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Name of Teacher Kathlyn R. Balucan Grade/Year Level GRADE 11/12

Learning Area: Tourism Promotion Services NC- II Quarter/Module No.: 1ST/LESSON 4
Competency: Suggest products to meet customers needs/ TLE_HETP9-12PS-Ivd-f-9
Lesson No. Duration 1 hour
ings to be
Learning Knowledge Identify the ways on how to promote tourism
Objectives Skills Promote tourism through advertisement
Attitudes Give the importance of promoting tourism
Elements of Methodology
the Plan
Preparation Introductory Activity Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activity
1. Prayer

“Jomar, please lead the prayer.” Jomar will lead the prayer.
(Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth
rejoice;….the forest sing for joy before the

Good morning students! Good morning maam!

Have a seat. Thank you maam.

2. Attendance

“Let us see who are absent this morning. Please “1, 2..”

Presentatio Activity Alright. In todays lesson let me ask you, do you

n like to travel to beautiful places? Yes Maam!
Yes! Who wouldn’t like to travel to different
beautiful places? I bet every one dreams of it.
Now. Does anyone of you here have a dream (most of the students raises their
place or places? A place you would like to go hands)
to someday?
Yes Nouiea? I dream to go to Baguio someday.

I want to watch and celebrate the

Alright. May I ask what’s in Baguio that makes Panagbenga Festival in Baguio
you want to go there and what do you want to City. I also want to experience
do there? strawberry picking in the
Strawberry farm in La Trinidad,
Benguet. And most of all I want
to experience the cold
temperature in Baguio that makes
you feel you are in other country
which has winter season.

That is wonderful Nouiea. I want to go with

you in Baguio someday. Thank you. I really want to visit Palawan
Who else? Yes, Anthon? someday soon. Im an
adventurous person and Palawan
is one of my top lists. I want to
go Island hopping in Honda Bay,
scuba diving in El Nido,
snorkeling, Spelunking in
underground river, kayaking,
horseback riding and hiking. And
for me Palawan is the most
beautiful place in ouor country

Wow! That is really an adventure worth

experiencing! I know you can go their
someday. And please bring me a souvenir with
you when you came back.
Who else wants to share their dream place? I want to visit Iloilo City. The
Yes, Jed? hometown of my grandmother. I
love history so I wanted to visit
the old churches in Iloilo. For
everybody’s information the
towns of Iloilo are home to many
centuries-old Spanish-colonial
Churches of great historical and
heritage value. The most famous
and best preserved in the
province is Miagao Church,
which is included in UNESCO’s
list of World Heritage Sites. And
also I want to eat their signature
dishes the La Paz Batchoy and
Pancit Molo.

That is interesting Jed. Thank you. I bet you

want to be married in one of the churches in
Iloilo someday.
All of you have dream places and places you
want to visit someday.
Most of you mentioned the tourist spots, the
food, the festivals, and the things to do in that
particular place. And those are the things that
entice you to visit the place.

And it is good to know that you have the

knowledge about them it would really help you
in today’s lesson which is all about Tourism
Promotion Services
Analysis Alright. If you will be given a chance to
promote a particular place or tourist’s
destinations, what will you do and how will
you do it?
Any one? Yes Jomar? First, If I have been there in that
particular destination then I can
promote the place by my personal
experience and I can show the
beautiful pictures I have taken to
them to really entice them to visit
the place.
That is right. What if you yourself have not
been there and you are asked to promote that
place together with the products and the
services offered?

Yes,Mary Ann? Well, I will conduct research on

that particular destination. What
are the places to visit, things to
do, best food to eat, delicacies
and products. Or I can ask people
like my friends and family who
have been there to share their
expereince so that I can have
knowledge about it.

That is right. But how will you do it? How will I can show them pictures and
you promote it? videos of the place.

That is good.

Why am I asking you these questions? It’s

because today you will be learning the ways on
how to promote tourism. And later on you will
be promoting your favourite place through a
very exciting activity which I will be announce
later on.
Are excited? (students answer enthusiastically)
Yes Maam!

Alright. Since we are talking about Tourism
promotion Services. What do you mean
Tourism Promotion? Who has an idea about it?
Any one?
Yes Mel? My idea about tourism promotion
is that from the word tourism it is
about the beautiful destinations
and spots a country has.and from
the world promote it means you
advertise the place to people so
that tourists well come to your
place and that could bring great
Okay. You’ve got a point. contribute to your tourism
Who else? Yes, Gerna? economy.

Tourism promotion means

promoting or advertising the
beautiful destinations and
Okay. You also have a point. attractions one place could offer
to all people out there.
Alright. Tourism promotion,

Promotion, from the latin promotio, is an action

in which you promote or make activities known
to the world.
Tourism, in turn, is an adjective that means (students listens intently while
something belonging or linked to tourism. This taking down notes)
is concept refers to all the activities that people
develop during their travel and stay in places
outside their usual environment for a
consecutive period of time not exceeding one

The idea of tourism promotion, therefore, refers

to the dissemination of a place as a destination
for tourists. You are making that particular
place well known to the whole world.

What do you think tourism promotion is all

about? Is it all about promoting the tourist
destinations of the different places on earth? Or
it could be a lot more than that. What are the
other things we can promote?

Any one? Yes Joy?

That is right. What else? Yes, Edrino?

Tourism promotion could also

means promoting not only the
You are absolutely correct! What else? Yes beautiful spots a place could offer
Lynno? but also the also the food and
delicacies which is also a reason
a place could be made known to
the world.

Brilliant! That is the most important of all. You Aside form the tourists spots and
are all correct. Tourism promotion does not the food and the delicacies we
only mean promoting the beautiful destinations could also promote the products
or attractions of a place but also it includes uniquely made from a paricular
promoting the delicacies, products, services, place.
and the most important of all the culture. If you
are asking to promote one place don’t forget to
mention first the culture of a particular place Aside from what they have
because through that our origin and identity as mentioned, we could also
a Filipino could be made well known to the promote the festivals from the
world. different places in our country.
Because festivals are part of our
Do you understand? life as a filipino citizen.

Alright! Now why is there a need to promote

tourism? Say for example here in our country,
why is there a need to promote tourism in the Yes Maam!

Any one? Yes? Mercy? There is a need to promote

tourism here in our country, the
Philippines because it brings
great contribution in boosting our
tourism economy. Through
tourism promotion we Filipinos
will have a better life.

Very good!

There is a need to promote tourism in our (students listens intently)

country because Philippines is such a beautiful
country that’s why it is called by many names
like ‘ Pearl of the orient sea” and “Gem of the
East” our country is blessed with beautiful
destinations that we should make known to
other people. We should let them see and
explore the beauty of our country. Let us invite
visitors from all over the world and by
promoting our tourism we bring great
contributions to our economic growth. And
through tourism promotion many filipinos
gains employment and their way of living is
becoming better.
Alright since, there is a need to promote
tourism. How can we promote tourism?
Now this time I will discuss the ways on how
to promote tourism in the country.

Please pay attention and listen carefully

because later on I will give you an activity with
regards to the discussion)

Am I clear?

Crystal clear maam!
(Using visual aids, the teacher discuss the ways
on how to promote tourism )

There are three ways on how to promote

tourism in our country or even in our town or in
our city. These are Developing a marketing
plan, Using promotional tools and local media
and using social media and other online tools.

1. Creating a marketing plan

a. Consider what makes your town
or city unique.
One way to do this is to make a list
of all the activities and attractions
currently available in the town.
Often, tourists are interested in the
things they can do and see in your
town or city, more than the location
of the town or city itself. They will
search online for an activity first
and then a location. For example:
snorkeling and diving in apo island,
dolphin watching in Bais City,
kayaking in Antulang etc.
Focus on activities or attractions that are
specific to your town. Even a small or strange
attraction could attract visitors. Ask yourself:
What makes the town worth a special trip?
What do you have that a tourist can’t get or do
somewhere else?

Okay? Understood?

b. Conduct a survey of the members Yes Maam!

of the community. A survey is a
valuable tool during tourism
planning as it helps you collect
information on the town and ensures
the community can agree on the
branding and marketing for the
town. Do face to face interviews or
phone surveys. Ask questions such
 What do you think attracts a visitor to the
 What type of visitor do you see coming to our
 How can we do to improve the visitor’s
c. Do a survey of visitors to the
town. You can conduct face to face
interviews at the local shopping
mall. You can also ask visitors to
sign up to a mailing list and email
them a survey. Ask questions such

 Where does the visitor live?

 What attracted the visitor to the


 How did the visitor find out about the

tourist attractions?

 What type of businesses or facilities did

the visitor use?

 What kinds of accommodations or

services are needed?

 A third party endorsement from

previous visitors to the town or current

visitors is a good way to determine how

to better serve future tourists.

d. Create a marketing plan. A good

way to do this is to determine target
marketing segments. Define market
areas that will draw the most
visitors, like a well known hiking
trail, an important historical site, or
a museum. Then, divide these areas
into trip length categories, and
define the clientele that will be
attracted to the community. Create a
chart broken into categories such

 Geographic market areas, with a section for

day trips, overnight trips, and extended


 Outdoor recreation activities, if any, such as

camping, hiking, fishing, and picnicking.

 Entertainment, such as historic sites, fairs

or festivals, shopping, and dining.

 Other travel purposes, such as business trips

and family visits.

e. Create a unique slogan. If you

come up with a slogan, but its
possible to remove your town’s
name and plug in another town’s
name, it is not a unique slogan.
Avoid common buzzwords like
“explore” “discover” “center of it
all” “something for everyone” “best
kept secret”, etc.

 What is the slogan of our very own country, the


 Yes Raiza?
Our country’s slogan is” Its more
fun in the Philippines!”
That is right! In Negros Oriental we don’t have

slogans but we have nicknames or brand names

of the municipalities and cities.

So what is the brand nickname of Dumagute

City? The City of gentle people

what is its other nickname? The University Town of the


Any questions or clarifications? None so far Maam!

Okay now lets move on to the second method

or way.

2. Using Promotional Materials and (students listens intently)

Local Media
a. Create promotional materials. These
can be promotional t-shirts, hats,
stickers, and flags with the town slogan
and branding. Go local and hire a local
illustrator or designer to create the
promotional materials.[6]

 Sell these promotional materials

at local gift shops located close

to popular attractions.

b. Organize public radio spots and

television ads. One of the best ways to
promote the town is to create radio and
television ads, focusing on the slogan
for the town and the points discussed in
the marketing plan.
c. Make a tourist map. Another great
way to promote the town is to create a
detailed map for tourists and place them
in local malls, restaurants, and bars.

 The map can include a brief

description of key attractions and sites, as well

as activities tourists can do at these locations.

d. Do a promotional draw or
contest. Get the attention of tourists by
offering them a free incentive to explore
the town. Create a scavenger hunt
around the town and offer a prize to the
winners. Offer a complimentary stay at
a popular attraction to visitors who
enter a draw or a survey about the town.

3. Using Social Media and other online


These are the fastest and easiet way to

promote tourism in your place.

You can create website or blog,

Facebook page, twitter and instagram.
Make sure to post high quality images
and graphics on the site. And keep
posting something every day. Invite
friends and followers to share your
videos and pictures to their other

And I know you are all expert when it comes to

manipulating technological device.
Simply do one of these ways to promote
tourism and you will become a contributor in
making your town, your city and your country
be known to the world and offers big help in
our economy.

Do you agree?
Yes Maam!
Any questions or clarifications?

None so far Maam!

Practice Application
Good. Since you don’t have any questions I
will nowgive you an activity.
Today’s acitivity, you will be promoting
beautiful destinations here in our province
through making an advertisement.

Are you excited?!

Yes! We are!
Alright! Please listen because I will tell you on
what you should do on your advertisement.

What am I expecting in your advertisement is

that you should promote the tourism of your
choosen place. It should include the following:
the tourist attractions, activities, festivals,
delicacies and products offered by your place.
And also don’t forget to include the slogan or
nickname of your place.

Am I understood? Yes Maam!

Okay. Your performance will be graded

according to this scoring rubric.
(students listens intently)
(the teacher read the scoring rubric)

Alright! Any questions? No maam

Good. I will group you now into 4 groups.
Please count off from 1-4. (the students started counting
All number 1 stands up. Choose your leader from 1-4)
and your secretary. Okay.please stay on this
side. All number 2 please stand. Choose your
leader and secretary. Okay please stay on this
area. (the sane process for group 3 and 4).

Yes Maam!
Are you with your group now?

(representative from each groups

comes in front)
Okay. Please choose a representative to come
here in front to pick your place.
Bais City Maam
Okay Group 1 may I know what place did you
pick? Municipality of Valencia Maam
Alright How about group 2? Bayawan City Maam
Okay how about Group 3? Municipality of Dauin Maam
And Group 4?

What have you noticed on the places I have

given to you?
All of the places are cities and
Yes, Christine? munipalities of Negros Oriental
who offers beautiful tourist spots
known to the whole world.

Exactly. These places assigned to you are the

places that bring great contributions in the
tourism economy of our province.
And I choose these places because you know
these places and it’s easier for you to promote
your assigned place because you have
knowledge about its tourism.
Yes Maam!

Ok. I will give you 10 minutes to do your task.

Follow the guidelines I have told you. Am I

If you have questions, just raise your hand and

I will come to your group. I don’t want to see Yes Maam!
any of you standing around. Okay
Alright Maam!
Okay your time starts now!

(After 10 minutes)
Times up!

Okay let us start with group 4, followed by

group 3,2 and 1. Okay.
(Group 1 started their
Alright Group 1 the floor is yours for your presentation)
Very Good Group. You’ve done your task very
well. Lets us give a big round of appluase for
group 1.
(Group 2 started their
Okay group 3 it is your toime to entice us and presentation)
convince us to visit your place.

Wonderful group 3. You nailed it!

(the presentation went on…)

Okay. Class let us give everybody a big round

of appluase for a job well done.
Based on your presentation this morning, you
are capable of becoming a future assest and
great contributor in promoting our country’s
tourism. Well done!

Assessment Assessment Matrix

Levels of Assessment What will I assess? How will I assess? How will I score?
Knowledge Identify the ways on how to Pen and paper test 1 point each item 10/10
promote tourism
Process or Skills Promote tourism through Through Rubrics attached
advertisement advertisement
Understanding(s) Give the importance of Essay writing 5 points as the highest
promoting tourism score
(Transfer of Understanding)

Assignment Reinforcing the day’s lesson Take pictures of beautiful sceneries for tourism found in your place.
Enriching the day’s lesson How important is tourism in our country?
Enhancing the day’s lesson Identify the top ten tourist destinations in the Philippines
Preparing for the new lesson
Concluding Wrap-up
Activity Finale
Advertisement Presentation Rubric
sTourism Promotion Services
Presenters: ________________________________________________________________________
Tourist Destination: ________________________________
Date _______________ Start Time __________ End Time _________

Poor Fair Good

1 point 5 points 10 points
Creativity and Advertisement Advertisement Advertsement
Originality demonstrated some demonstrated a demonstrated a high
level of creativity. It moderate level of level of creativity. It
might have been creativity. It was was exciting and
interesting.The interesting. The interesting. The
Advertisement did advertisement entice advertisement entice
not entice you want to you want to visit and you want to visit and
visit and explore the explore the tourist explore the tourist
tourist destination destination destination
Visual Aids (Props) The advertisement The advertisement The advertisement
does not include any includes visual aids or makes good use of
visual aids or props. props, but they do not visual aids or props.
contribute to the
commercial and/or
they are not well
Advertisement The advertisement is The advertisement is The advertisement is
Presentation Length presented presented slightly presented within the
The advetisment is to significantly outside outside the time time frame.
be between 3 and 5 the time frame. frame.
minutes long.

Final Presentation There is very little -There is sufficient

-The team did not evidence to the evidence of the
work together during creation process. creation process of
the creating process. -The team worked your advertisement.
-The final product well together at times, -Your team worked
was unorganized, but was not well together and
messy, and was not consistent. stayed on task
suitable for this task. -The final consistently.
-There is no evidence presentation was -The final production
of the process you average. was a great example
took for creating your of a successful
product. advertisement.

Total Points:_________________