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Randy Quaid,, Seattle, Washington
"Randy Quaid speaks out about Targeted Individual phenomenon"

by Deborah Dupré

Photo: New York Daily News

Randy and Evi Quaid's manifesto as targeted individuals
by Bob Levin, Investigative Journalist and FBI Whistleblower Patriot Ref: Ref: Ref: Ref: In my opinion, Randy and Evi Quaid have represented many of the shared experiences known to Targeted Individuals [TIs] within the commonality of an ever intensifying virtual death camp environment. Within the United States, the mission focus of continuous systematic systemic genocide for negative eugenics was first documented during the second leg of the CIA MK-ULTRA Program, "Project Artichoke", when specific and randomly targeted individuals were sanctioned under the applied tactics, techniques and technologies of four principles comprising the CIA Torture Paradigm/Matrix. This includes an expansion of the devices previously used exclusively in laboratory settings, with the evolutionary testing and development of Direct Energy Weapons [DEWs] aka Enhanced Radiation Weapons [ERWs]. Regarding the use of electromagnetic pulse radiation weapons, within my forthcoming blackfile summary report, I will include a republican source close the U.S. Secret Service volunteering that then President George H.W. Bush, did give a clandestine order to test an aerial EMP weapon from a refitted military A-6E Intruder over New York City [a possible precursor to 911] that subsequently caused a massive regional power blackout and killed American and Canadian citizens. The matter was covered-up by Senator John McCain in a backroom deal to have his false war hero persona maintained with the permanent sealing of his military records - own your sins or live the lie. Also to be included, the explanation of an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi and former U.S. military scientist who worked within the "Manhattan Project" during WWII, who volunteered the probable reason why Pacific Islanders have a higher risk of some cancers. Lastly, I will describe two Electromagnetic Pulse Radiation attacks on my home, property and family occurring after refusing threats from the Bush White House to remain silent and not to publish or face the government's "invention" of a criminal charge. Meanwhile my clandestine security clearance issued by then U.S. Attorney General, Janet Reno, was repeatedly outed in political retribution by known culpable clandestine federal agents. Additionally a former clandestine federal agent that I sent to prison in 2000 for the theft of government funds was released as a federal felon and assigned by three federal administrators and others to commence a Cointelpro action that threatened my life, deconstructed the only employment that I could secure since 2000 and later accosted me while I was near death from cancer treatments. Over thirty-six security notices were filed under the protocols employed at the clandestine level and no legal recourse was ever acknowledged or taken by the U.S. government.

In all of this it is unfortunate that U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder has through the illegal act of selective enforcement, demonstrated his complicity within the government corruption described by myself and other whistleblower patriots. Unfortunately too many targeted individuals are psychological herded while unable to identify their specific attackers who most often remain craven and faceless blackops spooks. In desperation targeted individuals are caused by that psyops to grasp for the easy feel good answers that only serve to perpetuate their own self-inflicted harm that again is recognized as the primary earmark of CIA torture programs; e.g., the counterintelligence reverse chewbait and "snipe hunt" myth of "gangstalking" that was designed in advance of the TI Community's public arrival by a welcoming committee of Anti-TI Activists and Cointelpro infiltrators intent on deferring culpability away from the U.S. government. Targeted individuals not coming from my background in U.S. Intelligence or those not possessing the research ability to understand themselves in the present moment by revisiting the history of U.S. government black projects, fail to identify the terrorist enemies of humanity as the very thinly veiled "deep state" that now includes a majority of criminal groupthinks within the three branches of the U.S. government infrastructure. These fascist vermin who run from exposure like cockroaches from the light, will nevertheless keep relentlessly attacking the targeted individual until they find their breaking point. For some of us without a breaking point, which does not predispose the lack of a moral compass, a larger question arises. Are we the next name to be included on the long and growing list of U.S. blackops assassinations. Since the staged suicide/assassination of Dr. Frank Olson [MK-ULTRA] and with an increasing frequency, targeted individuals have repeatedly been eliminated as whistleblower patriots, journalists, persons within political arena and others who were likely killed to send a vicarious message. The intent of these criminal acts is to prevent the truth from being spoken to the culpable thugs within a totally corrupt power base at all costs. This comparatively functions like a "Bush Free Speech Zone" that is another perversion of language and misnomer for a symbolic microcosm demonstrating the systematic overthrow of the buttressing principles of our constitutional democracy and the United States of America by the Bush family oligarchy and corporatist facilitators of treason and mass murder. The U.S. government of "We the People" must be recognized and described as an inhuman criminal octopus with politicized tentacle agencies that both independently and collectively provide plausible deniability while functioning together from the rotting head of a malignant groupthink that orchestrates terrorism, torture and genocide as the modus operandi for the resulting harm of perpetual wars for profit. Ultimately what will destroy these fascist vermin is their inability to act beyond empty words while failing to recognize the human being in all people. This is one of the reasons why I as an Italian Jew stand with my reasonably minded Israeli Jewish and Palestinian human brothers and sisters to embrace a genuine and sustainable peace with the recognition of Abraham as our shared common ancestor - doing this has gifted me with the sense that my extended family has increased many times by the uniting force of our networked tribes. We can no longer allow the enemies of humanity to herd us into a pit of their own creation and cause us to fight like rabid animals. Never again will I trust and support a corrupt and terrorist government as I once did in the warrior years of my youth. Before G-d I pledge that the rest of my days will be spent publishing and thrusting the bayonet of truth deep into the pig hearts of propagandists and government corruption. I'll stand for the people even if the cowards violating their oaths and U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder can't find the sack to do the same. Targeted individuals are today's death camp victims standing in plain sight among the masses who are all impacted by degrees in one form or another; hence the terms "slow kill" and "silent kill" while too often neighbor is caused to turn on neighbor within the calculated matrix of systemic genocide.

These genocidal formulas that recognize the primary earmark of CIA torture programs by causing self-inflicted harm, are often employed in conjuncture with the fractionalizing methods of ongoing illegal Cointelpro operations. Those applications range from insidious to blatant acts of depraved indifference and as a repeated frequency of occurrences, recognize what was first coined by Professor Alfred W. McCoy, "A Question of Torture", as "No Touch" Invisible Physical Torture. Within the virtual death camp environment, the signatories of the United Nations protocols and conventions against torture duplicitously violate this transnational treating with universal jurisdiction to affect the systematic genocide and mass murder of millions of innocent human beings en masse within the United States, Canada and globally. This is a legacy of the Jewish Holocaust as identified by a once meaningful life being converted into an existence of adjunct human slavery where hopelessness and the onset of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD] on average at twenty-four days of exposure, erodes the individual sense of self-identity in human beings towards a desire for the peace of oblivion. To explain the Phenomena of Targeted Individuals we must unearth the buried layers of history and move forward into the present moment to find the core truth that ultimately resides in the inhuman hearts of a controlling minority, which exists in the world like an outgoing tide that gives warning of a forthcoming Tsunami of cyclical genocide to program the psyops as a complacent norm. Sociopathy and psychopathy begins in the minds of those desperately seeking the misattributed rewards of genuine human emotions from normal human beings. They solicit these through a series of learned behaviors that perpetuate their exclusive personal self-aggrandizing agendas without any actual sense of right and wrong. Today these same inhuman monsters are recognized as corporatists politicians seeking to place government controls over the right of a woman's choice to manage her own body. They are those who espouse Judeo-Christian values by crying over the rights of a blastocyst while simultaneously perpetuating the genocide of forty-five thousand America men, women, children, and infants who die each year without a Canadian national healthcare system. They are those who leave millions of unemployed Americans to starve without extended benefits or any means of securing jobs, while these same elected politicians scream tax cuts for the most wealthy to veil their support for the outsourcing of the U.S. economy while others affect same in the reverse with insourcing. They are those chicken-hawks who took military deferments when it was their turn to serve and now send others off to die in support of their rackets masked as the "War on Terror" that is no different than its older sister the "War on Drugs" with both modeled on an endless perpetuation through cause and effect. They are those rabid animals who throughout history, flourished when the people have surrendered the reins of government to persons not gelded by open public examination or harnessed to plow the fertile fields of liberty and inalienable human rights when they are unable to recognize something greater than themselves. They are those who believed they had the singular answer for all people as transported through America's history of eugenics that gave rise to Nazi Germany and the Jewish Holocaust before its import back to the U.S. with the genocidal siring of CIA MK-ULTRA and a virtual death camp environment for targeted individuals. An admired colleague of Henry Ford, Adolf Hitler, was so inspired by the U.S. Eugenics Program that he authored the first of two versions of Mien Kampf during a seven month stay on a five year prison sentence resulting from a failed Coup d'état at the Bürgerbräukeller beer hall in Munich on November 8-9, 1923. Hitler desperately tried to erase the lineage of his own family by hiding and murdering its members. The family of Adolf Hitler was plagued by a history of mental illness and even included the Jewish name of Salomon in its ancestry; none of which met the Aryan criteria for racial purity. From there Hitler implemented the T-4 Program that made heavy use of fluoride in the drinking water system as a pacification chemical and Lebensborn for selective breeding. Nazi Germany emerged through Gestapo tactics [the most effective police force in history], total media control by a centralized propaganda ministry, and the repeated lies that converted the minds of previously reasonable thinking German citizens into a genocidal groupthink and mob consciousness. These elements perpetuated the Jewish Holocaust and the genocide of over six million Jewish men, women, children, and infants that some have suggested was an extension of

Adolf Hitler's psychotic bipolar mind that somehow believed he could erase elements within his own family's history through a demonic reinvention. Ref: Hitler's Family: In The Shadow Of The Dictator (2006). Hitler's Family: In The Shadow Of The Dictator. [] Following the end of WWI and having already experienced the "Palmer Raids" and the "Red Scare", the seeds of fear were already planted that later produced the "Cold War" between the Soviet Union [Russia] and the United States following the division of Germany into east and west. Ref: "The Palmer Raids were attempts by the United States Department of Justice to arrest and deport left-wing radicals, especially anarchists, from the United States. The raids and arrests occurred in November 1919 and January 1920 under the leadership of Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer. Though more than 500 foreign citizens were deported, including a number of prominent leftist leaders, Palmer's efforts were largely frustrated by officials at the US Department of Labor who had responsibility for deportations and who objected to Palmer's methods and disrespect for the legal process. The Palmer Raids occurred in the larger context of the Red Scare, the term given to American fear of and reaction against political radicals in the years immediately following World War I." [] Nearing the end of WWII and to beat the Russians before they could respond, the OSS began "Operation Paperclip" to smuggle out Nazi SS doctors and scientists, some of whom had conducted inhuman experimentation and genocide in the Auschwitz and Birkenau death camps. One thousand and six hundred Nazi SS war criminals were eventually imported back to their eugenic roots in America to continue their inhuman experimentation on involuntary human test animals under the first leg of the newly formed CIA's MK-ULTRA Program, the "Manhattan Black Project" of mind-control and "brainwashing" used unsuccessfully to create a "Manchurian Candidate." The outcome of MK-ULTRA succeeded in the total destruction of human minds that some compare to that of having murdered the living soul and leaving behind the undead shell of the physical body. Note: Nazi SS War Criminal [October 1983]: Through a series of circumstances I was able to locate and identify a Nazi SS War Criminal living in the U.S. who I suspect was imported in 1946 under the OSS/CIA’s “Operation Paperclip”, which led to the development of the MK-ULTRA Black Projects. Twenty-four hours after communicating this information to Simon Wiesenthal, the person known to me as “Günter” vanished along with every thread of his existence during what appeared to be a clandestine snatch and grab. The details will be included within my forthcoming book that I am currently writing. Sometimes I referred to this person as Günter88 for his fervored passion regarding the German 88mm artillery canons. As a crew chief with an elite Nazi unit nicked named “Hitler’s Greenies”, he was decorated on the steps of the Reichstadt by Heinrich Himmler with other high ranking Nazis looking on in attendance. Although Günter resembled a much older Liudas Kairys, I do not believe that he was one of the Nazi war criminals captured in America by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Special Investigations; i.e., Elfriede Rinkel, Algimantas Dailide, Hermine Braunsteiner Ryan, John Kalymon, John Demjanjuk, Viorel Trifa, Johann Breyer, Hubertus Strughold, Bohdan Koziy, Arthur Rudolph, Michael Kolnhofer, Vladas Zajanckausakas, Osyp Firischchak, Aleksandras Lileikis, Conrad Schellong, Jakob Reimer, Liudas Kairys, Reinhold Kulle, Bronislaw Hajda, Andrija Artukovic, Helmut Oberlander. During the second leg of CIA MK-ULTRA, specific and randomly targeted individuals were increasingly sanctioned by the four principle components comprising the CIA Torture Paradigm that is regularly applied in conjuncture with the fractionalizing methods of ongoing illegal Cointelpro operations. These repeated frequencies of occurrences range from insidious to blatant acts of depraved indifference, again were first coined by one of my mentors, Professor Alfred W. McCoy as "No Touch" Invisible Physical Torture. Unseen, leaves no physical marks, but is nevertheless devastatingly lethal to the human mind. What our citizens and human brothers and sisters around the world are experiencing today, are the macro concentrations of the tactics, techniques and technologies for applied systematic systemic genocide and negative eugenics that sanctioned targeted individuals have experienced in the micro for decades. These formulas under the four principle components comprising the CIA Torture Paradigm/Matrix, mirror with the lethal toxins given involuntary human test animals during MK-ULTRA. Radioactive pathogens, LSD and electroshock treatments that have since left the laboratory as law enforcement crowd control devices, Direct Energy Weapons [DEW], and the

Pentagon's Active Denial System aka "The Pentagon's Raygun", all equally recognize these applications as causing systematic systemic genocide within both the individual and larger groups when sanctioned en masse as involuntary human laboratory control samples. This again recognizes the primary earmark of the CIA torture programs by causing self-inflicted harm. A number of these subtle to blatant formulas are applied in layers that perpetuate the destruction of those who are targeted individuals. This additionally acts like blood in the water causing a feeding frenzy by the sharks and a smokescreen for con-artists, Anti-TI Activists and infiltrators intent on doing harm to emotionally vulnerable targeted individuals with human trafficking, physical violence, financial fraud, and other criminal activities under many guises within the U.S. and transnationally. One such organization has reportedly realized fourteen targeted individual [TI] suicides over a three year period. The principles of systematic systemic genocide for negative eugenics have now been globalized by a mutually codependent Continuing Criminal Enterprise that includes a cabal of both U.S. and foreign elected politicians at every level of government, political appointees, lobbyists, corporatist industries, and the syndicated consortiums of the military industrial complex. These elements of corporate fascism as supported by the politicians wearing robes of the U.S. Supreme Court with Citizens United vs. the Federal Elections Commission, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Corporate News Media that is a Fascist Propaganda Ministry, have created and fueled both sides of the villain verses hero scenarios that serve to perpetuate endless wars for profit. This also includes the use of NASA satellites to identify natural resources and oil deposits as has currently occurred in central Africa were the genocide is ongoing until such a time that corporatists can easily harvest the wealth of another sovereign foreign nation. We must maintain our focus on the calculus of money and power without becoming lost in the many details and chewbait distractions meant to anchor the mind in a static place. Chewbaits take many shapes on a number of levels like BP and the U.S. government telling you the Gulf of Mexico is safe and free of oil and other harmful chemicals - not true at all. The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the Deepwater Horizon wreckage site and its debris field is located at the precise coordinates N28-5491/W088-22.0293 [in the area known as the Mississippi Canyon 252] on the sea floor of the Gulf of Mexico to the sea surface. What you are not hearing is that people in the region who live on the water are showing symptoms of chemical contamination that medical professionals aren't sure how to treat and I believe the lives of the victims are going to be shortened as a result of known carcinogens found in the BP oil dispersants. More significant beyond the virtual media blackout of the BP spill and the government cover-up, I have it on good authority that Scientists took a deep sea submersible vehicle down to the area that has now been imposed with a no trespass/safety zone of 750 feet from the center outward in all directions. One mile down, these scientist discovered a suspended oil plume that is 27 miles long, 6 miles wide and 650 feet tall. So now we know how those dispersant chemicals work, by keeping the BP oil spill out of sight and only more visibly being recognized by the illness they have caused in humans. Political rhetoric aside, nothing will change for the better unless whistleblower patriots are supported by the people en masse with the highest ranking culpable members of the U.S. Government finding themselves criminally prosecuted for major index crimes, treason, terrorism, money laundering, RICO, genocide, rape, and crimes against humanity with universal jurisdiction. The death penalty must be left on the table. The phenomena of targeted individuals should not be limited in scope to only the personal experiences we all share as sanctioned involuntary human test animals or whistleblower patriots, because the conditions causing this unseen holocaust are septic in nature and have been expanded throughout the total fabric of human existence. We must stand united against those

espousing the "New World Order" when they seek to destroy humanity by possessing the total aggregate of the world into a commodity. Therefore I have two suggested recommendations for targeted individuals: [1.] Within the United States and given the preexisting documented history of Cointelpro with the Church Committee investigation, we should seek a 3rd Cointelpro investigation with the appointment of a special independent prosecutor afforded subpoena powers for obtaining classified government documents showing a specific harm, to specific person, by a specific federal agent or agency. With the evidence this could produce, targeted individuals have unlocked the courthouse doors for a winning lawsuit with restorative and meritorious rewards. Even though the program has officially ended, the actions and resulting harm of Cointelpro continue and include a 1994 assassination attempt against me by the federal government and repeated illegal acts by known culpable clandestine federal agents. [2.] Will you as targeted individuals support the idea of collectively seeking asylum outside the United States with the production of a formal petition filed with the International Court of Justice, Peace Palace, Carnegieplein 2, 2517 KJ The Hague, The Netherlands; and with Judge Baltasar Garzon of the Spanish Courts who heard a torture prosecution; or through any other avenue willing to offer asylum to a people of a protective class...possibly Iceland? This is a draft that I started some time ago during the process of discovering what it was to be tortured as a sanctioned FBI Whistleblower Patriot and targeted individual while my belief system crumbled...I am seeking a new life elsewhere: The Government of the United States of America, as a signatory continues to the 1951 Convention and 1967 Protocol relating to the Status of Refugees as set forth by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees [UNHCR], has knowingly violated the treaty while shrouding itself in duplicitous through the use of nationals security protocols to commit actionable offenses and human rights violations that continuously threaten Vicarious Lethal Deportation and Virtual Extraordinary Rendition back to a parallel existence within the birth nation of those affected with a covert status as a clandestine security clearance. Certain death awaits these honorable American citizens as outed former clandestine agents of the U.S. government by the actionable offenses of known and unknown federal agents who passively sanction the assassinations of this protective class as a means of silencing descent through political persecution, death and systematic systemic genocide. Presently I am just now learning how to build the three primary website domains that I purchased months ago and have designated the location for the use of targeted individuals seeking a hub for testimonial references and shared communications - with luck it should be up within the next few days. In the meantime, I welcome your comments and suggestions with a prayer that our many parts will unite in a force of humanity to end the TI Holocaust and to seek justice for the reported fourteen suicides of targeted individuals over the past three years within an Ohio based alleged non-profit TI organization. These deaths must be investigated and charges brought for wrongful death and genocidal homicide that collectively stand as a crime against humanity.

FYI: Document from the second leg of the CIA MK-ULTRA Program, "Project Artichoke" during which specific and randomly targeted individuals were sanctioned under the developing torture paradigm.
Below is a declassified CIA document from "Project Artichoke" under the MK-ULTRA Program that comments on the use of "a writer", most likely one of several "journalists" paid to write propaganda and speaks to the practices used in mind-control and "brainwashing" during the early formation of the CIA Torture Paradigm/Matrix. Like U.S. Black Projects in Torture and Systemic Genocide for Negative Eugenics; MK-ULTRA; McCarthyism; Cointelpro; KUBARK; WITSEC; Abu Ghraib Prison; the development of the four principles comprising the CIA Torture Matrix/Paradigm; the Bush bin Laden false Flag Operations of 9-11; the No Child Left Behind Initiative used to dumb-down a generation to work as a cheap labor pool that can still operate the machines, but not question; the surrounding events of Hurricane Katrina to simulate the detonation of a low yield nuclear device on U.S. soil; the deliberate Economic Collapse and Fall of the American Empire that was patterned on the military dictatorship of the Roman Republic; all have been brought by a treasonous and corrupt government infrastructure that is orchestrated by the syndicated consortiums of the military industrial complex as a Continuing Criminal Enterprise to successfully perpetuate the corporatist agenda that is intent on processing the total aggregate of the world into a commodity. The Jewish Holocaust never ended, it returned to its eugenic roots in America and became a series of black projects and subprojects that continue their migrations beneath the clandestine mud of evolutionary change and shed their outer shells like Chesapeake Bay bluecrabs while becoming newer versions of the same godless atrocities, only to leave behind the empty places of their past existences like riddles trapped in mysteries and wrapped in enigmas. An unseen Holocaust continues in the U.S., Canada and around the world of human beings against specific and randomly targeted individuals, involuntary human test animals and government whistleblower patriots. [Ref:]