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Kelompok 7 "asking about asthma symptoms"


2.gina Adhani putri

3.lalu Agit Meyko Handi


5.tri putranto Maytas ardiyan

Nurse 1. : (Call patient) “Mr. Reksa?”

Patient : “Yes, Me..”

Nurse 1 : “please enter”

(Reksa's Mother also enter the room)

Nurse 1 : “please sit down”(Reksa n his mother take a sit)

“Sorry, i will ask for some information, u can do it right? "

Patient : “Yes, i can..”

Nurse 1 : “Who's your full name?”

Patient : “Reksa Rahman”

Nurse 1 : "how old are you?”

Patient : “18 years old”

Nurse 1 : “where are you from?”

Patient : “Ciawi..”

Nurse 1 : “current status?”

Patient : “college student”

Nurse 1. : “what kind of complaints do you feel?”

Patient : “out of breath..”

Nurse 1 : “Did you sleep well?”

Parent : “my son when he sleeps he always snoring while coughing up..”

Nurse 1 : “when did you feel it?”

Orang tua : “at night, out of breath, if he breathe it had a sound and keep coughing.”

Nurse 1 : “the duration?”

Patient : “around 7pm to 11pm,,, and i can finally sleep.”

Nurse 1 : “what do you do when you out of breath comes?”

Patient : “just take a break..”

Nurse 1 : “has it happened before?”

Patient : “yes, this is often happened but now it is very disturbing.”

Nurse 1 : “have you been hospitalized before?”

Patient : “Never.”

Nurse1 : “how the environment around your house?”

Patient : “yes, my house on the near of the highway,, theres lot of dust.”

Parent : “my father was treated for asthma, maybe my son has asthma as well?

Nurse 1 : “now, can you please lay down first here"

(patient lying in bed)

Nurse 2: "Excuse me, let me check first ..."

Patient: "yes, please..."

Nurse 2: "Try to straighten your hand." (Measuring blood pressure and pulse frequency)

Nurse 2: "Sorry, I want to check your eyes and nose."

Patient: "yes please .."

(the nurse checks the eyes, the patient's nose)

Nurse: "Try opening your mouth. Extend the tongue. "

(checking pharynx).

Patient: "yes please .."

Nurse: "Let me check the chest and stomatch!"

"Try to open your armpit!" (Measuring the patient's body temperature)

Nurse 1: "what semester is your college?"

Patient: "first semester, just entered."

Nurse 1: "Where do you go to college?"


Nurse 1: "what course do you take?"

Patient: "nursing department."

Nurse 1: "oh good, hopefully you become success!"

Patient: "yes, amen"

Nurse 2: "Please wake up!" (The patient gets up and sits on the chair)

Nurse 2: "Look, ma'am, the possibility are that your son has asthma, but we can't confirm before our
data can be submitted to the doctor. Asthma is a disease caused by respiratory problems, so asthma is
not a contagious disease. This can also be caused by hereditary factors as well as the environment, a lot
of pollution for example or bad daily habits such as smoking.

Nurse 1: "Sorry, your son likes to smoke?"

Parents: "yes, my son's habits likes to smoking. Usually his often stay up late. "

Nurse 2: "Oh, from now on keep an eye on your son not to smoke anymore, because it can disrupt the
respiratory tract ..."

Parents: "Yeah, I'll watch him."

"Son, you have to stop smoking from now on!"

Patient: "Yeah, from now on I won't smoke anymore."

Parents: "how about this?"

Nurse: "please, wait first."

Parents: "medicine"