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Nama : Myra Kenderan

NIM : 175120107111026

Kelas : A SOS 4


1. The difference between gender and sex is that sex is a term that is given biologically.
A male is born with a penis while a woman is born with a vagina. Sex also refers to
one’s reproductive system that they are born with. Meanwhile, gender refers to a role
that came along with someone’s sex, meaning there’s a male role and a female role.
Gender is also a concept of someone’s identity, because gender identities doesn’t
always line up with sex. There are people who choose to be transgender, non-binary,
2. a. Feminism is a concept and a political movement to advocate women’s rights and it’s
based on the equality of the sexes, and also fighting against patriarchal movement.

b. The definitions of:

 Ethics of care is a concept about putting the interests of our closed ones above the
interests of complete strangers.
 The personal is political is an argument about oppression towards someone’s personal
or private experience, and how women are affected by it. Sex, appearance, abortion,
childcare, and the division of household labor were merely personal issues without
political importance.

3. Radical feminism is a perspective within feminism that intends to eliminate

male domination or supremacy in both social and economic contexts. Radical feminists
even views society as patriarchy in which men creates a domination and oppression
towards women.
Ecofeminism is one of many feminism concepts where its concept assume that
women are associated with nature. This concept came up with the term “mother earth”
because the concept of ecofeminism correlates gender equality and advocates on
women’s rights and protection along with the movement of nurturing nature. With that
being said, a point that ecofeminism is trying to make is how we should nurture and
protect nature, because if we harm it, it’s the same thing as harming women or in this
case, our own mother.
Muslim feminism is a concept about giving criticism towards patriarchy in
Islam based on the Qur’an. It criticizes about how men are heavily dominating their
roles in Islam, in which creates a gender inequality on Islamic social structure, since
most of Qur’an and hadith phrases are mostly biased on male roles, and Muslim
feminism demands emancipation from the oppression of heavily domination from men
based from the Islamic dogma.