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04/04 Lesson plan (12:30-1:00)

Prior Knowledge and Skills:

 High/Low
 Sol, Mi
 Quarter note/eighth note pair

Lesson Objective:
 Students learn “Rain, Rain Go Away first on solfege, then on words to practice their knowledge of

Assessment of Lesson:
 Are the students able to sing “Rain, Rain Go Away” on solfege and words?

Relevant contextual factors:

 Kindergarten class
 Sol Mi Lesson was two days ago
 Right after lunch

Instructional materials:
 Smart Notebook presentation
 Story Book

Personal improvement objectives:

 Expressiveness when reading to the class
 Less filler words
 Classroom Management

Times Activity Purpose of activity Sequence Assessment

12:30- Walk students into To get students into the  Meet students at Are the students
12:35 class and get them classroom, in spots, and door, “following engaged and seated in
seated seated the leader” to spots?
 Hello clapping
 Take a seat
12:35- Teacher sings Rain, Introduce class to the song  Teacher remarks Have the students heard
12:38 Rain Go Away to they will be learning and on how the the song they will be
students assess if any students know weather has been learning?
it wet recently and Do any students know
that he is the song?
reminded of a
 Teacher sings song
Mr. Prall

 Teacher asks if
students have
heard it before
12:38- Review High, Low To refresh the students’  Teacher asks  Do the students
12:43 and Sol, Mi memories regarding students if they remember Sol/Mi
high/low and how we call remember and how to sing
them sol/mi high/low from last them
 “What are the
fancy names for
 Class sings
patterns of sol/mi
12:43- Learn the song on Class learns song to be used  Class learns song Has the class learned
12:46 Sol, Mi, and then with book on sol mi. Teacher the song?
words sings, then echo
 After song is
learned, the class
learns the words
12:46- Teacher reads the Students get to listen to a  Teacher reads Has the accuracy of the
12:55 book to the class and book and practice the song book to class and song improved?
song is incorporated they just learned class sings the
song after every 2