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Chloe Sciarrone: Personal Statement

My brother, Atreyu, was born when I was three years old. However, it became apparent within his first
few weeks home that something was wrong. It was discovered that he had a blood clot in his brain that
needed to be removed. After his operation he required years of physical and speech therapy; I would go
with him to watch his progress. My mom tells me that I used to study my brother’s physical therapist
and sometimes even repeat the exercises with him once we were at home. She was convinced that one
day, I would have a career that involved me helping people overcome their physical limitations in some
way. For the longest time, she believed I would become a physical therapist myself, but as time went on,
I realized my goal was a little different. My father’s side of the family is Italian—my great-grandfather
and great-grandmother moved to the states from Sicily before my grandfather was born. Despite my
roots, I was never taught to speak Italian. The desire to learn more about my family’s culture and
background led to me attempting to teach myself Italian through websites, apps and many YouTube
videos. All of that led me to the decision that I want to help tourists and travelers in Europe engage with
others even if they are not able to speak the native language. I want to help others overcome their
physical limitations by helping them speak to and understand other people in Italy.

Currently, I am a full-time student at State College of Florida, pursuing an Associate of Arts Degree. I
have five younger siblings and, aside from school, most of my time is spent with and for them. I help
them with their school work, take them wherever they need to go, and get them whatever they need.
They all support my decision to learn Italian and pursue a career in Italy. I use an app on my phone daily
to learn a small amount of Italian and watch videos to improve my listening skills. My siblings like when I
practice speaking in front of them and often quiz me on my knowledge of whatever random words and
phrases come to their minds.

My goal is to finish my degree at SCF and then move on to a university where I can study and perfect my
Italian. If I do well enough within my first couple of years, then hopefully I will get the chance to study
abroad in Italy and familiarize myself with the culture. Ultimately, studying would give me the
opportunity to begin working in and eventually even moving to Italy where I could then also pursue my
dream of being a translator for anyone who might need my services. I look forward to a career where I
can wake up every day and know that I am doing something that I love.