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Brooke Wolbeck

Trina Zimmerman

Student Teaching

February 3, 2019

Written Assignment #4
Lesson Mastery
Part One

My cooperative teacher does “learning targets” and “success criteria” for her

objectives. I believe this is a school-wide decision. My cooperative teacher has taught the

students that their learning targets are what they are learning and the knowledge they are

gaining inside their heads. The learning targets are what they should be able to know after the

lesson and be able to explain to others when they have mastered the target. The success

criteria is what students do in order to show what they have learned. It is was they do with

their hands and or with their actions. The success criteria contains those measurable verbs.

My cooperative teacher and I have been focusing on our learning targets and success

criteria this quarter. There is a learning target board in the front of the classroom where we

post all of our targets and success criteria for the week. The targets are in protective slips

with magnets, so we move the targets to the smaller whiteboard during the lessons. The

second grade team also puts the learning targets in their PowerPoints. They only put the

success criteria in the PowerPoints. I’ve started to add the learning targets to the PowerPoints

the team makes. I have also added these two images of a brain and a hand that my

cooperative teacher has on her learning target whiteboard to help the students remember what

a learning target and success criteria mean.

The image on the left is an example of a slide from the ELA PowerPoint the second

grade team makes with the success criteria posted. The image on the right is how I have

been posting the objectives for ELA when I took the subject over. I prefer only having the

learning targets on one slide. I think this helps kids focus on the learning targets, and makes

it easier to tell the students their targets to help them better understand what they are going to

accomplish. In Unit D Wong says,” If students know what they are to learn, you increase the

changes that they will learn.” This is something I am and will continue to remember as I

teach future lessons. One thing I want to try to incorporate in this week’s lessons is reflecting

on the learning targets with the students. I want to have students reflect on whether or not

they met the object during the closing of a lesson.

For this particular lesson I think the measurable objectives were alright. I’m still not

too confident in creating my objectives for a lesson. I find myself over analyzing my

objectives and am struggling with making sure the objective are measurable This lesson had

students re-read pages 4-12 in their text with their elbow partner and then answer questions.
The assignment was a familiar format to the students. The assignment was clearly stated and

students knew what to accomplish. Majority of the lesson was engaged time. I walked around

the room during this time to help students who needed extra support. Students spent the time

working on their comprehension questions about pollinators.

Part Two
Criterion Reference test for relevant content: