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Rajah Flood-North

HSMT 4400 Health Systems Managament Capstone

Professor Rahab Anita Manyika

Revision of JobZology Assessment.

The JobZology assessment describes me as a social and investigative person. I enjoy

being in roles that directly help people, pushing to promote learning and personal development

skills. Having strong social skills allows me to communicate with others, offer counseling,
teaching, and being of service to people. JobZology also characterizes me as person with

investigative interests. Having investigative interests allows me to thrive when exploring ideas,

asking questions, and seeking answers when figuring out problems mentally. Both concepts of

being social and investigative can contribute to becoming a Healthcare Consultant. This will aid

in the practice of fixing, and figuring out problems a healthcare facility may have.

My value summary portrays high results of achievement. People who value achievement

commonly makes the most of their abilities. Feeling a sense of accomplishment from both their

job, and work is one main concept of feeling a since of achievement. Looking at my personality

traits I’ve learned that I am open to experiences. This part of the assessment describes me as

more creative, imaginative, and open-minded than the average person. Due to these traits, people

may describe me as a person who enjoys making new plans, dealing with complexity, and

contributing towards innovation. They might also say that I am comfortable with the unknown.

“The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an assessment that is believed to measure

psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions”(What the

Myers-Briggs Personality Test Can and Can't Tell You). Myers Briggs characterizes me as an

ENFJ commonly known as the protagonist. ENFJ’s are natural born leaders, who are full of

charisma. Being an ENFJ shows that you care and inspire those around you. Our main focus is to

guide others to improve the community, and themselves. As an ENFJ my strengths are being

tolerant, reliable, natural leader, and charismatic. My weakness is that I am overly idealistic, too

sensitive, and too selfless meaning that I take on other people’s problems.

The assessment results help me fully understand my behavior. After looking at my

results, I can define myself as a well-rounded person with the traits necessary to be successful

and hard working. Though I’ve learned that I can be sensitive, and a worrier I feel as if through
time I can grow from these weaknesses and overcome them. By completing these assessments

I’ve learned more about myself from the Myers Briggs, and JobZology assessments.


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