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Daily Lesson Plan in Grade- 10 Cookery

Date: December 5, 2018

Time: 8:15 – 9:15
Quarter: 3nd

A. Content Standard: The learners demonstrate an understanding basic concepts
and underlying theories in preparing poultry and game dishes
B. Performance Standard: The learners prepare a variety of poultry and game
dishes found in different culture.
C. Learning Competencies/Objectives: LO1: Perform Mise EnPlace
1. Identify the market forms of poultry.
2. Determine the poultry cuts in accordance with the prescribed dish
3. Appreciate the importance of determining the poultry cuts.

II. Subject Matter:

Topic: Prepare poultry and game dishes (PGD)
Subtopic: Market forms of poultry/ poultry cuts
Instructional materials: pictures, Video presentation, rubrics
Curriculum Guide page 23-24, LM page 154
Other resources:

III. Procedure
A. Preparatory Activities
1. Daily routine
a. Prayer
b. Greetings
c. Checking of attendance
d. Review
What are the finishing techniques in sauce making?
e. Unlocking of difficulties
giblets- include liver, heart, neck / internal organs
Drumstick- this is the lower portion of the leg quarter.
Drummettes- this is the first section between the shoulder and the elbow.
Flipper- wing tip
Dressed poultry- slaughtered poultry with the head, blood, feet, feather and
internal organs removed.
Drawn poultry- dressed poultry that have been chilled or frozen.
B. Developmental Task
1. Motivation (Activity)
Puzzle –
 Learner will be grouped into 4, each group will be given 1 minute to assemble the
picture of poultry. (live poultry, dressed, cuts of poultry)
 The learner will identify market form and cuts of poultry.
2. Learning Activities
A. Video Presentation of different poultry cuts (ICT- Integration/
Group students into 4
Ask the learner to observe the video and do the following:
1. Write down the different cuts of poultry.
2. How will you determine the cuts of poultry?
2. Let the learners to examine the pictures posted on the board and write your
answer in the activity sheet given by the teacher (by group).

 Each group will discuss their observation.

3. Analysis (values Integration)

What are the signs that the live poultry is healthy?
How will you describe drawn and dressed poultry?
Why is it important to determine the cuts of poultry before cooking poultry
4. Abstraction (English integration)
Write the words on the map that relate to the focal Word. Call learners one at a

5. Application (Math and Mapeh integration/ collaborative)

The learners will be group into two. Each group will be cut the picture of whole
chicken into 6 parts according to poultry cuts and name it. Each group will present their
output to the class. The learner will be given 5 minutes to finished the activity.


The students will be able to cut poultry
properly and name it correctly. They explain
and elaborate their answers.
All members of the group cooperate during
their group
Speed/ Time They finished their activity before or on the
20% time limit.
Total: 100%

IV. Evaluation

Direction: write the best answer on your sheet of paper.

Test I- Multiple choice test.

1. It is one of the market forms of poultry which is the most available form in the
a. live poultry b. dressed poultry c. drawn poultry d. ready-to cook
2. In selecting live poultry in market what should be observed?
a. healthy alert and well-feathered b. sluggish c. thin and stout d. broken bones
3. Which of the following of the market forms of poultry that are Chilled/frozen?
a. ready to cook b. live poultry c. drawn poultry d. whole poultry
4.These market forms of poultry which poultry parts are separately packed In a single
container and chilled.
a. Ready-to-cook b. drawn poultry c. live poultry d. dressed poultry
5. These market forms of poultry that is usually available in the groceries.
a. ready –to-cook b. drawn poultry c. live poultry d. dressed poultry

Test II- Enumeration

6-10 Give at least 5 different cut of poultry.

Answer key:
Test I.
1. B 2. A 3. C 4. A 5. B

Test II
1. Halves 2. Breast quarter 3. Giblets 4. Thighs 5. drumsticks

V- Assignment
1. find your partner.
2. Visit a market or a store in your town and list down the market forms being sold
3. Take note the appearance odor color and cuts
4. Write it in short bond paper .

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