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May 4th & 5th 2019

Presented By
Studio For The Performing Arts
SPA Ballet Company
1500 Welcher Road, Newark • (315) 331-9158 • Facebook: SPADancing


• Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly Memberships Circuit training is short
bursts of resistance
• Enhanced Packages available for those who exercise using moderate
to wish to participate in Fitness Classes weights and frequent
(Yoga, Zumba, Zumba Gold, Senior Cardio/Stretch/Tone) repetitions, followed
quickly by another burst
• Your first visit or class is FREE of exercise targeting a
different muscle group
• Air conditioned and plenty of parking
• Ask about our Senior Discounts and EFFECTIVE! PROVEN!
30 minutes - 3 to 4 times a week
specials for our dancer’s families Welcoming and friendly environment

Insurances Accepted: Silver And Fit • Active And Fit • Affinity

Heather Colletti
Owner, Teacher, and Choreographer
Heather is part owner of The Studio for the Performing
Arts along with Phyllis Mouton and JoAnna Mott. She is
the credited director and principle choreographer of the
following SPA productions: Happily Ever After (2018),
Wizard of Oz (2017), Alice in Wonderland (2016), The
Sleeping Beauty (2015), The Nutcracker (1998-2010, 2014,
2018), Peter Pan (2014), Peter and the Wolf (2013), Aladdin
(2012), Snow White (2011), Alice in Wonderland (2010,
2016), Hansel and Gretel (2009), Cinderella (2008) Peter Pan
(2007), The Wizard of Oz (2006), The Dream (2005),Giselle
(2004), The Tales of Beatrix Potter (2003), Swan Lake (2002), Coppelia (2001), and Sleeping Beauty (2000).
In the fall of 2006, Heather became the Artistic Director of the
newly founded Studio for the Performing Arts Ballet Company.
Having begun her training at the age of five, it was not long before Heather realized her
true love for ballet. Heather’s extensive classical ballet training coupled with the desire
to educate others has brought her to the remarkable place she is today. As a teacher,
Heather’s intent is to provide an enriching atmosphere in which her students feel free to
be creative and express themselves through positive reinforcement and encouragement.
Providing a high quality program is paramount to Heather so her students can develop artistically,
physically, emotionally and intellectually. “I dance, teach and choreograph with the purpose to boost
my students’ self-esteem and to assist at every opportunity the development of their imaginations.”
Heather is fueled by Christ and the love and support from her 3rd grade pen pal, now husband, Jared,
and their four children Isaiah, Sedessa, Leah, and Simon.

Phyllis Mouton
Owner, Teacher, and Ballet Coordinator
Phyllis is part owner of The Studio for the Performing
Arts, Inc. and has been an active participant with the
SPA Ballet Company Ballets since 2006. Phyllis sees her
role in the Ballet Productions as coordinating for all of
the artistic team and assisting them in accomplishing
their goals and ideas. This can be as simple as taking over
a rehearsal, shopping for specific materials for props,
organization of paperwork, and setting up advertisements,
communicating changes or deadlines. Phyllis’s primary
goal for the productions is to provide a venue that fosters
for the participants of the ballet a memory that they can
remember in years from now, as fond yet rewarding experience, a performance that the children in
the audience will always remember and adults are glad they came and will want to return. Phyllis
feels that it is truly collaborative effort by all artists involved and she is honored to work with such a
talented Team.
Michele Lapresi Turner
Scenic Artist, Set and Prop Designer, and Cos-
tume Designer
Michele is currently celebrating fifteen years with the
Studio for the Performing Arts. She is proud and excited
to have her 18th ballet production grace the stage of the
historic Smith Opera House. Other theatre credits include:
Happily Ever After (2108), Wizard of Oz (2017), Alice
in Wonderland (2016), The Sleeping Beauty (2015), The
Nutcracker (2005-2010, 2014, 2016, 2018), Peter Pan
(2014), Peter and the Wolf (2013), Aladdin (2012), Snow
White (2011), Alice in Wonderland (2010, 2016) Hansel
and Gretel (2009), Cinderella (2008), Peter Pan (2007), and the Wizard of Oz (2006). Michele’s love
for dance began at the tender age of 3. Having the background as a performer coupled with the love
of theatre and the fine arts, she propelled herself to learn “the ropes” of stage production. She indulges
herself in every aspect of creative and artistic expression. Creativity being her finest trait and tenacity
her greatest attribute, Michele gives tirelessly of her time to enhance the experience for all SPA’s dancers.
An inspiration to all at the studio Michele delivers her “It is a big deal!” speech before the opening of
each production. This mantra of hers highlights that attention to detail makes all the difference. She
believes all efforts are realized when the dancer’s joy of performing meets with audience applause.
Michele works as a surgical technologist and as a licensed Zumba fitness instructor. She enjoys
hosting and supporting many charitable events. She is the proud mother of three daughters who all
follow in their Mom’s footsteps. Michele wishes to thank everyone for their encouragement in all her

Mary Dinan
Mary Dinan has been working with Studio for the
Performing Arts for three years now, this being her first
production with the SPA Ballet Company. At Studio
For The Performing Arts, Mary teaches various levels of
Modern dance technique including our Modern Company
2019 competition team. As a graduate of Hobart and
William Smith Colleges, she received her B.A. in Dance
and Media and Society in 2015. Throughout the years
Mary has brought her passion for Dance to her community,
choreographing multiple productions for the Geneva High
School Drama Club including “Hairspray” “Spamalot” and “The Addams Family” as well as Geneva
Theatre Guilds Youth Theatre “School House Rock Live”. Mary has recently become a Certified Yoga
Instructor through the N.C.C.P.T. and wants to continue integrating Yoga and Dance education for
her students.
Act I Scene I
A Royal Affair
In his mirror, The Prince, surveys his image with delight. The Prince's Staff surrounds
him as they prepare for the Royal Ball. The castle, buzzing with activity is interrupt-
ed by the arrival of La Fée Magnifique, disguised as a beggar woman. The Prince,
both irritated by the interruption and disgusted by her appearance sends her away.
The Royal Ball begins and the night is filled with dancing and delight; in the
midst of the joyous evening the evil fairy La Fée Magnifique returns accom-
panied by her sister La Fée Luminaire. Out of anger, and to teach the egotisti-
cal and self-centered Prince a lesson, La Fée Magnifique transforms him into a
hideous beast and curses him along with his kingdom. The Prince and his Staff
are to spend the rest of their lives imprisoned within the castle walls. La Fée
Luminaire, the kinder of the sisters approaches the Prince, and out of compas-
sion tells him that her sister’s spell can be broken. La Fée Luminaire, gives the
Prince a magical rose and explains that if by the fall of the final petal he can
learn to love and be loved in return he will be transformed back into a prince.

Act I Scene II
In a Peaceful Village
In a peaceful French village lives a merchant named Maurice and his three daugh-
ters; Chantelle, Isabelle, and the youngest Beauty. Beauty has a good heart, she is
kind and content with simplicity, unlike her sisters who want to live a life beyond
their fathers means. Maurice and his daughters travel to the village market be-
fore he sets off to deliver goods to a distant Provence. Maurice and his daughters
peruse the marketplace along with other Merchants, Villagers, and even School
Children with their Teacher. Maurice picks up his goods he has been commis-
sioned to deliver; excited by the promise a lucrative reward, he asks his daugh-
ters if they have any requests for when he returns. Chantelle and Isabelle ask for
precious gifts, but Beauty asks for a single rose and for his quick and safe return.

Act I Scene III

The Forgotten Road
Maurice finds himself traveling a dark and ominous road through the woods.
Maurice becomes disoriented and he takes a wrong turn, as he is now trav-
eling upon a long forgotten road. Maurice comes upon a pack of ravenous
Wolves. A pursuit ensues and Maurice is almost caught by the pack. With
sheer luck and determination, Maurice is able to escape from the Wolves.
Act I Scene IV
The Hidden Garden
Disoriented, Maurice tries to return to the original path, finding him-
self at the gate of a Magical Garden. Maurice is greeted by the Siren of
the Key and her enchanted Keyholders. Maurice pleads to be granted en-
try to the enchanted castle before him, sensing his kindness, the Siren gifts
Maurice a magical key, granting him access to the once grand Kingdom.

Act I Scene V
The Capture of Maurice
Enamored by the beauty of the castle grounds, Maurice unknowingly wanders into
the Beast's treasured rose garden and thoughtlessly plucks a rose for Beauty. Infu-
riated by how brazen Maurice is, the Beast takes him prisoner. Maurice pleads for
his life, showing a glimpse of kindness Beast agrees to free him. However, the Beast
tells Maurice he may only retain his freedom if he sends someone in his place. For
the Beast, time is running out. With the shedding of another petal, only 4 remain.
Act I Scene VI
A Selfless Act
With Maurice not returning as planned, Beauty and her Sisters worry if their father
will ever return. Just as they begin to lose hope, Maurice returns with the rose he
promised for Beauty, and the story of how he met the Beast. Maurice explains to
his daughters that he has no intention of fulfilling the agreement that he made with
the Beast, but instead would return himself upon saying goodbye to his daughters.
Learning of her father’s fate, Beauty a gentle, kind and virtuous daughter insists
to go in his place. Maurice refuses to allow Beauty to take his sentence, he will be
returning to the Beast. Beauty, cunning as she is kind, convinces Maurice to leave
in the morning after a good nights sleep, in hopes of a changing her fathers fate.

Act I Scene VII

A Decision Made
La Fée Luminaire, knows that Beauty may be the Beasts only chance of be-
ing restored back to his former self. Banding with her Entourage, La Fée
Luminaire summons Beauty while she sleeps, encouraging her to indeed
take the place of her father at the Beast's castle. Learning of Luminaire’s in-
terference, La Fée Magnifique is displeased, but permits Beauty to take
her fathers place, for no one as lovely as Beauty could ever love the Beast.
There will be a 15 minute intermission

Act II Scene I
Return to The Forgotten Road
Emboldened by La Fée Luminaire, Beauty sneaks away from her family's es-
tate in search of the Beast's castle. As Beauty is journeying through the same
woods her father described in his story, she too crosses paths with the ravenous
wolf pack. Surrounded by Wolves and exhausted by her journey Beauty is swept
off her feet by the pack. Showing her resourcefulness Beauty pretends she per-
ishes during the struggle, escaping the clutches of the still hungry predators.

Act II Scene II
The Key to The Kingdom
Beauty finally makes her way through the treacherous path to the gates of the
Magical Garden. The Siren of the Key and her Keyholders are reluctant to allow
Beauty to enter, until Beauty reveals the key that she had taken from her father.
Beauty is granted entrance to the castle as the Keyholders and Siren watch with
anticipation as another petal falls. Meanwhile, Maurice and his other daughters
awake to discover that Beauty has left in the night. Beauty's family venture out
as they attempt to retrace Maurice's steps back to the castle. Another petal falls
as Beauty meets the Beast. At first Beauty is frightened by the Beast's appear-
ance but quickly learns he has a gentle soul and will be safe within his castle walls.

Act II Scene III

A New Beginning
Excited by Beauty's arrival, the Beast's Servants introduce themselves and work
to make Beauty feel safe in her new home. The Prince's Servants*, Place Set-
tings, and Tea Cups begin to transform the castle into a place of enchantment.
Beauty finds herself unexpectedly drawn to the Beast's charm and gentleness.
Meanwhile, as Beauty is beginning to accept her new life, Maurice and Beauty's
Sisters are nearing the castle. La Fée Luminaire, and La Fée Magnifique appear
just as their new found love begins to bloom. Accepting Beauty into his heart, the
Beast brings her to his beloved rose garden. The Beast's warmth and kindness
allows Beauty to see past the Beast's frightening appearance. La Fée Luminaire,
and La Fée Magnifique can see the Beast's heart has changed and Beauty's love in
return. Beauty and the Beasts's shared affection breaks the spell and allows the
Beast to once again become the Prince he once was. Gently, the final petal falls.
*Rosebuds & Rose Garden appear in this scene

Act II Scene IV
A Tale As Old As Time
Beauty's beloved family arrives just as the Beast transforms back into a
Prince. The Prince and his Kingdom are again restored to their former gran-
deur, and the Prince now has a heart full of love to share with his people. The
Kingdom comes together to celebrate the new lives of Beauty and her Beast.

Thank You
The Studio for the Performing Arts Ballet Company
The Studio for the Performing Arts Ballet Company is a pre-professional ballet company founded
in the fall of 2006. It is comprised of talented
and dedicated young dancers with the mission of
presenting performances at a professional level. It
has been the goal of Heather Colletti, the Founder
and Artistic Director, to promote the love and art of
ballet through education and performance. Therefore,
the company’s focus is on developing a professional
atmosphere for each dancer. Company dancers
approach their preparation and execution of rehearsals
and performances with attitudes that reflect qualities
of hard work and dedication. These dancers learn
respect for the director, the choreographer, faculty,
volunteers and other dancers. It is hoped students not
only develop into amazing dancers, but also foster life
skills to become remarkable members of society. The
Ballet Company presents an annual spring ballet; past ballets include The Nutcracker (2005-2010,
2014, 2016, 2018), Happily Ever After (2018), Wizard of Oz (2017) Alice in Wonderland (2016), The
Sleeping Beauty (2015), Peter Pan (2007, 2014), Peter and the Wolf (2013), Aladdin (2012), Snow
White (2011), Alice in Wonderland (2010, 2016), Hansel & Gretel (2009) and Cinderella (2008).
Natalie Acquista Juliette Arthur Addison Bowman Penn Burrall

La Fée Magnifique Village Children, Village Children, Beauty

Village Merchant, Teacup Teacup
Wolves, Rose Garden

Stephanie Chetney Ella Colletti Emily Colletti Isaiah Colletti

Royal Ball, Villager, La Plumeau* Royal Ball, Villager, Maurice

Wolves, Keyholder Merchant, Wolves Wolves, Keyholder,
Enchanted Entourage Rose Garden
Rose Garden
Leah Colletti Sedessa Colletti Evelyn DeMaria Velia DeMaria

Royal Ball, Villager, La Horloge de Parquet* Village Children, School Girl, Place
Wolves, Keyholder, Merchant, Wolves, Teacup Setting, Rosebud
Rose Garden Enchanted Entourage,
Rose Garden,
Claire Dunham Gracie Ferguson Cecilia Galek Lorelei Galek

Royal Ball, Villager, La Candélabre* Place Setting, School Village Children,

Wolves, Keyholder Merchant, Wolves, Girl, Rosebud Teacup
Enchanted Entourage,
Rose Garden
Georgia Gallatin Brooklynn Hand Jasmine Hey Gracie King

La Fée Luminaire, School Girl, Place Royal Ball, Merchant, Village Children,
Village Merchant, Setting, Rosebud Wolves, Enchanted Teacup
Wolves, Rose Garden, Entourage, Rose Garden

Raegan King Stella Klossner Riley McLeod Phillip Morgan

Village Children, School Girl, Place Royal Ball, Villager, Prince/Beast

Teacup Setting, Rosebud Wolves, Keyholder

Joslyn Mott Abigail Palmer Corrin Popen Elizabeth Pullen

School Girl, Place Royal Ball, Merchant, Isabelle, Royal Ball, Villager,
Setting, Rosebud Wolves, Enchanted Royal Ball, Wolves, Wolves, Keyholder
Entourage, Rose Enchanted Entourage,
Garden Rose Garden
Kiersten Ryan Isabelle Settle Breanne Shippers Jessica Smith

Enchanted Rose La Théière* La Piano à Queue* Chantelle,

Royal Ball, Merchant, Merchant, Wolves, Merchant, Wolves, Royal Ball, Wolves,
Wolves, Enchanted Enchanted Entourage, Enchanted Entourage, Enchanted Entourage,
Entourage, Rose Garden Rose Garden Rose Garden Rose Garden
Kelsea Socha Katie Strojny McKenna Stryker Perenelle Tate

Royal Ball, Villager, Royal Ball, Villager, Village Children, Village Children,
Wolves, Keyholder Wolves, Keyholder Teacup Teacup
Lissen Turner Sennett Turner Giuliana Visingard Roxanne Wang

l' Armoire* Siren of the Key School Girl, Place Village Merchant,
Merchant, Wolves, Royal Ball, Merchant, Setting, Rosebud Wolves
Enchanted Entourage, Wolves, Enchanted
Rose Garden Entourage, Rose
Sophia Williams Lyndsey Wright Rebekah Zweigle

Studio for the

Performing Arts

Village Children, Village Teacher, Royal Ball, Villager,

Teacup Royal Ball, Wolves, Wolves, Keyholder
Enchanted Entourage

*Prince's Staff Translations

l' Armoire La Candélabre La Théière La Plumeau
Wardrobe Candlestick Teapot Feather Duster
La Horloge de Parquet, La Piano à Queue
Grandfather Clock Grand Piano
Jasmine, Juliette,
It is such a joy to watch you dance. We We understand, you want so much more
know how much you enjoy it and we're so than we've got planned. You're living your
proud of you! adventure in the great wide somewhere! Let
Love, your beauty shine from within.
Mom & Dad Love You,
Mom, Dad, & Annabelle
For the perfecting of the saints
for the work of the ministry
for the edifying of the body of Christ
(315) 597-9574 (585) 398-3569
fax (585) 398-3250
It’s been a pleasure
watching you dance over
the years. You make
us so proud! We have
watched you grow into
a beautiful young lady.
This isn’t the end, but
the beginning of a new

Love you,

Mom, Dad and Cody

Dear Corrin,
We have loved watching
you dance on stage all
these years. You’ve delight-
ed us with your grace and
poise. We are blessed that
these characteristics flow
into your personal life as
well. Dream big Pink, the
world is waiting!

“No good thing will He with-

hold from those who walk
uprightly.” Psalm 84:11
Dance your heart
out Jessica, you are
amazing! We can't
believe your time
with SPA is almost
over. Happy times,
incredible memo-
ries! We love you!
Mom and Dad


1500 Welcher Rd, Newark, NY | 315-331-9158

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