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 VISION Republic of the Philippines MISSION

A premier university in historic Cavite State University shall provide

Cavite recognized for CAVITE STATE UNIVERSITY excellent, equitable and relevant
excellence in the development Don Severino Delas Alas Campus educational opportunities in the arts,
of morally upright and globally science and technology through
competitive individuals. Indang, Cavite quality instruction and relevant
research and development activities.
It shall produce professional, skilled
and morally upright individuals for
global competitiveness.
College of Nursing

Year/Section/Group: BSNursing 2-1/Group 2

Shift: 2pm – 10 pm
Date: April 01, 2019
Clinical Instructor: Phaebi B. Romen, RM, RN, MAN

1:45 – 2:00 PM Arrival
2:01 – 2:15 Prayer/ Checking of Attendance
2:16 – 2:30 Pre-Conference with the Clinical Instructor
2:31 – 3:00 Join Medical Ward Staff endorsement of Patient and Patients rounds
3:01 – 3:30 Distributing of Students Nurses at the area of assignments / Patients
3:31 – 6:30 Perform Nursing Care to this patient with the supervision of Clinical Instructor
1. Ward routine
 Vital Signs Monitoring
 Intake and Output Monitoring
 Bedside Care

2. Checking of Doctor’s Order

 Preparation and Administration of Oral Medication
 Sample FDAR Charting
6:31 – 7:15 Meal Break
7:16 – 8:30 Continuation of the above Procedure
 Seconds Vital Signs Monitoring
 Input and Output Monitoring
8:31 – 9:30 Plotting and Charting (FDAR)
9:30 – 9:50 Patients Endorsement
9:50 – 10:00 Post-Conference with the Clinical Instructor
10:00 PM Dismissal

Prepared by: Noted by:

Tanag, Rosenie H. Phaebi B. Romen, RM, RN, MAN

Student Nurse/ Team Leader Clinical Instructor