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++ 6-week course taught by Dr. Ron ++ Learn how to optimize your time
For years, we’ve been taught that being productive is a matter Friedman and energy
of effort. We’ve been led to believe that if only we arrived at
++ Concise, engaging, and action- ++ Form daily routines that
the office each morning motivated to produce great work,
focused lessons delivered weekly empower you to get more done
we’d eventually succeed.
++ Executive summaries with key ++ Eliminate distractions that
takeaways for quick review M E E T YO U R I N S T R U C T O R
But the research tells us something different. prevent you from doing what
++ Practical exercises for putting the matters Ron Friedman, Ph.D.
Studies show that effort is only part of the equation. Much insights to use ++ Discover proven techniques for
more important are the practices we use to manage our time improving your creativity and
++ 24/7 access to content via ++ Award-winning psychologist
and energy throughout the workday. computer, tablet, or smartphone decision-making specializing in human motivation
++ Leverage the science of peak
This interactive 6-week course offers practical, research- mental performance
based strategies for maximizing your performance, based on ++ Contributor to Harvard Business
award-winning psychologist Ron Friedman’s popular series Review, Forbes, Fast Company,
Entrepreneur, and CNN
for the Harvard Business Review. You’ll learn how to think
strategically about your calendar, how to keep your energy
at a high level all day long, and how to generate creative Who Should Attend Intended Outcomes ++ Author of the highly-acclaimed book,
solutions when you’re stuck. The Best Place to Work: The Art and
Science of Creating an Extraordinary
Using insights from the latest science, this course offers a This course is designed to help leaders ++ Provide actionable strategies Workplace
proven gameplan for sharpening your focus, eliminating at all levels elevate their productivity based on scientific, data-driven
and performance in a sustainable way. insights
distractions, and performing at your best, all day long. ++ Featured on NBC, FOX, CNN, NPR,
The material will benefit:
++ Measurably improve time- and Financial Times
management, strategic thinking,
++ Senior Leaders and performance
++ Founder of ignite80, a consulting
Interactive, ++ Executives ++ Foster a positive, action-focused firm that teaches leaders practical,
Cloud-Based ++ Entrepreneurs mindset evidence-based strategies for
Learning maximizing performance
++ Project managers and team leaders ++ Elevate focus, engagement, and
job satisfaction
++ Mid-level team members
++ HR teams

Course Overview


Getting the Best Sleep Designing Your Optimizing Your Staying Energized, Generating Creative Using Downtime
of Your Life Morning Routine Schedule All Day Long Solutions Intelligently

++ What the world’s best sleepers do ++ The most important part of an ++ The performance benefits of ++ How the foods we eat influence ++ The key to producing creative ++ The secret to recovering from
differently energizing breakfast scheduling to your strengths our productivity ideas on a regular basis burnout

++ Optimizing your nightime routine ++ The “better than nothing” morning ++ A cognitive psychologist’s guide to ++ Using fitness and rest to optimize ++ The best place to go when you ++ Why sitting still is rarely satisfying
exercise routine plowing through your email your performance need a creative breakthrough – and what to do instead
++ How to turn your bedroom into a
sleep cave ++ The first thing to do when you get ++ How to prevent distractions from ++ What to do when you’re feeling ++ Why some forms of exercise are ++ How the most successful people
to your desk hijacking your day overwhelmed better for creativity than others use their weekends and vacations

++ The key to prioritizing more