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1. According to USCS,A Soil with a particle size passing 0.

001 mm sieve
A. Colloids B. Silt C. Clay D. Organic soil
2. In order to provide water from nearby spring, Find the depth of water of a
triangular flume with efficient cross
S=0.15 % n=0.020 Q = 2 m3/s
A.1.45 m B. 2.32 C.0.78 D. 1.31

Situation 1
The 6 ft. diameter cylinder weighs 5000 lb. and is 5 ft. long.

3. Determine the upward force due to the effect of oil in the left side.
A.4431 lb B. 3529 C.5742 D. 1241
4. Compute the horizontal reaction at A.
A.4393 lb B. 4324 C.3452 D. 2341
5. Compute the vertical reaction at B.
A.3214 lb B. 3234 C.5322 D. 1471
6. A piece of wood 305 mm (1 ft) square and 3 m (10 ft) long, weighing 6288.46
N/m3 (40 lb/ft3), is submerged vertically in a body of water, its upper end
being flush with the water surface. What vertical force is required to hold it
in position?
A.414 N B. 334 C. 983 D. 314

Situation 2
A closed cylindrical vessel 3 m. in diameter and 6 m high is filled with water
to a height of 4.5 m. The rest is filled with air, the pressure of which is 105
kPa. If the vessel is rotated at 191 rpm about its axis
7. Determine the maximum inside pressure at the base.
A.105 MPa B. 85.62 C. 20 D. 472
8. Determine the minimum inside pressure at the base.
A.105 MPa B. 85.62 C. 20 D. 472

Situation 3
The 600-mm pipe shown in Figure 4-11 conducts water from reservoir A to a
pressure turbine, which discharges through another 600-mm pipe into tailrace B.
The loss of head from A to 1 is 5 times the velocity head in the pipe and the
loss of head from 2 to B is 0.2 times the velocity head in the pipe. If the
discharge is 700 L/s, what power is being given up by the water to the turbine
and and 2?

9. What power is being given up by the water to the turbine

A.423 hp B. 235 C. 537 D. 321
10. What are the pressure heads at 1
A.4.7 m B. 28.3 C. 53.6 D. 23.5
Situation 3
Three reservoirs A, B, and C are connected respectively with pipes 1, 2, and 3 joining at a common
junction P. Reservoir A is at elevation 80 m, reservoir B at elevation 70 m and reservoir C is at elevation 60
m. The properties of each pipe are as follows:

Pipe 1: L = 5000 m, D = 300 mm

Pipe 2: L = 4000 m, D = 250 mm
Pipe 3: L = 3500 m
The flow from reservoir A to junction P is 0.045 m3/s and f for all pipes is 0.018.
11. Find the elevation of the energy grade line at P in m.
A. 75.512 B. 73.805 C. 72.021 D. 74.173
12. Determine the flow on pipe 2 in m3/s.
A. 0.025 B. 0.031 C. 0.029 D. 0.036
13. Compute the diameter appropriate for pipe 3 in mm.
A. 175 B. 170 C. 178 D. 172

Situation 4
Water discharges through an orifice in the side of a large tank shown in Figure 4-06. The orifice is circular
in cross section and 50 mm in diameter. The jet is the same diameter as the orifice. The liquid is water,
and the surface elevation is maintained at a height h of 3.8 m above the center of the jet. Compute the
14. Neglecting the headloss
A. 14.32 L/s B. 16.95 C. 16.08 D. 12.32
15. Considering the loss of head to be 10 percent of h.
A. 14.32 L/s B. 16.95 C. 16.08 D. 12.32
16. A weir of 8m long is to be built across a rectangular channel to discharge a flow of 9m3 /s. If the maximum
depth of water on the upstream side of weir is to be 2m, what should be the height of the weir ?
Adopt Cd = 0.62.
A. 1.28 m B. 2.32 C. 3.56 D. 3.57

Situation 5
A concrete dam retaining water is shown. If the specific weight of concrete is 23.5

17. Find the factor of safety against sliding.

A. 1.58 B. 2.32 C. 1.34 D. 1.78
18. Find the factor of safety against overturning if the coeff. of friction is 0.48.
A. 1.28 m B. 1.32 C. 2.56 D. 3.42
19. Find the max. and min. pressure intensity
A. 173.3 KPa B. 232.32 C. 32.23 D. 113.57
20. A 150 mm diameter jet of water is discharge from a nozzle into the air. The velocity of the jet is 36 m/s.
Find the power in the jet?
A. 156.08 B. 982.82 C. 345 D. 412
21. For laminar conditions, what size of pipe will deliver 0.0057 m3/s of oil having viscosity of v = 6.09x10-6
A. 3.28 m B. 2.635 C. 1.536 D. 0.596
22. A 1m. diameter new cast iron pipe C = 130 is 845 m. long and has a head loss of 1.11 m. Find the discharge
capacity of the pipe according to Hazen Williams Formula?
A. 1.53 m3/s B. 2.32 C. 2.31 D. 1.01
23. A piece of wood of 0.651 is 80 mm square and 1.5 m. long. How many Newtons of lead weighing
110 kN/m3 must be fastened at one end of the stick so that it will float upright with 0.3 m. out of water?
A. 12.28 N B. 22.32 C. 32.56 D. 15.4
24. A rectangular tank 6 m. long by 1.8 m. deep and 2.10 m. wide is filled with water accelerated in the
direction of its length at a rate of 1.52 m/sec2. How many liters of water are spilled out?
A. 8789 L B. 5859 C. 9876 D. 9709
25. A cylindrical vessel 2 m. in diameter and 3 m. high has a rounded circular orifice 50 mm in diameter at the
bottom. If the vessel is filled with water, how long will it take to lower the water surface by 2 m.
Assume C = 0.60
A. 231 s B. 234 C. 441 D. 478
26. A rectangular channel having a width of 3 m. carries water flowing at a rate of 20 m3/s. If the depth of
water in the channel is 1.2 m., compute the critical kinetic energy.
A. 0.825 m B. 1.25 C. 3.21 D. 1.98