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Italia Biondi


Catholic Social Teaching Paper

Dr. Von Schlicten


Abortion is a highly controversial topic that many people have different view points on.

Abortion is when a pregnancy is ended so that it doesn’t result in the birth of a child. Abortions

can occur two different ways: Medically or Surgically. Medical Abortion is a pill that a woman

takes in order to terminate the pregnancy. This is said to be the more natural process. Surgical

Abortion involves a minor operation where the fetus is extracted from the female body.

In the Catholic church human life is seen as sacred, with that being said, human life is

under direct attack from abortion. Abortion involves the deliberate killing of innocent life, and

that is in no means the Catholic way. Moral theology has always characterized the deliberate

killing of innocent human beings as evil and disapproval. It is not morally or ethically ok to abort

an unborn child. Anyone with a catholic view would oppose abortion. Every thing on Earth was

created in God’s image, and redeemed by Jesus Christ. With that being said, would Jesus and

god be ok with someone taking away a life? All life is precious, and is worthy and deserving.

We are called upon to build relationships on the bases of love and justice, not extermination

and cruelty.

One of the Ten commandments states “Thou shall not Kill” in the Catholic church they

believe that life begins at conception, therefore aborting a child is murder. I used the word

murder, because when one person ends another’s life it doesn’t matter how old they are. The
Bible has many references to abortions. In Genesis 9:6, the Bible states “Whoever sheds man's

blood, By man his blood shall be shed, For in the image of God He made man.” This means that

if someone kills someone else, they will die in the end. It is also mentioned again in Proverbs

6:16-17. There are six things which the LORD hates, Yes, seven which are an abomination to

Him: Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, And hands that shed innocent blood. My understanding of

this is that God is unhappy with taking the life of an innocent human being.

The bible emphasizes that a child in the womb is truly a human who has a relationship

with the lord. The phrase “conceived and bore” is used repeatedly (Genesis 4-1.17) and the

individual has the same identity before as after birth.

People who are for abortion believe that it is the women’s choice to determine the

birth of their child. Many believe that conception does not equate to life. They feel when sperm

meets egg, and cell division occurs is just a process and does not constitute a life. They also

dispute about if a woman is raped and did not chose this, that she should have a choice on

whether or not to give birth. They also will dispute a mother who is not financially equipt to

care for a child. Another argument, is they don’t believe in Catholic values.

I believe that life begins at conception. As technology has developed, ultrasounds show

the development of the fetus. You can see the progression from when the sperm meets egg to

cell development. Within weeks, you can begin to see the fetus forming into a human, a heart

beat as well as visual body parts are detected.

There are many options for women who have been raped and when they are financially

unstable. First of which is adoption. There are many families who are incapable of having

children who would love the opportunity of becoming a parent. This would give these families a
chance to celebrate life, and the child the chance to enter the world of opportunity. There are

plenty of government subsidized programs that are in place to aid new mothers to successfully

care for their newborn babies. No matter how hand a woman’s situation is, measures have

been put in place to make sure they receive adequate health care and the basic necessities of


A prime example of a women in hardship is Pam Tebow. The following is an excerpt of an article

written written by Randy Alcorn regarding doctors recommending that Tim Tebow be aborted.

“When it was realized that she was pregnant, doctors stopped the drugs but said that the high

doses of medicine had already damaged the fetus (you don’t call him or her a baby when you

want him aborted, but in fact that “product of conception” was Timmy Tebow, the same person

who is now just older and bigger). The doctors believed there was danger to Pam and that the

baby would not survive, or if he did, would have very serious problems. His parents went to the

best doctor in their area of the Philippines. The doctor told his mother in a slow monotone that

“An abortion is the only way to save your life.”As Tim says in his book, “According to [the

doctor], the ‘mass of fetal tissue’ or ‘tumor’—me—had to go.” Pam refused to have an abortion

and asked for God’s help. She was in bed rest at a Manila hospital for the final two months of

the pregnancy. Bob and Pam prayed for a healthy baby, but left that up to God.” Tim Tebow

and his family have become spoke persons for Pro-life, and are a representation of what can be.

In conclusion, I was raised in a Catholic family who believes that every life is important

and worthy of a chance on earth. From the time I was a young girl, my sisters and I were made

to understand if any of us were put into that situation, we would bring a life into the world.

With the support of God and family, I feel that we would work it out because of our value
system. Any women who is faced with this challenge, has the resources to provide whether it

be family, friends, or government to bring and provide an opportunity for a new life.
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