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Thitirat Pongprajuc (Nuch)

COMM 2150-402
February 3, 2019

COMM 2150 Intercultural Communication

Service Learning Proposal

Community Partner
The contact information for my project is as follows:
Gordon Dunne, ESL Professor
Office TB215E

Project Plan
I will be helping students improve their English pronunciation skill as well as Communication
skills. I am helping students whom are from East Asia, Middle East, and Latin America. I will go
to the pronunciation class once a week on either Monday or Wednesday afternoon from 1:00 –
1:50. I started this service learning on Wednesday 30, 2019 and have already completed one
class period (50 minutes).

Civic Engagement
Civic engagement involves working and developing knowledge, skills, values, and motivation to
make a difference in the community by actively providing services to those in need with the
purpose of promoting the quality of life.

Personal Culture
I am a young adult single woman. I am from an upper middle-class family. I speak two
languages which is English and Thai. I was born and grew up in Thailand but moved here four
years ago. I attended ESL school at the University of Utah for one years before transferring to
SLCC. I am a Pre-Medical Health Science student. I am Buddhist. I have no interest in Politics.

Culture Groups
I anticipated working with people from various cultural groups. I expected that the majority of
the class were students from Spanish speaking countries, and the minority of the class were from
Asia. Gordon did not assign me to work with any particular student. He preferred his ESL
students to hear pronunciation with different accents.

I am a second language speaker. Even though I completed ESL program at the University of
Utah and enrolled Salt Lake Community College for three years, I consider myself that I am still
a language learner. I sometimes make mistake in grammar and pronunciation. I am afraid that I
may make the ESL students confused if I pronounce some words incorrectly.
Volunteering in the pronunciation class help me refresh my knowledge. I can review what I have
learned and notice what I have forgotten. Also, it gives me a chance to share my experience with
the language learners. I hope my experience can inspire them to learn and improve their English