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The English After School Time 2017

English Drama:
Ande-Ande Lumut
NARATOR : “Long time ago in East Java, in a region called
Kahuripan, there were two kingdoms, Jenggala Kingdom and
Kediri Kingdom. The two Kingdoms were originated from one
kingdoms that were divided into two. According to the story, the
two kingdoms should be reunited through a marriage between
Panji Asmarabangun who was Prince of Jenggala with Dewi
Sekartaji who was Princess of Kediri. One day, a storm
attacked Kediri Kingdom. Dewi Sekartaji was blown up by the storm. After a while, she landed
at a village. She was injured and didn’t remember who she was. Then, she met Mbok Rondho

Dewi Sekartaji : “Help me please..”

Mbok Rondho : “What happened, young lady? Who are you? Where do you come from?”
D.Sekartaji : “I don’t remember who I am. I don’t know where I come from. May I live with
NARATOR : “Mbok Rondho thought for a while. She called her daughters named Klenting
Abang, Klenting Ijo, and Klenting Biru to make the decision.”
Mbok Rondho : “Klenting Abang! Klenting Ijo! Klenting Biru! Come over here!”
All Klenting : “Yes Mom.. We’re coming…! What happened Mom?”
Mbok Rondho : “This girl wants to live with us in our house. What do you think?”
Klenting Ijo : “What…???”
Klenting Biru : “Well, I think, she could live with us. But with one condition. She must do all
of our housework”
Klenting Abang : “I agree with you, Klenting Biru”
D.Sekartaji : “Okay, I will do whatever you want”
Mbok Rondho : “From now on, you will live with us and be my child. Now, go sweep the floor,
cook for lunch, tidy up the house, and wash the clothes. And since you don’t remember your
name I give you name Klenting Kuning”
Klenting Kuning : “Sure, mom. I will do what you said”
NARATOR : “So Klenting Kuning was adopted by Mbok Rondho Dadapan. She had to do all
housework in Mbok Rondho Dadapan’s house. Too shorten the story; she has finished all of
her task except washing the clothes. So she went to a river to wash the clothes. When she was
washing, suddenly she saw a fish stranded on the river bank”.
Klenting Kuning : “Oh… How pity you are little fish. Let me help you”
The English After School Time 2017

Fish : “Thank you princess, you have saved my life. From now, I will be your friend
and I will help you in every trouble”
Klenting Kuning : “Oh my god, you can talk. You must be a magic fish. Thank you for
being my friend”
NARATOR : “One day, there was an announcement. It was about a nobleman named Ande-
Ande Lumut who was looking for a kind hearted woman to be his wife. Mbok Rondho and her
daughters heard the announcement.”
Klenting Ijo : “Let’s go to Ande-Ande Lumut’s house!”
K.Abang & Biru : “Yeah, let’s go! Let’s wear the most beautiful gown and the most
expensive jewelry”
Klenting Kuning : “Mom, may I go to Ande-Ande Lumut’s house as well?”
Klenting Abang : “What? You want to come with us?”
Klenting Ijo : “No way, Klenting Kuning”
Klenting Biru : “Hey, look at your face! And your dress! They are so ugly, you can’t go with
All Klenting : “Hahahaha….”
Klenting Kuning : “But I really want to go. Please… Please… Please…”
Klenting Biru : “Hmm…. Okay, but you must wear this clothes and walk behind us. Will
Klenting Kuning : “Yes sister…”
NARATOR : “Klenting Abang, Ijo and Biru walked to Ande-Ande Lumut’s house. Not long
after they left the house, they found a lake. They had to cross the lake to get to Ande-Ande
Lumut’s house. In the lake there was a giant crab named Yuyu Kangkang, he was the
guardian of the lake”.
Klenting Ijo : “Hi, Giant Crab! Who are you? Would you help us to cross this lake?”
YuKang : “My name is Yuyu Kangkang. I am the guardian of this lake. That will be very
easy. I'll help you, but you should fulfill my requirement.”
Klenting Biru : “So, what is that, Yuyu Kangkang? Tell us”
YuKang : “All of you should kiss me first before I take you across the lake. That is my
All Klenting : “ Eeeuuhhh… No way, we will not kiss you”
YuKang : “But you have to, if you want to cross this lake. That’s up to you”
K. Abang : “Alright, we will kiss you”
YuKang : “Great!”
NARATOR : “Although they didn’t want to, they accepted the terms Yuyu Kangkang gave.
One by one they kissed Yuyu Kangkang. After that, Yuyu Kangkang helped them cross the
lake. In Ande-Ande Lumut’s house, Mbok Rondho Dadapan introduced her daughters to
Ande-Ande Lumut”
The English After School Time 2017

Mbok Rondho : “Prince Ande-Ande Lumut, these are my beautiful daughters who want to be
your bride. What do you think? Aren’t they pretty and elegant? Do you accept them?”
Ande Lumut : “I’m sorry Mbok Rondho. But, I still would not choose one of them because they
didn’t pass the test. They were kissed by Yuyu Kangkang”
Klenting Ijo : “Huh?! You’re an arrogant man! How could you say that!”
Klenting Biru : “Yeah! You must be so blind that you can’t see our beauty. We will never
return to this place!”
Mbok Rondho : “Come on girls, let’s go”
NARATOR : “In other place, Klenting Kuning was ready to go to Ande-Ande Lumut’s house.
She wanted to say goodbye to Magic Fish. But Magic fish didn’t show up, who showed up
was a fairy.”
Klenting Kuning : “Magic Fish... come here my friend”
Fish : “I’m here, Klenting Kuning. What’s going on?”
Klenting Kuning : “Oh, who are you?”
Fish : “I am actually a fairy who was cursed by god to become a fish”
Klenting Kuning : “Fairy, I want to say goodbye and wish me luck. Because I’m going to
Ande-Ande Lumut’s house to become his wife”
Fish : “Be careful, you have to face Yuyu Kangkang, the guardian of the lake. He will
ask for kiss from every woman who wants to cross his lake. Put some dirt and wear this ugly
dress, so he wouldn’t kiss you. And if he try to attack you, throw this stick to him”
Klenting Kuning : “Thank you so much for your help, Fairy”
NARATOR : “A few moments later, Klenting Kuning also arrived at the lake. Yuyu Kangkang
saw her, but he didn’t ask for a kiss. Instead, he was thinking that maybe Klenting Kuning
could be his meal.”
YuKang : “You are very ugly. I wouldn’t kiss you. But I would still help you to cross the
K.Kuning :”Thank you so much, Yuyu Kangkang”
NARATOR : “Just before they reach the other side of the lake, Yuyu Kangkang tried to eat
Klenting Kuning.”
YuKang :”You will be my meal. Hahahaha… “
Klenting Kuning :”Fairy said I have to throw this stick, take this Yuyu Kangkang!”
YuKang :”No! No! What are you doing?! Nooo!”
NARATOR : “Yuyu Kangkang was defeated by Klenting Kuning. She swam and continue her
journey to Ande-Ande Lumut’s house.”
Mbok Rondho :”My Prince, there is one women left, but, she is very ugly. Do you want to see
Ande Lumut :(Klenting Kuning showed up).” I choose this girl as my princess. Because Yuyu
Kangkang didn’t kiss her. My real name is Panji Asmarabangun, the Prince of Jengala. ”
Klenting Kuning :”Panji… That name sounds familiar. Wait, I remember now. I am Dewi
Sekartaji, the Princess of Kediri”
The English After School Time 2017

Ande Lumut :”You are the one who I was looking for. Will you marry me and live with me in
this Kingdom?”
Klenting Kuning :”Yes, I will. But I have to ask Mbok Rondho.”
NARATOR : “Then Klenting Kuning and Ande Ande Lumut go to Mbok Rondho’s house to
ask for her blessing for their marriage”
Kleting Kuning :”Mbok, would you please bless me and Panji to marry?”
All Klenting :”Haaaaahhh…?”
Dewi Sekartajji :”Yes, actually I am Dewi Sekartaji. I am Princess of Kediri Kingdom.”
All Klenting :”Oh my god, we are so sorry. We didn’t know it was you.”
Dewi Sekartaji :”It is alright siser, I forgive you.”
NARATOR : “Finally, Panji Asmarabangun married Dewi Sekartaji. and they live happily
ever after…”
The English After School Time 2017

Ande-Ande Lumut
Once upon a time, there lived a girl who named Klenting
Kuning. She is a girl that very kind, nice, cheerful and friendly. She lived just
with her father, because hermother has passed away. They lived harmonic
and happily. But, that’s changed since her father married again with a widow
named Mbok Rondo, that had a daughter named Klenting Merah.
At the beginning, Klenting Kuning felt happy, because had a new
family members. But, apparently Mbok Rondo and Klenting Merah just had a
desire to have her father’s wealth. When her father go, her step mother and
sister would bully her, and make her as maid.
Merah : “Kuning! Come here!”
Kuning : “What’s going on, Merah?”
Merah : “Wash my clothes now!”
Kuning : ”But, merah. I can’t do it right now. I’m busy in cleaning our
The English After School Time 2017

Stepmother : “How dare you! I don’t care! Go washing the clothes!”

Kuning : “OK. I will do it.” (bowing)
That’s the life of Klenting Kuning, when her father wasn’t in the house.
They bullied her arbitrarily.
At the other side, there was a prince that in dilemma because his
mother forced him to marry as soon as possible. His name was Ande Ande
Queen : “My son, it’s better if you get married soon, because the law require
you to get married before making you as the king.”
Ande : “But, mother?”
Queen : “Please, don’t refuse. This is for your life, my life and our people
life. OK?”
Ande : “But, Mother. I haven’t found my love yet”
Queen : “Just be calm. I will find her for you. Next month, I will make a
party for all girls in this country to find your love, dear.”
Ande : “OK, mother. I will do anything for you. The importance is your
happiness. Now, I want to go hunting. I just want to say good bye.”
Queen : “Well. Be careful, dear.”
Ande : “Kasim!”
Kasim : “Yes, prince?”
Ande : “My mother said that she will make a party next month. So, please
prepare all the equipment.”
Kasim : “OK, prince.”
The English After School Time 2017

Day by day, all people were gathering in a field, because there was an
Kasim : “Attention, please! For all people of Buja Buji Kingdom. The Queen
make a party in the palace in the next 2 weeks from now in the evening. So,
for the girls should come. Prepare yourself to get the heart of the prince,
because who can get the heart of him, she will become his wife, so you can
be The Next Queen of Buja Buji Kingdom. Good luck and may the odds be
ever in your favor. Thank you.”
The waited day was coming. All the girls busy in preparing their selves
to attend the party, especially Klenting Merah. She dressed up as beautiful as
possible to win the prince’s heart.
Stepmother : “You should always look pretty, honey. I will be glad if you
become a princess.”
Merah : (smile) “Mom, In your opinion, what dress that should I wear? This?
Or this? Oh… I’m confused.”
Stepmother : “I think you should wear this dress. It’s matching with your
Merah : “OK. Mom, please make me up.”
Stepmother : “OK. Yeah, finished. Now, you’re look so beautiful. No one
more beautiful than you.”
Kuning saw jealously Klenting Merah from the distance. Actually, she
really would go too to that party, but her step mother and sister forbid her.
Stepmother: “Klenting Kuning, do you want to take part in the party, too?”
Merah : “There’s unlikely. You don’t even have a dress. You certainly
can’t go out there in such a terrible look.”
The English After School Time 2017

Stepmother: “That’s right. You can’t go. You’d better stay home and finish
your job. Go, do the laundry!”
Kuning : “Oh my God. Why this life so cruel? Why I should meet this dirty
clothes while all girls have fun? I want to go there too, like all the other girls
who can go to meet the prince.”
When Klenting Merah and her mother go, she got an idea to go to the
party. She prepared herself.
On the way to the palace, Klenting Merah and Mbok Rondo reached a
river. They could not get across the river that deep and wide. And there was
not even a single boat seen around there. At the side of river, they were
confused how to take across the river. Suddenly, something weird appeared.
It was giant crab named Yuyu KangKang.
Yuyu Kang Kang : “Hi, girls! Do you want to take across the river? With my
pleasure, I will help you.”
Merah : “Of course, I want! I want!”
Yuyu Kang Kang : “But, in one condition!”
Stepmother : “What is that? I will do it, but you should bring us to the
Yuyu Kang Kang : “Really?”
Stepmother dan kelenting merah : “Of course!”
Yuyu Kang Kang : “Whuaaahahahhahahah.... The condition is after bring
you to the across, your daughter should kiss my cheek. Do you agree?”
Merah : “So, what should I do, mother?
Stepmother : “Alright. Be calm, dear. The importance is you can go to the
The English After School Time 2017

Yuyu Kangkang was taking them across the river. After arriving, Yuyu
Kang Kang get kissed by Klenting Merah. Without their awareness, Kasim
got command from prince to saw every girls who come to the party. He knew
that all that girls definitely gave repayment by kissing his cheek.
Suddenly, Klenting Kuning came by running. When arriving at the
edge of the rver, Klenting Kuning was confused how to take across the river.
Then, Yuyu Kang Kang appear with the same idea.
Yuyu Kang Kang : “Hi, girls! Do you want to take across the river? With my
pleasure, I will help you.”
Kuning : “Are you sure will helping me?”
Yuyu Kang Kang : “Of course. But in one condition, you have to kiss my
Kuning : “OK.”
After arriving the across river, Yuyu Kang Kang ask Klenting Kuning to do
her promise.
Yuyu Kang Kang : “OK, finished. Now. where’s my repayment?”
Kuning : “Hmmm. OK, but close your eyes first” (hitting Yuyu Kangkang)
Yuyu Kangkang fell down and fainted, so Klenting Kuning went
away. Kasimthat was staring her when Kuning defeated Yuyu Kang Kang. He
feel impressed by that brave girl’s action. And then, Kasim met the prince.
Kasim : “Prince, all the girls kiss Yuyu Kang Kang, except one girl. She is a
brave girl. She doesn’t want kiss him. She asked him to close his eyes, and
then hit Yuyu Kangkang from behind, that makes him fainted.”
Ande : “ Really? She didn’t kiss him? Who’s the girl?”
Kasim : “She is Klenting Kuning.”
The English After School Time 2017

Ande : “Thank you, Kasim. I will choose that girl...”

In the palace, every girls was talking fun and enjoy the serving and the
party. Then, The Queen appeared.
Queen : “Thank you for coming. I will announce who will be the wife of
the prince. I choose her by looking the look and the attitude. I choose … you!
Klenting Merah as the wife of the prince.”
Merah : “Really?”
Queen : “Yes, of course. You’re so beautiful. My son like you.”
Stepmother: Oh my daughter! Congratulations! I’m proud of you!”
Suddenly, Ande Ande Lumut entered the room with Kasim.
Queen : “My dear, I have choose girl that is suit become your wife. She is
Klenting Merah. Do you want to marry her?”
Ande : “No, mother! I have chosen another girl to become my wife.”
Queen : “Who is she?”
Ande : “ She is Klenting Kuning.”
Stepmother : “I’m sorry, Your Highness! Why do you choose that girl instead
my wonderful daughter?”
Merah : “Yea, I’m more beautiful than her! You should choose me, not
Stepmother : “You hurt my daughter’s heart!”
Queen : “Shut up! My son, is there a reason why you choose Klenting
Ande : “Every girls that come here kissed Yuyu KangKang as the
repayment to take across the river. But only one girl that not kiss him. She is
Klenting Kuning. I don’t want to marry with girl who kiss other man.”
The English After School Time 2017

Queen : “Really? Have you ever kiss Yuyu Kangkang’s cheek, Klenting
Merah : “Yeah, but I’m forced to.”
Queen : “OK, Kuning. Come here!”
Kuning : “Yes, Queen?”
Ande : “Will you marry me?”
Kuning : “Yes, of course.”
Finally, they get married. Klenting Merah had a broken heart, but she
allow the prince to marry with Klenting Kuning. Then, Klenting Merah and
her mother became kind to Klenting Kuning, and lived at the palace. At the
end, they live happily ever after.
That’s the story titled Ande Ande Lumut from the Kediri, East Java. The story
was classified as a myth that contains messages moral values that can serve
as a guide in daily life. Among others:
1. Do not allow all ways to achieving what you want.
2. Do not look someone from outside, but look at their heart and soul. Even
though from outside it appears ugliness, but look on their inner beauty,
integrity of theirheart, and good behavior make them more precious in who
see it.