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Rewarding experience
KNOWLEDGE is the currency of the
21st-century economy. To meet the ever-
increasing need for qualified, higher-
skilled workers, the Malaysian

for lifelong learners

Qualifications Agency has introduced the
Accreditation of Prior Experiential
Learning (APEL).
APEL widens access to higher education
for adult learners who are rich in work
experience but lack academic
qualifications. Through APEL for Credit
Award, or APEL(C), a pathway is provided
for credit transfers for entry into higher
education, from diploma programmes
right up to PhDs.
APEL(C) allows the assessment of credits
against matching modules in a programme
of study. Once an APEL(C) applicant’s
competency level is determined, those
credits can shorten his or her entire study
duration considerably, saving both time
and money.
An applicant with only a Sijil Pelajaran
Malaysia certificate would usually only
qualify for diploma studies. However,
through APEL(C), it is possible for qualified
applicants to directly apply their hard-won
knowledge and pursue a bachelor’s degree.
Management and Science University
(MSU) offers breakthrough ways for
working adults wishing to further their
studies. A wide range of programmes is
offered, with the students’ convenience as
well as their educational and professional
backgrounds in mind.
Lifelong learners from all walks of life
can access MSU’s range of undergraduate
and postgraduate programmes and choose
from a variety of study modes to best fit
their situation. This ranges from attending
classes on weekdays, weekends or in the MSU’s flexible learning options gives access to education to applicants from all walks of life.
evenings, to opting for virtual learning via
video conference and online discussions. Management and Professional Studies, Studies and Graduate School of immense personal fulfilment.
Enterprising and technology-driven, Faculty of Information Sciences and Management.
MSU is steeped in the cultures of research, Engineering, International Medical School, Lifelong learning is vital for everyone, n For more information on the flexible
innovation and social entrepreneurship. School of Pharmacy, School of Education not just the insatiably curious. Make programmes offered at MSU, call 03-5521
MSU comprises the Faculty of Health and and Social Sciences, School of Hospitality lifelong learning a part of yourself, 6868, email or visit
Life Sciences, Faculty of Business and Creative Arts, School of Graduate advance in your professional life and gain

Elevate your career with an MBA

THE pursuit of business and its related demand for business school graduates will
degrees is a popular choice among continue to be high in 2019.
students, largely due to its applicability in The report states that 78% of employers
all industries. Companies and plan to hire recent MBA graduates this MBA programmes and their
organisations, regardless of their trade, year, which is on a par with the share that
rely on the principles of business made MBA hires in 2018 (77%). A greater connected specialisations
management to be successful. In today’s share of employers plan to hire Master of offer insight and knowledge
competitive job market, even qualified Data Analytics (41%) and Master in
professionals are driven to consider Management (37%) graduates in 2019, into what makes a company
acquiring an MBA as a means of getting a compared with 2018 hiring (36% and 32%, tick. Becoming an MBA
promotion, landing a management respectively). In addition, most employers
position, developing a strong professional plan to increase the starting base salaries graduate can be the pathway
network or even becoming their own of new business school hires this year at or to the career of your choice,
bosses. above the rate of inflation compared with
An MBA can offer a wealth of the base salaries offered to 2018 new hires.
enhance your management
advantages, especially when from a well- There is no doubt that within the fast- skills and help you gain a
regarded business school. While most MBA evolving and increasingly competitive
applicants are usually young professionals business arena, there is a need for
competitive advantage in
with two years of professional experience, professionals to upskill themselves to today’s dynamic business
senior employees opting to pursue an MBA
is quickly becoming a norm.
move up the career ladder, and the most
relevant and versatile option is to acquire
MBA programmes and their connected an MBA.
specialisations offer insight and knowledge According to Prof Dr Stanley Yap Peng
into what makes a company tick. Lok, SEGi University Graduate School of affordable MBA programmes specialising
Becoming an MBA graduate can be the Business dean, pursuing an MBA at SEGi Prof Yap says an MBA can help you in global business, general management,
pathway to the career of your choice, University will help you develop priceless develop priceless skills, including how to finance, human resource management and
enhance your management skills and help management skills. You will learn how to manufacture, advertise and sell your marketing. SEGi University also offers
you gain a competitive advantage in manufacture, advertise and sell your products, keep your company’s finances flexible classes for working professionals,
today’s dynamic business environment. An products, keep your company’s finances healthy, maintain the company’s positive such as online and weekend classes.
MBA can also provide you with the tools healthy, maintain the company’s positive image and gather and interpret industry If you are a working professional
and experience to enter a new field with image and gather and interpret industry data. seeking to elevate your career, make the
confidence and authority or elevate your data. time to schedule an information session
career in your existing field. It provides a “We provide high-quality modules to university partners such as University of and campus visit today and learn how
chance to build leadership skills and shape help professionals upskill themselves and Central Lancashire and University of SEGi University can assist you in achieving
your career focus. gain an added business advantage that Sunderland in the United Kingdom and your career goals.
The Year-End Employer Poll Report 2018 both they and their employers seek. There University of Southern Queensland,
by the Graduate Management Admission are a variety of postgraduate programmes Australia,” adds Prof Yap. n For more information, call 03-6145 1777,
Council, which collates data on businesses offered at SEGi University, some of which SEGi University’s Graduate School of WhatsApp 011-1210 6389 or visit www.segi.
and their hiring patterns, indicates that the include collaboration with world-leading Business offers widely recognised,
10 Work & Study THE STAR, TUESDAY 30 APRIL 2019

Moving forward
AeU’s new campus
in Subang Jaya,
which is expected
to serve more than

with changing times

5,000 full-time

OPEN and distance learning (ODL) has Education for all

been a boon for many people, from
working professionals to people with According to Prof Hassan, the majority of
physical disabilities. With advancing students enrolled in AeU’s part-time online
technology, it has become easier to pursue courses are working professionals aged
education through ODL. between 30 and 40 years old.
Emeritus Prof Datuk Dr Hassan Said, “Many working professionals are
vice-chancellor of Asia e University (AeU) pursuing further study for various reasons,
explains, “At the very beginning, distance from wanting to upgrade their skills to
learning meant sending course materials changing their profession or industries.
via post. With the Internet, study materials Regardless of the reason, the biggest
can be sent over email. challenge faced by these people is time
“However, these techniques did not management, because they have primary
offer the 360° flexibility that is possible commitments. AeU, as a flexible ODL
now with education materials available in university, offers students the opportunity
the form of video and audio files, to study at their own pace.
interaction with teachers and fellow “There is no such thing as a two- or
coursemates made possible through Skype three-year course. You can take your own
and extensive research materials available time completing your course because what
online.” matters is the quality of the outcome.”
He shares that technology has greatly AeU recognises that delivering quality
changed the education landscape, just as it education also means educating those who
has across other sectors. Among the biggest may not have the financial means for
changes is how more and more people are tertiary study.
looking at flexible study options and 24/7 Prof Hassan elaborates, “We understand
learning, which are now possible at AeU that a 40-year-old working professional
thanks to technology. who has decided to go back to school
AeU is a premier ODL education provider won’t have an easy time; she may face
in Malaysia. It was established in 2007 financial constraints because of other
and has flourished over the years by responsibilities. We urge such students to
embracing advancements in technology discuss their problem with us so we can
and using it to offer quality education to work out a solution.”
everyone. To ensure everyone has equal
“By everyone, we literally mean opportunity to access quality education,
everyone, because we have retirees above AeU also offers financial assistance in the
60 years old to students in their early 20s form of a 50% discount on tuition fees for
pursuing their studies at AeU,” says Prof
THE STAR, TUESDAY 30 APRIL 2019 Work & Study 11

ODL as a way to further education opportunities

> FROM PREVIOUS PAGE Management, Graduate Diploma
in Accounting, Doctor of
people above the age of 55 and Business Administration and
75% for people with disabilities. research programmes such as
However, the biggest Doctor of Philosophy and Master
achievement for AeU in making of Science (Management).
education accessible to everyone
lies in the fact that after
Selangor, the greatest number of
The future
students to enrol are from Sabah AeU would not be where it is
and Sarawak. As pointed out by today without some
Prof Hassan, this goes to prove distinguishing factors. From
that students who cannot offering massive open online
relocate to cities such as Kuala courses to using a learning
Lumpur for various reasons can management system to facilitate
pursue education through ODL teaching and learning online,
at AeU. AeU is constantly striving to
enhance the student experience
Full-time versus with advancing technology.
AeU is part of Asia
part-time Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) – an
intergovernmental organisation
There is a common notion that created to promote cooperation
full-time education is valued between Asian countries.
more in the job market than “We aim to stay ahead of
part-time education. Prof Hassan technological advancements and
dismisses this as a use technology to its fullest AeU’s Knowledge Centre exemplifies its drive to stay ahead of technological advancements.
misconception, saying, “If you potential in delivering education.
look at full-time and part-time Thanks to ACD, AeU has the
courses now, there is not much privilege to be visible to students
difference, since what has from 34 countries, which gives it
changed is only the delivery an edge in its status as a quality
method and medium. ODL provider in the region,”
“Contrary to what some mentions Prof Hassan.
believe, companies are keen on Another distinguishing factor
having their employees pursuing of AeU is its provision of support
part-time education to enhance in terms of accommodation and
their skills because they cannot visa processing for foreign
afford to let go of those students wishing to pursue full-
employees for three years – the time further education in
approximate length of time Malaysia.
required to pursue a full-time At present, full-time
course. programmes are offered for only
“Even younger students prefer a few courses, but plans for the
part-time courses over full-time near future include increasing
ones. They don’t like being stuck this number, and the
in a classroom for an hour when establishment of AeU’s new
they have the option to pursue campus at Subang Jaya is a step
other interests while learning.” in that direction. More than
Besides championing part- double the size of the older AeU
time, fully online ODL campus, the new one is spacious
programmes, AeU also offers enough to house up to 5,000
blended learning and full-time students.
programmes that are carried out Subang Jaya’s strong position
at its main campus in Subang as one of Malaysia’s higher
Jaya and learning centres across education hubs and its easy
Malaysia. accessibility via major highways
According to Prof Hassan, and public transportation makes
blended courses offer the best of it the ideal location for this new
both worlds because students campus. The university is also
have the flexibility of ODL and considering adding more
opportunities to receive input accounting courses to its list of
from teachers. qualifications as it recognises a
“We have learning centres all huge demand for accounting
over Malaysia, where students professionals in the market.
can meet teachers to discuss The long-term goal is for AeU
course material. It is not like to be among the world’s top ODL
traditional teaching; it is more universities. Prof Hassan says,
like receiving guidance from a “In education, the vision is not
mentor and academic only for the university, but also
facilitator.” for the community. I want AeU
Among the most popular to have an impactful presence
programmes at AeU are the and support inclusiveness in the
Master of Business society by ensuring quality
Administration, Master of education is accessible to
Education, Master of everyone.”
Communication Technology
Management, Bachelor of ICT, n For more information, call
Graduate Diploma in Early 03-5022 3456/1300 300 238, email
Childhood Education, Graduate or visit
Diploma in Business

Prof Hassan says AeU plans to use technology to its fullest potential
in the university's teaching and learning processes.
12 Work & Study THE STAR, TUESDAY 30 APRIL 2019

The powerful benefits of field trips

CAN field trips help students be more rainforest in Malaysia to understand extrinsically motivated. According to
engaged in learning? Senior lecturer its ecosystem and importance. They the organismic integration theory – a
at Monash University Malaysia’s were divided into groups of four to theory of motivation – there are four
School of Business Dr Patricia Lau brainstorm solutions, which they kinds of extrinsic motivation. The goal of the
and Federation Business School
(Australia) dean Prof Christina Lee
then presented to the class.
At the end of each day, students
The lowest degree is “external”,
which is driven by reward or
field trips was
share how they have seen business were given some time and space to punishment. The next is to understand
students develop greater motivation
to learn as a result of field trips to
reflect on what they had learnt by
documenting their experiences in
“introjected”, which the students
initially showed by engaging in
the connection
tropical rainforests. journals. They were asked to learning activities to gain approval between business
Designed to take students beyond describe the goal of the learning from their peers. The third and management and
conventional classroom learning, Dr activity, analyse it and identify its fourth degrees of extrinsic
Lau and DKSH Hong Kong Limited overall impact. motivation are “identified” and sustainability. We
human resources consultant Dr Ho “integrated”. It is only by undergoing chose the rainforest
Dr Patricia Lau.
Chye Kok facilitated two three-day
field trips.
Moving from extrinsic to these stages that they will move on to
being intrinsically motivated. as the students
“The goal of the field trips was to intrinsic motivation and manage emotions. Cognitive were learning
understand the connection between
business management and Two years after the field trips, the
Basic ingredients for competencies include the ability
to reflect on information and about the impact of
sustainability. We chose the 12 students (who completed both motivated learning apply it to different situations. business decisions
rainforest as the students were voluntary field trips) reconnected These competencies were
learning about the impact of with Dr Lau and Prof Lee. It was An engaged student demonstrates fostered in the students using on ecotourism,
business decisions on ecotourism, observed that seven students two kinds of competencies – five elements: self-efficacy, social hydroelectric dams,
hydroelectric dams, logging and developed the highest degree of emotional and cognitive. Emotional support, group harmony, voice
forestry,” Dr Lau explains. motivation – intrinsic motivation. competencies include the ability to and self-reflection. Self-efficacy
logging and forestry.
On each trip, students explored a At first, students were only express feelings, read others’ feelings is the belief in one’s ability to
succeed at a task. Social support Dr Patricia Lau
helps increase this confidence.
The field trip facilitators
provided students with the rather than merely criticise.
necessary knowledge while the Voice can be developed through
students encouraged each other. dialogue with others, as well as
Social support also motivated through self-reflection.
students to preserve group Malaysia is a high power
harmony, which created an distance culture, in which
atmosphere conducive to teachers are seen as
learning and free exchange of authoritative and students are
ideas. One student said that passive learners, expected to be
there was no such thing as “seen but not heard.” Dr Lau,
useless information; everyone’s Prof Lee and Dr Ho suggest that
opinions mattered, which is why educators should instead
they had to learn to accept facilitate and encourage learning
different opinions and criticisms outside the classroom.
openly without being offended.
As a result, students developed n For more information on
their voices – an expression of programmes offered by Monash
constructive challenges to others, University Malaysia, visit www.
with intentions to improve

No need to choose
one over the other
WHEN it comes to pursuing No matter which postgraduate
further study, one question that course you want to pursue, it is
worries most prospective recommended that you gather a
graduates is whether to spend bit of work experience before
two years pursuing a degree or enrolling in one, so you can
devote that time to gather more better understand the direction
work experience. Which choice you want your career to head
does the job market value more? in. Industry exposure will not
The world depends on only help you in determining a
business, so getting a Master of career path, but also give you a
Business Administration (MBA) clearer idea of what it is like to
may be your first option no work in the industry.
matter your background. As Some may want to pursue
popular as the MBA is, however, further study for better salary
it isn’t the only choice, as there prospects in their career, but
may be other postgraduate they may be disappointed by the
courses better suited to your reality of the situation, because
goals. the time they spend on studying
Simran Kaur, general manager and assignments is time taken
at Jobstreet Education, says, “The away from potential career
value of an MBA depends a lot growth. However, you may not
on the field of specialisation and have to choose at all. Open and
career background of the distance learning is becoming
student. For example, a finance increasingly popular, allowing
graduate should reconsider her people to work and study
goal of getting an MBA because simultaneously.
she would have already covered The trick is to understand
most of the subjects in her where you want to go in your
finance degree. career and then find out which
“Instead, she could have better course would give you the best
career opportunities if she chances. You can turn to career
chooses to pursue more niche counsellors to help you decide
courses in finance to hone her since pursuing a postgraduate
skills. An MBA is more suited to course requires to devote your
people who want to broaden resources in terms of time,
their career horizons. People effort and money. It is
with a background in imperative that you receive
information technology, for advice on how to allocate those
instance, can pursue the MBA to resources wisely and do what
open doors to management will boost your career, not hold
positions.” you back.