickly to address the problem. They thoughtfully investigate the
root cause of the problem prior to introducing solutions. They carefully consider the options to solve the problem. Once a
solution is agreed upon, they follow through to ensure the problem is solved, whether through their own actions or the
actions of others.

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